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  3. Purplemaniacs

    End of an era

    After just over 11 years tonight is the first time that I have not had a chook to shut up. Our last little bantam died during last night, when I went to let her out this morning, there was no gentle quiet clucking and she didn't come trotting out as normal. She was the last one, I hatched her from eggs from Redwing over 7 years ago a little Welsummer bantam. She out lived all the others and quite a lot of hybrids too. I had intended to get some more to keep her company a few weeks ago but a neighbour who moved in about a year ago complained that my chickens were keeping him awake and he'd been woken up at 3.00 every morning and hadn't slept for over three months. He had also complained about the cockerel last year but shortly after that the cockerel passed away. He really upset me by the way he complained in front of granddaughter leering over garden fence at 8.00 in the morning as I was doing the school run. Granddaughter cried all the way to school because she didn't want our chicken killed so it wouldn't make a noise. I was all for moving but as we have spent lots on the house doing up the kitchen, bathroom and ensuite over the last year or so my OH said no. Immediate response by OH and DD to the loss of the chicken was you must get some more. I would love some more I've missed eggs and the funny goings on of chooks but am very worried about the neighbour. I was scared of him coming around to have another go and it brought back all the memories of being burgled and being worried of them or others coming back. It's been a difficult few weeks. Stupid really over a lovely little chicken.
  4. Oh no! I've used a primer and paint on some old plastic pots and it worked quite well for me. Though, like you, I would just leave it as is. Maybe get some decals.
  5. Purplemaniacs

    Newly Registered & wanted to say hello!

    Welcome to the forum.
  6. mullethunter

    Bantams in NE Derbyshire

    I think it depends on the individual
  7. heth1986

    Bantams in NE Derbyshire

    Thanks, I did have an auracana but the lady I bought her from doesn’t breed chickens any more. Interesting re the pekin, I’ve always had them down as rubbish layers but I might give one a go!
  8. mullethunter

    Bantams in NE Derbyshire

    My pekin lays 3 days out of every 4. She is in her first year though. My Araucana and Plymouth Rock bantams are both good layers too.
  9. We’ve got a bit of morehens going on here, my small flock is now down to 2 following the loss of my oldest lady last month. I’m really struggling to find any bantams for sale nearby (North East Derbyshire), does anyone know of anything?! I’m not fussy, I have a bantam Marans and a Sulmtaler (not sure of spelling) so something of a similar size, I’d like something that will lay a decent amount of eggs though so that rules out the silkies and pekins which seem to be the only thing for sale around here! Thanks in advance for any recommendations xx
  10. I’ve used that paint on garden furniture, Andy. It’s lasted a season but I’ve had to redo. I’d live with it as it is. No problem with use and the hens won’t mind!
  11. Patricia W

    Can I fit them in??

    I live in a situation like Mullethunter, but a neighbour had an extension which disturbed the sewerage system. Since then I’ve battled rats. The only rat proof enclosure I’ve seen is a purpose built WIR with small gauge weldmesh.
  12. Last week
  13. mullethunter

    Can I fit them in??

    I live on the edge of a small(ish) town around 500m from farmland but surrounded by back gardens. I don’t bring the food in at night. We have mice, but to my knowledge we’ve never had rats. Not to say never will, but not so far.
  14. If you get the right primer and paint, you can paint on polypropylene (as Beantree mentioned), but it requires a bit of prep first. You can buy it as a spray paint, but if you do it - I would only do the outside.
  15. Eggselent

    Can I fit them in??

    Oooh. Good plan on slabs. Off to google aubiose! Does anyone have a rat proof run then? Would it be preferable to build my own run infront of the cube or is the rat issue over egged (sorry 😉)
  16. Patricia W

    Bat boxes

    Contact a local wildlife group or the Bat Conservation Group. I think they will put them up for you
  17. Patricia W

    Can I fit them in??

    Question of rat proof fun - the answer is no! At least for baby rats. Only very small gauge weldmesh is rat proof. Minimise the problem by taking in food and water each night. The Vitamin K in chicken pellets is the antidote to rat poison.
  18. Some people have put decals on the cube. Personally I’d live with yours. It looks like camouflaging!
  19. HarrisonFamily

    Free Ranging

    I let them out - they roamed around for 30 minutes - spot of sunbathing and then returned to the WIR on their own where I gave them some meal worms - so thank you - Photo of H & N sunbathing...
  20. I think the Cube is made from polypropylene Neil, which is a difficult plastic to deal with. It's rather soft and flexible which means abrasive powders can get embedded in it and be difficult to remove. It is also a plastic that can't be simply glued or painted and requires high-tech solutions for both the aforementioned. As AJM200 says, Cif and a scrubbing brush is going to be the best result you can get. How did you get on with your brackets?
  21. Have you tried scouring power like cif or Bar keepers friend to remove that ingrained dirt? The pink stuff could also be worth a try. I have one of the original purple cubes and cleaned it with cif and a scrubbing brush as the start of the year as it had been unused since 2014. It looks like new. It takes a lot of rinsing to get every trace of the cleaner off
  22. Well what a huge mistake! I tried to T-Cut the faded green panels on my 2nd hand Cube with terrible results! I washed the tub down, dried & applied the green cream as directed, & ended up with hands like the “Incredible Hulk” & I was as grumpy as him too lol. Anyways this is because I’d looked into vinyl wrapping the damn thing & someone wanted to charge me £650 plus VAT & hoped for a cheaper solution. See my vinyl wrapping ideas 💡 attached & the mess I’ve temporarily created....... Plan B is: thinking of spraying the Cube with Hen Stencils & make a Camouflaged look in funky shades of green. I’ll have to ensure that the things I use are non-toxic & will adhere to the Cube & not flake or fade..... Does anyone have a better idea, as I’ll now have to clean all that useless gunk off beforehand.......
  23. mullethunter

    Can I fit them in??

    Yep - definitely go for a slabbed base with some sort of bedding and cover the run. No, the run is not rat proof - you’d have to add smaller mesh.
  24. ajm200

    Chicken Memorials

    Lost one of our young Bantams last night. She looked like she was sleeping when I found her. Curled up with her head resting near her wing. She was fine yesterday as she was out and about with the others, looked healthy and even laid an egg RIP Cookie. Just 7 months old
  25. Blackrocksrock

    Bat boxes

    Where we lived in our last house - we had the largest pipestrelle bat counted colony in Scotland - probably as we were the only ones to sit outside at night and count them coming out of the tiles in the roof, Females live in a colony and we had loads - the droppings in the loft were dry so never cause a problem and we just put a large bin up there and we emptied it every so often. The males hibernate alone separate from the female colony. We also had long ear bats in the steadings beside the house and we had someone from the Bat conservation trust net and catch one to check it was that and let us see they were amazing - looked like they had 2 sets of ears!. Not sure about putting up boxes but I am sure they will find them and use them. Look under Bat conservation trust putting up bat boxes for some help as they have good tips there. They have a bat box information pack.
  26. patsylabrador

    Bat boxes

    Any advice about putting up a bat box 🦇 I know they're here, I sometimes see them.
  27. The Dogmother

    Can I fit them in??

    I would recommend putting it on a slabbed base to make cleaning easier. Put Aubiose on that as a litter and top it all off with a clear, waterproof tarp to keep it dry.
  28. The Dogmother

    Diarrhoea and paralysis, could it be Marek's?

    Vaccines don't always take, or a bird could get missed. If she us bad, then it would be best to cull her.
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