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  2. Very timid?

    Just purchased 4 POL....2 white Sussex, 2 copper Marian's. Bought from a local breeder, so more a business than pets. Had them just over a week now, very timid so not yet feeding from my hand, (as I have experienced in past)..they tend to move back when my hand advances with some feed...are they still getting used to me, they are very unsure...just a matter of time??
  3. RATS!

    If they are in derelict house you could contact the council.
  4. Poorly dog

    I would get her to drink as much as you can to keep her hydrated. If she is drinking and looking bright enough maybe could wait until to morrow. Is she likely to have eaten something she shouldn’t? If she is an inside dog and you’re sure she hasn’t eaten anything poisonous or a toy or something, it could be simple upset tummy,our vet recommends boiled rice until diarrhoea settles. ( I think you mean polyp )
  5. Turning 'Japanese' - I really think so!

  6. Old Sewing Machine

    Another lady Lizzie Lenard on Youtube only uses vintage machines - she does a nice series of how to clean them. She also has a blog but she is how I found Helen Howes. Then in Pinterest I've just seen this: https://susies-scraps.com/2016/04/02/framing-pinwheels-quilt-pattern/?subscribe=success#blog_subscription-3 Scroll down - lovely treadle!
  7. Reputation

    I normally access the forum on my phone. Today I am on my laptop and have seen loads of changes and new features I hadn't noticed previously. What is a forum reputation? Why do I not have one, whilst a reputation is not usually something I aspire too, this seems to be a positive from what I can see, I am feeling left out and undervalued
  8. Turning 'Japanese' - I really think so!

    Ah so! I miss them too, but after seeing that lot - perhaps it's just as well! And now that tune is rattling around in my head. Thanks Soapy!!!!!
  9. The Weather Thread #9

    Spoke too soon - no blue but more rain on the way unless the wind blows it over quickly - methinks it's bringing yesterdays stuff back as the wind is a different direction. I curse the weather vane on our (time out to administer iodine to OH's big gash in his leg - he's getting better at injuries, he doesn't quite run round like a headless chook but does the intake of breath through his teeth. Loudly) ahem weather vane on the shed - it tells porkies! Which is not surprising because while it is supposed to be a cat and a mouse, the cat does look like a pig with a straight tail! It was already here though.
  10. ISA/savings question

    Hahaha - we get that with number one son - but if you put a £ sign first she may respond - like he does! I think our lot are with the Newbury Building Society. Very few of those left that haven't been taken over by the banks.
  11. Poorly dog

    This will probably seem a daft question to many but I have never had a dog with a prolonged upset tummy, at what point does it become a vet issue? Coco is a shih tzu and about 6 years old. I would say she is healthy overall apart from the fact she was meant to have an op much earlier this year on her bottom. I cannot recollect the name of the condition, maybe a polop (sorry spelling) or something like that; you can sometimes tell that she struggles to go to the toilet and see a red thing. Anyway on the day of the op the surgeon recommended that we didn't go ahead, he thought the cons outweighed the pros and that it wasn't that bad. She has seemed fine since albeit we sometimes see the polop. Yesterday she ate her breakfast and within a short time was sick. Ever since then she has had an upset tummy which has got progressively worse. I was up in the night clearing up. She has also had a wee several times in the house which is unheard of. I haven't fed her, should I? There is water down. When she goes to the toilet now it is just liquid. She is curled up sleeping most of the time, but when she moves / we disturb her she seems relatively normal other than the toilet issue. Has anyone experienced similar, would you wait and see or consider an emergency vet? Should we feed her and if so what. Thank you.
  12. ISA/savings question

    Thanks Val, and thank M for me. I have been looking online and calling around; found the Coventry BS, which offers a 5 year fixed rate ISA at 2% with no access (that's what we'd tell her!) and the bonus is that I can open it for her. I need to text Madam (assuming that she will answer ) and get a notarised copy of her passport.
  13. The Weather Thread #9

    Yesterday was grim. I was determined the heating wasn’t going to be in until we get back from our holiday, but it was on yesterday!
  14. The Weather Thread #9

    Couldn't get warm last night - and when I did around 5.30 I went off into such a deep sleep that I woke up at 8.45 and thought yikes birdies! So rushed to the window - yes still raining pffft! And it was windier than they suggested! Pffft! Sorted the birds out - I don't know which one, but a baby makes an I want to get out noise like a kettle whistling. And now I've been snuggled on the settee with a coffee, my feet are finally warming up and the sun is finally breaking through and I can see little whisps of blue through the white and grey stratus clouds
  15. Black areas on comb

