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  2. Welcome, Helen. Your photos are great - I'm comparing that gorgeous blue sky with our driech weather here! A lovely set up - you have clearly done your research.
  3. Hi, is this all still available please? best regards SJ
  4. We've given this some thought recently. We have some very old hens in large coops and are considering ceramic emitter bulbs, also called black or dull emitters, fitted into an E27 screw heat lamp. Problem is the output must be very low indeed, the emitter must be well away from the chickens so that needs a tall coop. Ideally there should be a thermostat, but a thermometer check should be OK. Another alternative is a small electric hen suspended from the ceiling to give gentle warmth. Even in our big coops (6' x4' x 4' high) I think 50 Watts will be sufficient and a smaller coop perhaps 25W. We have two electric hens and plenty of heat lamps but our smallest bulb at the moment is 75W. They use these bulbs for heating pets, so perhaps that's a place to start? We're OK for cabling as we have camping connector extensions, which are damp (but not water) proof, so they can be left on the floor under a cover. We had a big freeze down here in France 9 years ago. For two weeks the daytime temperature was -12C and the night time -18C; the plumbers made a fortune mending burst pipes. It's an event like that we are planning for, because we haven't enough space inside for all of them. Anything down to -5C and we won't worry. I think in your case Grantos, the hay on the floor will be sufficient and if not you could bring her in at night.
  5. I gather you don’t have an Omlet coop then? Those have double wall to help with insulation.
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  7. What a wonderful setup and as others have said it’s lovely to see the beautiful blue sky and Jacaranda tree as it’s so grey here at the moment. I lived in Newtown / Erskinville for a while around 15 years ago - happy memories 😁
  8. My chicken is making a croaking noise. I'm new to chicken keeping so I don't know whether this is normal or not. I wanted to ask first before taking her to the vet. She eats and drinks and poops normally, but makes this noise occasionally. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKSAeH3WuRY&feature=youtu.be
  9. Hi Patricia, We have had our Cube for 5 months and it has experienced 0 - 38C so far with no sign of stress to the plastic. I do not know long term but we plan to keep ours under the deciduous Jacaranda in summer. We ordered through Omlet Australia in early March and it arrived in late June. I suggest you contact them, prior to ordering, to find out the expected delivery time. The delivery expected day, may be next to the product on the Australian website. Thanks for the advice re the extreme weather jacket. I only bought the half one, not the one that covers up the back ventilation and I will use it with care.
  10. Thank you for your lovely comments. The structures in the background are raised garden beds. They are made by a water tank company, to our specification thus the corrugated steel and the waterproofing inside. They are quite common in Australia. My husband and I constructed the coverings over the top, from what we could find at the hardware store. It consists mostly of aviary wire, steel and wood frame and aviary wire gates. We need to keep out the multitude of birds large and small, possums, blue tongue lizards, skinks, mice etc but let the bees in
  11. Our Silkie has taken to sleeping on the floor of the coop. We spoke to the breeder that we got them from and she said maybe the she is finding it too cold on the roost and so sleeping on the floor. We have put some hay on the floor where she sleeps to help keep her warm.
  12. If you close the coop, they should be perfectly able to keep each other warm. They’ll snuggle with each other. If you are experiencing really low temperatures, you could invest in a cold temperature jacket. But I really wouldn’t go about heating a coop.
  13. Hi all. We're still really new to keeping chickens, this being our 1st winter of having them, we're a little worried about the freezing cold nights now, we have a Silkie which we believe could struggle to keep warm at night in cold temperatures so I'm wondering what that best way/best products might be to warm the coop a little? Thanks in advance. Grant
  14. I am SO so sorry. Thank goodness we don’t have raccoons in the U.K. As Omlet is selling in areas where they do, like where you are, please contact them to alert them to your findings. This forum is independent and Omlet HQ don’t necessarily read these posts. Take care.
  15. Welcome! My two granddaughters in Melbourne have chickens. I have thought about sending them a Cube, but have wondered how they will stand up to the sun? Also, where did you get them from? I’m just wondering about an idea for a Christmas present.... By the way, forget the extreme weather jacket. It gets to -17 occasionally where I live in the U.K. I’ve had two cubes for 12 years and have never needed them. It also restricts the ventilation. More chickens die of respiratory disease in winter than anything else
  16. My chickens leg has been dislocated or something for awhile, I’m not sure what to do. (Not sure how to post pictures via mobile so join this groupme for pictures)
  17. Welcome from me too, your set up looks great, and what a treat to see such a lovely garden under a big blue sky. My brother and family live in Victoria, we are hoping to get over there next year if we all manage to get a dose of the vaccine. Anyway, what are those lovely structures in the background, that look like fruit cages with enclosed bottoms and curved ends? Did you make them or buy them?
  18. Lovely photos, very neat setup and that Jacaranda tree is amazing. Welcome to the forum Helen.
  19. Hi everyone We are new to the forum My husband and I live in suburban Sydney, Australia We had been researching Chicken coops for 3 years and decided that Omlet’s Eglu cube Mk2 with coop light and automatic door was exactly what we wanted. Although just as we ordered it Covid 19 happened so it took another 3 - 4 months for the set up to arrive. The cube is situated under a mature Jacaranda tree with raised garden beds nearby. The chickens have access to parts of the garden for foraging and dust bathing and a section of the large lawn. We bought… Eagle Cube Mk2 with 3m Run and Wheels - Perfect for 3 chickens, amazingly easy clean!! 2m Combi Cover for Eglu Cube - Fantastic for shade for summer and winter sun without rain. (see pics in Summer and Winter position) Windbreak for Eglu Cube Mark 2 - Fantastic for winter and August winds. Automatic Chicken Coop Door with coop light - We would not be owning chickens without this door. Omlet chicken perch - Head chook loves this Extreme Temp blanket with bungees - We live in a hollow with frost in winter. Pendant peck toy - Our girls love their treats in this. Caddie Treat holder x 2 - Perfect for kitchen scraps on rotation. We had never owned chickens before but had done a lot of research before buying them . We used golf balls to teach them where to lay and this worked a treat. Our family loves Star Wars so our Hyline Brown chickens are called........ ChuBokka Hens Solo Princess Layer We have also call the Eglu Cube either - Jabba the Hutch or Jabba’s palace!! We also love taking photos…so here are far too many.... and out of order.... but I'm sure you will figure it out! Cheers Helen (and Ron)
  20. Last week
  21. Government Avian Influenza rules and guidance (as of 21st November 2020) can be found HERE 😉
  22. Oh that is an awful experience for you and your chicks to go through. I am really sorry that it has happened. I don't have any words of advice but wanted to send you a virtual hug xxx
  23. Hi, Is this still available please? Kind regards SJ
  24. Daphne I am SO jealous. It’s been damp and dull here for weeks and I HATE the dark evenings.
  25. Oooh I missed Janty back there - and Laurmurf! Glad the op went well!
  26. Those are some escape artists if they manage to squeeze through the floor wire of a Eglu! 😳 Safest permanent option is to put the whole thing on paving slabs. But probably not the solution your looking for. It will make cleaning easier though. Otherwise you could add some wire bird mesh underneath the run. This has a much smaller gauge.
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