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  2. Sorry, I can’t picture what you mean. Can he behave normally?
  3. Sorry - this post has only just appeared. Hope there was a good outcome.
  4. Hmm. Actually difficult to say. Are you certain they’re the same age? To me it looks like Phantom is a young male bird and Skittle is a slightly older female (I know exactly what you mean about a girly face @Luvachicken and I totally agree). Here is a photo with a male and female pekin that I hatched (bird in the middle is a Wyandotte cockerel) at exactly 3 months. The difference between the two is very obvious and had been from about 4 weeks of age.
  5. Skittles may well be a rooster - like I said though, I have no skills on sexing at all. I have only bought Pekins at 5-6 weeks old which have been sexed for me. Luckily the lady I get them from will take back any males but I haven't had any to return. Your farm looks amazing - I'm not sure we've had anyone from South Africa before - so a big welcome from me x
  6. I thought skittles was a rooster, but I think I’ll wait and see untill they are bigger. 🌻 I live on a farm in South Africa🌿
  7. I am not good at sexing but they do look very pretty. I would have a guess that that skittles is a girl but only because I think she has a girly looking face (sorry) I hope they both turn out to be girls for you. @mullethunter might be able to help more. Is that your garden in the background?
  8. Here are the pictures. The grey one is phantom and the brownish one is skittles
  9. Had our belated Christmas this last weekend. Military precision getting 6 folk with 6 negative lateral flows. Aunt is 86 but was up for belated do, think like a lot of the oldies shes pigsick of bloody covid, lockdowns, rules, masks anti vaccinator etc etc. Frankly I think we all are. Shes the least worried of us all. Made of strong stuff these old dears. Had a lovely time stuffed ourselves, drank a lot and enjoyed some games of scrabble.
  10. You can send private messages to other users on the forum. Don’t know if you can send photos but you’re welcome to try to send them to me
  11. You tip the chicken forward and try and empty the crop. It can be very full with sour liquid.
  12. Don’t know if you can upload photos in your first post, but I would suggest try again!
  13. I have 4 Peking bantam chicks they are about 3/4 months old. Two I know are definitely female but the other two I’m not sure. If anyone can help, it would be really appreciated. (Can’t seem to upload any photos, but could send them privately on email)
  14. hi there. im new to omlet. im looking for second hand cat items, like the frestyle cat products and accesories please. any available please? thanks laura in southampton
  15. @mullethunter, I noticed in the small print that Jim Vyse uses tanilised wood to make his runs - this should make them long lived.
  16. Goodness time flies when having fun - he is still so cute and obviously sees more of you than before - good going for the cafe - it looks fantastic!
  17. So smart Lewis - that’s what I’d love. Shame the one you’re selling is too small or I’d bite your hand off!!! Neighbours didn’t want chooks next door?
  18. Ah I see what you mean CT! The old fashioned advice used to be to plant figs in a hole with paving slabs round the outside to contain the roots to prevent the tree from growing too big/too fast, but its a bit late for that now. Its odd because here we have 2 figs, one is huge but dying from some disease or other, whilst the other hasn't grown much in 6 years, being stuck at about 8ft high until last year when we got our first big crop of fruit, and its now maybe 10ft tall. 6m is too tall to even begin thinking about dealing with it yourself, I can understand why you need a tree surgeon. I guess it depends how much longer it can grow there without being a danger or a nuisance, if that's not too long then I think I would bite the bullet now. Or move! BT - I know what you mean about life getting in the way. Are you having great weather? Its sunny every day here so I am outside but I prefer doing things to usher in the new season rather than remedial work, which is a bit stupid of me. We found that our fig wood dried pretty quickly, and burnt hot but very short, it was of most use as kindling. We have put off doing a severe prune on one of our olives, its a bit smaller than your sycamore but also next to the house, so we absolutely have to do it now. We forgot all about it when my very tall brother was here, but we have a nearly as tall friend coming next week, and its my intention to rope him in!
  19. That does look very smart @Lewis Shame about your neighbours though.
  20. @Daphne Unfortunately my fig stands quite close to my chicken run. My own fault as I planted it there, but the run got bigger in the meantime. And I have to squeeze past the fig to get to the coop. So he needs to be contained! Plan to do the buddlejas in March. Have 2 mature bushes and a younger sprout myself. But my mom has 6 at her campsite, so enough pruning to do! I love those canes! Use them for everything! Have about 10 new buddlejas in pots too, when I took cuttings. But can’t find new homes for them… Trouble with my pear is that it’s a very prolific grower, but almost grows flush to my garden shed. So can’t reach the back half of the tree, which is well over 6 meters tall, so a bit more than I can handle myself. But if I get a tree surgeon in, they will take it back to almost bare trunk.
  21. Hey thanks for the help ‘cat tails’ yes she was on medicated crumb but unfortunately she died in my arms a little after that post but she was clearly in pain and she’s not anymore so as much as it broke my heart shes happy now ❤️
  22. Haven't touched the vines yet as we've been concentrating on the fruit trees which haven't been touched for years and are a real mess. Unfortunately heavy frosts have stopped the work so we are taking down a sycamore from 10 metres down to 3 metres because it is blocking the Winter sun to the house, even with no leaves. We pruned the figs two years ago and now they have been done again. The chickens range underneath and have fertilised the ground to the extent that the amount of fruit is ridiculous. However this time the prunings are going to the tip. We tried seasoning the last lot and it was destroyed by woodworm; the only variety of wood in the pile that was affected. We seem to get easily distracted with other jobs here. Today it was a leaking outside tap pipe which had been CONCRETED into the wall.
  23. Its all looking good CT, well done on the grape pruning! I have only done half of ours, I must get round to the rest. You probably know that figs don't need a lot of cutting, its more about keeping them where you want them! This is the right time of year to prune pear and apple trees, so I wouldn't worry about losing fruit. You can always do a light prune, concentrating on dead/diseased/crossing branches to open it out into a goblet shape. What is that in the corner of your fences? If its a buddeleia (butterfly bush) you may know that you can hard prune it in March (down to about a metre or less, but cut above a leaf) to keep it under control, you will still get plenty of growth and flower this year. I used to use my thicker prunings as 'canes' in the garden as they were usually pretty straight. Its always exciting at this time of year, as things begin to poke up through the soil, and your thoughts turn to what is to come😄
  24. Still a cutie! He has obviously given you masses of fun, a really happy story, which is so needed in this day and age, here's to many more years!
  25. Just to make some of you feel really old! It’s 10 years today since I got Milo!!
  26. I have a Jim Vyse run and love it, it’s well made and was fairly easy to construct. Would definitely recommend I bought a second for my house (the big one is at my parents) but problems with neighbours means the chickens never moved in (they went to my parents) so will be looking to sell it. It’s 2.4x2.4m
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