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  2. Mine used it when they were chicks but never once grown up
  3. Well when I was little we had a ‘hen’ who one day crowed at a couple of years old and then grew cockerel feathers. I don’t think ‘she’ had ever laid eggs though. I think you’re right - I think if an ovary is damaged a hen can apparently change sex
  4. When I make my veggie sausages, I tend to use a mix of soy mince, herbs and spices, some finely chopped onion, some breadcrumbs, and water as a binder. They come out pretty nice. The trick seems to be making them nice and moist, otherwise they dry out during cooking which can be really unpleasant to try and chew on. I also sometimes use vegetarian 'bacon' to give them a bit of extra flavour.
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  6. Yes that’s fine. Not sure if there’s a way to private message you my details? My number is 07776 196600 - maybe give me a call and we can make arrangements? thanks tracy
  7. Hi Tracy That's great. I only got the second message. I'm hoping for £200, does that sound ok? Best wishes Maggie
  8. We used a sort of specially designed syringe thing for sausage making........it's something that we do occasionally so didn't want to invest in major equipment!
  9. I'm not a vegetarian, but don't eat much meat (only higher welfare). I do like seafood. Fancy making meat, seafood ??? and vegetarian sausages. Pork, honey & mustard sounds good. Wanted to get a book for some tips and some flavour combination ideas - hence post.
  10. We've just been playing Show of Hands (bit folky) on the Alexa thing.......if you ask her nicely then she plays a random selection (isn't that clever 😎!) One song stopped me in my tracks and really made me think and so I Googled the words. I'm sure there are all sorts of laws against me typing them up here but, if you are feeling patriotic and have a few moments to spare, you could Google 'Roots' by Show of Hands. Might not be your sort of thing but I felt that the sentiments were pertinent. Sorry if I am being self indulgent!
  11. Hi Maggie, I’m interesting in the classic plus run (but not the walk in run). Can make a sensible offer and collect ASAP? (I tried to reply earlier but it didn’t appear to post so apologies if you get this twice). Many thanks Tracy
  12. Very pretty birds 😊 Could you make them another bit of ladder so that it has a turn in the corner at a right angle, then it wouldn't be as steep ? (I hope you understand what I mean)
  13. If you're making sausages - no offence to vegetarians - my absolute favourite are pork, honey and mustard
  14. The first thing mine do when they come out of the broody cage is have a dust bath. Yours look very happy in the crater they have dug out.
  15. The one I use is the Link 2, but just be aware that the suction cups aren't that great at staying stuck to your counter - or mine doesn't anyhow. I sometimes find myself doing a balancing act.
  16. Thanks - that's useful to know. What kind of device do you use to make the sausages ? There seem to be simple (cheaper) ones like this eg. link or more expensive ones eg. Link2
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  18. Mine just got scared when it moved and never went near it again 😂
  19. I make sausages using the veggie casings. Just a word of advice: they tend to split open if they are too full. I also found it beneficial to twist the casings into sausages as you work, as opposed to trying to do it at the end. The casings don't have much give in them, so if you do it at the end, they tend to split!
  20. Thank you - I did wonder about that one - was put off it because couldn't preview any of the contents. Your source is cheaper than Amazon. Ta
  21. I must admit I'm certainly no expert, so take my instincts with a pinch of dry-cure. However, one book that gives me a degree of confidence (not least because it's into its third edition) is https://www.weschenfelder.co.uk/sausage-making-ingredients/books/the-sausage-book.html
  22. I've returned to the idea of making sausages (now I've found some vegetarian casings - although won't only be making vegetarian ones). Would like to buy a book of recipes, hints and tips - there is no stand out option on Amazon. Does anyone have a recommendation please ? Thanks, H
  23. You've probably already done this, but I often find with companies that a negative post on their facebook page does wonders for getting things done. I am well aware that all companies, big and small are having supply problems, but what they can do is get in touch with everyone and let them know what's going on - it's called Managing Expectations🙄
  24. Yes, twice. Held in a queue for several minutes and then a message that the call can not be taken and disconnected. Have sent an email and a DM via Twitter. If it hasn't been dispatched yet, that's it now till Tuesday. Very disappointed. It is beginning to take the shine off the whole process. Nearly bid on a second hand one a couple of weeks ago, but foolishly thought it would be here soon. Can't get on list with BHWT until it arrives 😔
  25. Agreed I wouldn't suggest introducing a lone hen to an existing flock, let alone a bantam to larger birds. Separate her again, and let the other see her. Once her comb has healed, pop a smaller/gentler hen from your main flock in with her and watch to check that they get on OK. Leave them together for a couple of weeks before trying to introduce that pair - do this when they are free ranging, not confined to the run and certainly not when they are going in to roost. When/if they look happy enough together, try putting the 'new' two in to roost with the others about an hour after they've all settled, Listen out for half an hour for any shenanigans, and be prepared to get up early the next day to let them all out before any trouble starts. At all stages, be prepared to take a step back and delay introductions if necessary.
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