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  2. Oh forgot to say they were wormed about 8 weeks ago. Thanks again for your replies.
  3. I also have a pop up along the right hand side asking me to subscribe to the newsletter. I can't scroll the pop p or see what I am typing right now as its hidden behind the pop up. I can't see the 'x' box to get rid of the message as I can't move the pop up. Its mega annoying and I will have to stop uising the foum unless you can make it go away. I don't see why I should sign up to the newsletter to do this. PS after typing that I realised I had to sign up otherwise I couldn't submit this comment because the 'Submit Reply' button is hidden behind the subcribe pop up. I am not a happy
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  5. Thank you so much for all of your replies. I really appreciate it. @Luvachicken I didn't realise they could squeeze through. It looked pretty big. I spotted it from the upstairs window. Caught my eye. We are isolating here at the moment due a child having a positive covid test (though not poorly) and not able to go out for another 5 days. I have hand fed her this morning along with some vitamin drops, her temperature doesn't seem as high. But she isn't herself. Will keep a close eye on her and if she deteriorates will see if my neighbour will pop her to the vets for me.
  6. The presence of a large rat can easily upset the flock dynamics as they can injure a chicken. Rats also eat eggs which they normally carry off, but perhaps can't get through the mesh? The previous owner of our house in the UK had chickens and he complained of not getting many eggs. Clearing the undergrowth nearby and we found a pile of dozens of egg shells. The first stage I think is to catch the rat, then see how the chickens behave.
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  8. Discovered the button is still there, but invisible! See red circle.
  9. Gosh! I can really understand this isn’t really fun anymore. Personally I would rehome hen 4. I’ve had a hen 4 and rehomed her too. I caught myself having daydreams of coming up with ways to cull her... that’s how frustrated I was with her. Like @mullethunter says, she might be happier too in a larger flock/with cockerel/with freeranging. Rehoming one might tip the balance enough again to settle the others.
  10. Crikey mamacoop I’m not sure how to get out of this but I didn’t want to not say anything. It sounds like you’ve got the prefect storm of rubbishness going on. Rats can squeeze through the normal Omlet run mesh - I’ve watched a medium sized one do it to get out of my run. It was a real squeeze and involved a lot of wiggling but it made it. If you take the food and water out every night that should stop it. Hen 1 - unfortunately I would suspect there is something going on that caused her crop problem before and you’re seeing a resurgence of whatever that is. Have they been wormed rece
  11. I'm afraid rats can squeeze through the bars of the Omlet run. I have a video of one doing it. As for your girls, I'm not sure of the best thing to advise. I had 2 very nasty bullies at one point and in the end had to rehome them. I think I would take hen 1 to the vet though to see if there is anything that can be done to make her better.
  12. Oh and forgot to add saw a rat in my coop this morning.... never seen one before. Their coop is on concrete slabs so no idea how it's got in. Definately a rat as was huge! We have an omlet low rise and there is no way it sqeezed through the wire. Traps going down tonight after hens are in bed.
  13. Hi I wondered if I could have some advice as I feel my flock is falling apart! I have four hens, let's call them 1 2 3 & 4! No. 1 was poorly about 8 weeks ago. Really lethargic, skinny and the others started picking on her. So I popped her in our hen hospital, tried a few things including vitamin drops then found a lovely video on YouTube that helped me to empty her crop and after a few days she sprang back to life! I did think she was on her last legs but she made a recovery. She was top hen but when she was reintroduced she became 2/3. She is now poorly again. L
  14. I absolutely did mean run. It's been a long day. It would be fully supported by a firm wooden structure and meshed underneath for double protection.
  15. I think you meant to say 'run' Bluebell1985, because corrugated roofing on a coop leads to lots of issues with draughts and rodents. Onduline will work in the UK but some additional support may be required to stop it sagging in the changing climate.
  16. They have now a good store of Calcium in their bones which will take a long time to deplete: that's where the egg shells come from. So phasing in the layers pellets is the best way to go as they can stop eating with a sudden change of feed. The layers give them plenty of Calcium to replenish that store but importantly it is balanced with phosphorous (8:1) which allows the calcium transfer mechanism to work. Perhaps people don't realise that the Calcium for the egg shells doesn't get there directly from the feed. It's a complex process that can easily go wrong as the calcium from the feed goes
  17. Can anyone recommend a UK (Sussex) supplier for quality roofing for a walk in coop. Many thanks in advance.
  18. That's very sad to read @zipztar He sounded like he was a very well loved cat and extremely well looked after. Sweet dreams Mikey x
  19. Just waiting for a couple of addresses 😊 You won't be able to receive your swap if we don't know where to send it to
  20. I have that dog crate to use as a broody cage and a henspital - it’s very useful!
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  22. Ahh thank you so much for all of your replies. It does make me feel a little better that it sounds like we what we could with her. Soapdragon I think we will probably get some more hens…..it’s very strange not having to go out and shut the door at night and my daughter was absolutely heartbroken when we had to say goodbye to Binky. I think she was very proud at school not to have the usual dog/cat/rabbit as a pet, as all the teachers were always very interested. When the vet brought Binky back out to me on Sunday, they had done some footprints for my daughter, which she was so hap
  23. So, built the crate yesterday, luckily it fit perfectly in the little gap I had in my shed! They will be nice and protected from the elements here and I can let the into the run one at a time each day. I had a box from my daughter's bike which fit perfectly to close in the sides so they shouldn't kick too much out! The boxes are not so high sided that they won't be able to get from one box to another if they want to. I will add wood shavings to the boxes tonight and secure the blanket to the top with cable ties as I ran out after fixing the cardboard. Will let you know
  24. Hi all, Just to close off our own post about our cat Mikey. Unfortunately the problem of breathing when purring did not go away, and when we took him to the vet, once under general anesthetic so they could look down his throat, they found a tumour growing on his trachea. This tumour was closing off his air supply, and would have required major surgery, or if cancerous, would have required chemo. This took us all by surprise as he was 100% active, 100% greedy guts and 100% healthy. We even had the call in the morning that his ultrasound and blood tests were fine and that he was a
  25. 1. Cats or dogs (chickens is self explanatory... ) - Dogs 2. Favourite colour / colours. Colours you really don't like - yellows and blues 3. Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn - summer 4. Seaside or mountains - seaside 5. Favourite past time? -Love swimming, walking and just being outside 6. Party of the year or at home with a cup of tea? - home with tea 7. Your ideal holiday? - Quiet Beach holiday away from the crowds 8. Allergies? Mushrooms !!
  26. It can be hugely frustrating when an animal goes downhill for no apparent reason - if only they could talk. However, it certainly sounds as though you did everything that you possibly could so don't beat yourself up about it. Will you get some more girls? Your daughter is obviously besotted with chickens!
  27. We put ours in a dog crate until the guinea pig cage arrived. We made the newspaper go well up the sides but even then they managed to kick the bedding out and poop where they shouldn't. Coop cups are pretty useful for food and water around the sides.
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