    Hi I have previously bought layers pellets with Flubenvet. I went to two different vets yesterday morning to buy Flubenvet and neither had stock. the girls have not had Flubenvet for about a year. thanks K
  16. ISA/savings question

    Depends on what he wants her to keep it for, what the intended use will be and also depends of the amount of funds to be invested for her. But here goes - we helped match DD's savings into a mortgage account, but we did set aside the same funds for both siblings to keep it equal and fair - and our interest rate is better long term than theirs at the moment - don't ask I have no idea but it's good to not keep your eggs all in one basket! If I hear him trying to talk about money to me I have the attention span of ooh squirrel! Then my eyes glaze over and he says "you are not taking this in are you!" Ummmmmm So I hope that's of some use for you and anyone else - No he can’t, but can give her the money to do so herself. Very Long Term – Pension As she is not earning he can only put in £2880 and Government will top up to make it £3600 per tax year (see below). Long Term – LISA Life Time Savings ISA – You can put in £4k per tax year and government will add 25%, you can then use this towards a purchase of a house, as long as you haven’t ever bought one before. Or alternatively towards a pension – but this is not recommended. So if there is no prospect of buying a house do not go for this option. £4k could go in now and another £4k when the new tax year starts – 6th April 2019. Medium Term– Stocks & shares ISA Short Term – Cash Savings in an ISA or non ISA savings account – you can get fixed terms so the money would only be accesses after say 1 or 2 years or longer, but interest rates are pretty poor. As I say what is the intention for the money – is it for short access after Uni, or long term use? My choice would be LISA – to help with a deposit for a house £4k can be paid in each year until the house is bought. And if we are talking a lot of money start a pension - as she is not earning then you can only put in £2880 and Government will top up to make it £3600 per tax year.
  17. The Weather Thread #9

    7deg here when I got up this morning, dark and bucketing with rain; not yesterday's persistent drizzle, proper rain. Just having a morning cuppa earl grey, then off out with the dogs, full waterproofs called for! Supposed to clear up around lunchtime, so indoor chores until then
  18. Yesterday
  19. The Weather Thread #9

    Well so much for being a "nice" day. Drizzle first thing - OK it must clear up soon. Nope it got worse - plus low cloud making it misty - I didn't realise how high up we were until the misty cloudy days arrived! I hope the little bushbabies didn't get too waterlogged. It's still raining now - and Squirt sulked but still had her tail up so I think she was just cheesed off with yet more rain. But no wind. Not a twitch of leaves to be had until this afternoon when it changed but not too bad, slight breeze. And the warning for gale force stormy winds for the morning have been removed to 17mph. I can live with that! Also supposed to be sunnier too. So I believe the rubbish rain that was supposed to be tomorrow blew in earlier.
  20. ISA/savings question

    I'll ask my financial adviser in the morning - it's way past his bedtime (we were at a "do" so back late), but he's been telling our two which ones to open accounts with and add to their funds.
  21. Thank you, I think I'm more concerned about the risk of rats than foxes. My plan is to roll out a width of wire mesh an inch below ground level on the outside perimeter of the run before covering with weed suppressing membrane topped with pea shingle and stepping stone slabs. It's a work in progress but you're definitely motivating me to get it completed sooner rather than later.
  22. ISA/savings question

    Hmm, hadn't thought of that... thanks
  23. Strictly 2018

    Agreed - I couldn't watch, it was like a car crash in slow motion. Does Anton get paid danger money? Some good dancers already, but 3 cocky ones which I think will wear a bit thin over time.
  24. My runs are on slabs, covered with clear tarps and have Aubiose as litter. The tarps don't quite reach right down on the sides, so I angle them slightly outwards with bungee hooks.
  25. AyeAyemagpie just keep check around edges of WIR,ours used to be on bare earth until we saw signs of a rat burrowing under and in. We put an edging of paving slabs around edge of one WIR and completely covered other one.
  26. Wanted: Cube or Go UP with run Must be in good condition. Can collect from Sussex/Surrey area.
  27. Strictly 2018

    Have to say that there are quite a few very good ones in the mix though! Not too many Ed Balls
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