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  2. The rescue now has 120 bunnies and “only” 82 this period last year. Many of them are strays.
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  4. Lucky you Beantree, hares are so beautiful. For a while I lived on an arable farm and we had hares playing on the lawn just outside the window, which was just lovely. Unfortunately sometimes there was also illegal hare coursing on the other side of the farm and the police had to be called. I am also allergic to bunny fur, my understanding is that it is superfine so can irritate susceptible noses/eyes quite easily. Recently I read that lockdown has led to a lot of unwanted rabbits because people didn't realise how hard they can be to look after, biting cropped up a lot.
  5. Talking of bunnies. Whilst streaming INSIDE the chicken enclosure we today disturbed a leveret. Now we know that mummy hare will reject them if touched by humans, so we left it alone. But that explains why the chickens have been giving the alarm call for no apparent reason over the last few days. The previous ones met their end from our terrier, but this one should be quite safe if it stays inside until it is able to sneak out through the netting, avoiding the electric lines, then find cover at the far end of the field which we have set aside for just such an event. There are no rabbits here. The ground is so hard digging tunnels is impossible.
  6. Re-introducing the broody went OK @Dom T, so no violence. But I'm not sure she is entirely out of it, so perhaps we should have done 3 days and nights? As you, this is not an egg issue but one of welfare; we don't want a broody to burn out and get sick. Our views are similar, but a bit flatter, so we have had to add draught netting to the run.
  7. Thanks @Cat tails (I'm guessing it was you 😊) for updating the list at the beginning with the extra names. I wish we could all edit our posts like we used to be able to.
  8. The list so far - Luvachicken Cat tails soapdragon mullethunter HarrisonFamily
  9. I think it would be a good idea to give the broody cage a try, as you say that is the one thing you haven't tried. It does work eventually - I had one before that took 7 days to break. At least you know they have food and water in a broody cage. I even bought a dog cooling mat to go in my broody cage (just a dog crate) Some don't like it, and I really don't like doing it, but it has to be done for their own health and well being. When it gets to bedtime, I just cover the cage with a thin duvet cover and they soon settle down. I hope your one stops being broody soon. Can I just add what a beautiful view you have 😊
  10. Might be that 3 days is not enough. My hens can keep this up for weeks. If you want to break them quickly, you need to use a broody cage. That’s the only way to solve it quickly. I don’t have that option because I have to many neighbours close by and one of my hens produces an absolute racket if she can’t go back to the coop at night. Do put a large pot in the nesting box dip at night, do your broody doesn’t just go back brooding at night.
  11. Okay I think the penny has dropped. @Cat tails @Beantree Attached is chicken run 1.0 so we build a partition where the yellow X is put some shade up. Broody hens go there for the day and back in at night. Non broody hens go on the other side. We try this for 3 days. For us this is not really an egg issue, more a general concern of welfare issue. 6 weeks seems a long time for Brownie to want to be in the coop the whole time. I guess this is a natural occurrence so we are equally happy to let it run its course however 6 weeks seems like a record so worth trying to give her a hand. @Beantreeforgot to ask how did reintroducing your broody hen go the other day.
  12. I’ve had chickens moult in their first year. They can do a mini moult.
  13. Certainly does sound like the start of a moult @mullethunter, but she would have to be older than the others because they don't moult in their first year. It is possible that the breeder slipped in an older one because, with the movement restrictions from Covid and Avian Flu it is possible that they had been unable to sell all their older stock. Did she have a redder comb than the others when you bought them @Narf? Did you get an egg much earlier than all the others?
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  15. The list so far - Luvachicken Cat tails soapdragon mullethunter
  16. I would think that she’s just stopped laying and is about to moult. That was also explain the ‘dry’ comb.
  17. Please don't think you are invincible, just better protected. 3% of people in hospital here have had both jabs. 97% have had one or none. Cases in France are doubling every week, but it's the young now who are hospitalised as the oldies are generally fully vaccinated. You can't do much here without a health passport for good reason. We still don't feel safe as only 50% have the double dose and despite that they can still be carrying it.
  18. Yes! Now just a two week wait and I’ll be invincible!
  19. Definitely no cooking involved. And @Cat tails I knew you'd be there straight away The list so far - Luvachicken Cat tails soapdragon
  20. Welcome to the club, CT! It's a relief, isn't it?
  21. Great idea - count me in as long as I don't have to cook it THEN send it 😉
  22. Some of you mentioned that you might like to do a recipe swap for the August Bank holiday. It will be very similar to the Christmas swap we have, but shouldn't take as long, and just needs a recipe you think someone might like to try. All recipes will need to arrive before the 27th August so that we all have them ready to open on the Bank Holiday Monday. I'm sure it is obvious, but there isn't any post on Bank Holidays. You will need to PM me your names and addresses by 8th August if you would like to join in. On the list so far is me, Luvachicken Cat tails Soapdragon Mullethunter HarrisonFamily
  23. Thank you so much for this. Everything you have said makes perfect sense. She is very sweet and a very friendly, loving bird. I will wait and hope that she begins to feel happier and more secure soon. ( I hope it is soon as I want to enter her eggs for our local village show as they are so beautiful!) Thank you again.
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