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  2. Thank you. Been so frustrating for so long and broken eggs have been horrid to deal with constantly. That's if there were any of them left. Haven't enjoyed chicken keeping lately as couldn't see an end (and had a high maintenance other hen too) but clean coop and eggs makes for a happy me! Thanks for messages and support (on other posts too) really makes a difference xx PS I realise it doesn't look great or even comfy. But will keep it like that for a little while and try and transition back to a cosy nest box again at some point. Hopefully egg eating will stop 🤞 (and the rollaway continues to work.....)
  3. Just a little update (I’ll try to get a photo tomorrow) - it’s working!!! I hate to see her wearing it - she can’t wipe her beak which clearly really annoys her - but her feathers are all regrowing really nicely now. Thank goodness for that!
  4. Hi if of interested I have barred chickens with a rose comb that the breeder called Marsbars. They lay blue eggs and are large they lay over 200 a year. I am in Northern Ireland. Here is link to breeders http://www.johnstonspoultry.com/skyline.html You will notice they have a diamond skyline as well which lays blue eggs
  5. I would join in if it were a set fee but there is no telling what it could be as it just seems to be plucked out of thin air, I have read that some people are paying in excess of €35 for a parcel which has a declaration for a minimal value but others are paying less for something with a declared value of €100+. I will look forward to seeing everyone’s makes
  6. She does sound poorly rather than depressed to me. How old is she ? It could be an age thing ? I hope she manages to get sorted at the vets on Monday. Let us know how she gets on.
  7. Sorry that things are difficult for some of you to be able to take part Sometimes life and extra expenses get in the way. My sister in Greece has said not to send anything for Christmas as she has to pay duties on whatever it is that comes in - really not fair. @mullethunter I'm glad you have joined us
  8. I'm happy to say it's worked....(so far!) 4 eggs the last 3 days and none eaten.... So happy and relieved and the nest area smells fresh for once! It hadn't for months.... Here is a pic of my makeshift roll away... Ther risk another large plastic type box thats popped in from the front that the eggs can roll away underneath and the hens can't get too.
  9. Sadly, putting them in the broody cage is the only option. I really don't like doing it as sometimes it is stressful for them and myself, but it has to be done. Sometimes they take slightly longer than the 3 days and nights - the most mine needed was 7.
  10. Hi a local poultry farm near me did mention an Australorp cockerel might be the cross 👍 that might be next springs experiment with cross breeding thank for the memory jog 😂
  11. If you are serious about it then I would look into egg colour genetics (I am presuming there is such a thing!) I spent time looking at breeding for colour/type but I have never looked at egg colour. Because a large blue egg is so rare I would have thought that is the thing you have to get right first. What's so odd (and good) about your girls is that they are big and chunky, nothing like the usual blue eggers. Purely on looks you would think something like a australorp/orp/cochin was involved, particularly the australorp.
  12. Last week
  13. Hi yeah you’re right could take years to find the cross and cream legbars ( which I have) do lay coloured eggs but not the size/ colour I’m after, I have EE/BCM/Barred rock/ Barnevelder/RIR/white leghorns/Wellsummer so I’ve got a wide choice of crosses that I’ve tried but failed to find colour/size I’m after, I’ll persevere with it just in case I come across the right pairing
  14. As you say @Pants, it's not a case of breeding but cross breeding to get what you want. So they don't breed true, with a cock ands hens producing more cocks and hens with the same attributes. Whoever is producing these has two or more different breed pens and crosses them in large quantities to get the hens on the market at the right price as you describe. Perhaps a life mission? Perhaps just buy some Cream Legbars?
  15. Thanks to all who have commented on my inquiries about these hens, I think I’ll have to try different crosses which will take time to get this hybrid reproduced again 🤞as I’m sure this cross would be a popular back garden chicken, calm, goes broody, large sky blue eggs, and to top it a nice looking hen, I will have to spend a considerable amount of time trying to replicate this hybrid if at all mike
  16. I have no clue. I don’t live in the UK or America for that matter. I just googled your hen.
  17. I have a hen of this colouring. She was classed as a Sussex Blue when I bought her. She lays a light brown egg, so wonder as mentioned they are crossed with something to get the blue? She is the chunkier of all of my hens! In fact she is a big gal! But clumsy 🤣
  18. Hi are these Prairie bluebell cockerels available in uk as I’ve not heard of them before mike
  19. She has been wormed and her crop was quite full early on in the day , so considered impacted crop as it was full and fairly firm. After giving syringe of water, massage etc it softened immediately and emptying the crop only produced a few drops of water. There isn’t a strong smell to suggest sour crop. I will check for plaques in her mouth for plaques, but I think it will be a vet visit on Monday. ☹️
  20. Very odd and annoying. Haven’t had any issues here in the Netherlands. And just hope no one had to pay taxes for any of my swaps!
  21. It’s a nightmare, as you say pot luck on who is checking items coming in. I had to take a delivery for a customer who had ordered an air conditioning unit from the UK and the driver wouldn’t pass it over until I’d paid €265 in customs and taxes. My customer ordered it from the UK as he didn’t speak French and it was easier not sure he’ll be doing that again any time soon.
  22. Have been reading your tips as discovered a Rat living under my Coop. Saw a hole in the corner where the paving slabs don't cover. I saw it the other day appear on the feeder....huge it was. Anyway got the hose popped in the hole to flush it out and the thing ran out straight away (too quick for me to grab my spade) to the corner of the coop and squeezed out of the run and bounced up the garden...not a run but a bounce....anyway...annoyed now as not sure how long it's been living there. So food and water supply restricted now. Some traps set and hopefully a goodbye to it. So fat....no wonder...eating all of my hens food 😡
  23. Happy to report she isn't so bare now! Feathers growing back....just a very long and slow molt maybe?! Still will rehomw her though! And can do that as she is looking a lot better.
  24. I bought this from ebay. And it is a perfect width for a Cube MK1. I've been a bit creative with pieces of wood and a box to wedge it all in and ensure there is a slope. Will report back and send a pic through of it in place if it works. This morning girls not too happy about laying on it. It's different I know and with it in their space within the nest area has been limited a little. But with months of eggs eating and only getting around 2 eggs a week from 3 hens then they need to get used to it!
  25. I haven't heard of any of these, and would be cautious about any natural wormers, but especially so in the case of wormwood as it is/can be poisonous although I know it is used in absinthe for example! So, personally I would only use it if I was absolutely confident I knew what I was doing. I purposely didn't plant artemisia (wormwood) when I kept chooks.
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