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  2. I've been using white sheets over the top of the run, which provides decent shade but cooler then my tarp was (I am boil washing the sheets occasionally in case they are a mite risk). I've also been spraying the sheets with cold water when the girls are free ranging which cools the run down beautifully, especially if I soak the surrounding areas enough to take the heat out. We have the coop in the run which gives them a shady area and the covers keep the coop cooler. (They also seem to love under the coop; they use it when raining to shelter, to dodge sun and as a nap area. Oh and as a dust bathing spot too!) When I had a broody I took the back off the coop and draped a sheet over the back instead; I think it was a bit cooler and they all laid quite happily still, although maybe that's only my girls. We also put a wind break up on one side to create extra shade as there was so little in the run. My in laws found a way of propping it on chairs then angling it towards the run so there was still air flow which worked really well, I'll see if I can find a photo. Really though at the moment I'm just letting mine out to roam and find shade to deal with our English heat wave; this means they are in the kitchen under the table most of the day! 😂
  3. Evening all, just wondering if anyone can tell me the sex of my chicks! Custard, the Sultan, is about a week older than the Polish chick Meg-hen (or Meg-him) Markle, who hatched on the Royal Wedding weekend. They’re both lovely, friendly chicks. Appreciate any comments!
  4. Chickens don't eat their food

    Just a couple of thoughts... Are the pellets fresh? They tend not to like feed which has been in the feeder any more than a couple of days, so it's best to give small amounts and often, clearing out in between. I have to keep reminding my lovely neighbour of this when she looks after my lot... she's inclined to worry about them getting enough and fills the troughs right up. They might not eat loads when it is very hot. Some brands aren't as good as others, and they seem to know that; mine aren't fussy eaters, but they won't touch Dodson & Horrell for some reason. I feed them on Smallholder pellets, and occasionally add some of this stuff in as it's good quality, but I think it too rich to feed neat. I would suggest giving them a month of sticking to one product and being strict, see how it goes.
  5. Competition to win some poultry tonic

    I don't use facebook, but I think that you just had to:
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  7. Hatching take 2

    Lovely - always love seeing pics!!
  8. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Hah! That's great! Probably the safest I ever felt was in a bi-plane, on top is something else!!! Well done fearless young lady!
  9. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Sharing a pic of my amazing fearless daughter. Living life....loving it.
  10. Frozen shoulder part 2

    Poor you, though at least you are ‘looking’ forward to it and not dreading it. Good luck.
  11. Frozen shoulder part 2

    Oh Luvachicken that’s horrid. OH had a frozen shoulder last year, but after 9 months of painful exercises it finally seems to be getting back to normal. I know something about what you’re going through and I’m sorry to hear you’ve got to have it operated on but glad it’ll be sorted.
  12. Hatching take 2

    They’re 10 weeks old now - I’ll get some more photos later and put them on my original thread.
  13. Hatching take 2

    Ditto eggciting!!! Can you update on your other chicks with some photos please as I would love to see them - perhaps in another thread if you want to keep this strictly for the newbies.
  14. Tomato Growing Info Required Please - Problem!

    Well done Luvvie! Mully if they are from an old F1 hybrid you may have something completely different to what you grew last year. But worth a try - it might be great! In hotter places like central USA they never pinch out - I think it's because we need to harvest ours quick and get larger fruit as a result, whereas the hotter summer climates don't bother because they tend to get big fruits from a perfect growing season. This year we've had the perfect summer for the toms! Well done everyone.
  15. So how is the season so far?

    sp a r se? We do have to think of those pesky rude words cropping (hah) up too! I have had an update with regard to Charles Dowding - our new guru - watering his plants. I was quite surprised really - and yet very impressed! DD has been growing basil but I think she saturated her plants too much - the seed trays had no holes in them! Thankfully she has one basil left that is looking super on her windowsill now. I told her she can pinch out or even use a larger snippet to root in water so she can double her plants! As usual Youtube has annoying ads - but hey ho pay for no ads - um, I think I'll do something else while I wait. I've noticed that you can delete an ad when it says it can be done - only to have another immediately follow that you can't delete. Bah blinking humbug! So this is what I've been watching this morning. Ugh it's come out big!!!! Sorrrrrryyyyyyyyy - I only did the link and this comes up!!!
  16. So how is the season so far?

    Mostly frizzled. There was no blossom so no cherries, apples and hardly anything on next door's pear tree. Don't know what happened there. Everything else is just small and sp*****. I water everyday but I'm very conscious of using too much water. The ground is cracked and dusty. I'm pleased that everything is still alive so I'll try again next year which hopefully won't be so dry. Thats supposed to read S.P.A.R.S.E.
  17. Hatching take 2

  18. Chicken swap

    Pickwick is literally incapable of making normal chicken sounds it seems. But she is also a stressy layer. Half of the time she will nervously run around screeching. It’s almost like she is trying to find a spot and the coop isn’t it. On days I’m home, I lock her in the coop for half an hour and that normally sorts it, but the noise...
  19. Frozen shoulder part 2

    Sorry that you need the op but glad you'll get your shoulder sorted. My husband had a frozen shoulder and tried months and months of physio and stuff but eventually went for an operation and all the pain stopped pretty quickly. If there's anyone wondering whether to go for it there's at least two of you who would say yes.
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  21. Frozen shoulder part 2

    I've already had one frozen shoulder on the left which needed an operation and now I have a frozen shoulder on my right - which also needs operating on I'm quite excited about having it done because I know it will take the pain away even though it is painful to start with after the operation. I can't quite remember what the consultant said but apparently as I grew up I either had too much bone on my shoulders or not enough and so, at some point I was bound to get 2 frozen shoulders. Thank goodness for clever surgeons, although it's a shame I won't get any time off as it will be the summer holidays for me
  22. Tomato Growing Info Required Please - Problem!

    These are usually the tomatoes that taste the best
  23. They are here!

    Those are just adorable chicks And I love their little house too - what is it made of ? Can't wait to see photo updates.
  24. Chicken swap

    Cat tails you are not the only one with a gobby girl. My Lily has turned into a goose. It is driving us all mad. She honks all day long and then the others all start joining in with some other racket. She has even started honking just before they all go to bed, which she never used to do. We have resorted to buying a pump water plant sprayer thing and whenever the honking starts she gets a squirt. In fact if any of them make a noise that is too loud they get a squirt. It seems to be working but I don't like doing it. I'm hoping it will calm down next week, when the summer holidays start and I will be here most days, trigger at the ready.
  25. Competition to win some poultry tonic

    I tried to enter - not sure if I did it right though
  26. Hatching take 2

    I’m worried now that I might have had the humidity too high and they won’t be able to hatch. Nothing I can do about it now though. Day 18 tomorrow and the Wyandotte egg is moving loads 🤞🏻
  27. Hatching take 2

    It all sounds so exciting but complicated at the same time. I can't wait to see photos of the new brood
  28. Tomato Growing Info Required Please - Problem!

    I’ve got two that have just appeared in the garden. They look quite happy at the moment but I’ve no idea what they are!
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