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  2. I have just evicted a queen wasp from my shed; do NOT want a wasp nest in there!
  3. Not sure how the 60+ million will be distributed Daphne? Of the Post Offices only 25% are open and only for 3 days. They may get the Mayor out delivering; we have just completed a nationwide census so the exact population in this town is known. All our addresses have changed to pinpoint the location as well. We are number XXX but the only house on the road; it's the distance in metres from the start measured from the end nearest the town centre.
  4. Thats a real logistical feat - will you have to go and buy them do you think or will they be sent out? I wonder if that is in store for more countries. Our state of emergency has been extended to 17th April, but the chief medic has said she thinks this will go on till end of May, not sure if she means lockdown or till the infection curve is levellng off.
  5. We have a big whip snake living in the loft Daphne, so they certainly can climb. We've seen the shed skin in the guttering and heard it wriggling about under the glass fibre insulation. Probably eating lizards, because hopefully we've eliminated the mice. Unfortunately we haven't got any hedgehogs here. There isn't that much to eat now since we dealt with all the slugs and snails that were eating our veg. We do have a lot of very large toads though and if you go out after dark you need to be careful where you tread. The next thing to arrive, now it's getting warmer, will be the queen hornets.
  6. PL do you have any wildlife sancturies near you? If so you could offer to have some hoggies released into your garden? Just a thought!
  7. So jealous. I haven't seen or heard a hedgehog for so many years. When I first moved to London back in the seventies they were everywhere, now absolutely nothing. We're in the suburbs so loads of gardens and green space and woodland but no sign.
  8. I decided to paint my nails for the first time in absolultey years when I came out of hospital.....just for fun, something to do and because I knew I wouldn't/couldn't do anything manual for a few weeks. Disaster. Totally cackhanded so it looked a real mess, all over the cuticles, thick and gloopy and I hated the shade as it seemed to male my fingers look red! Took it all off again straight away. I will, however, be painting my toenails when I can reach my right foot without aggh! again. I've been slathering on handcream whilst hors de combat and so they are looking quite respectable but, oh my feet! I love L'Occitane foot cream and slosh it on regularly but again, with limited access to my right foot recently, I am desperate to give my feet a good going over. Have promised myself that I will have a proper pedicure when this is all over. My fantasy at the mo is being in a posh salon (so very NOT me!) with someone working on my feet whilst a hairdresser simultaneously sorts out the dead badger on the top of the head look at the other end😆. That's what is keeping me going (well, that and Lindor!)
  9. Thanks everyone! It’s better than the other option - redundancy.... another couple of hours at the plot yesterday. 2 more 1/2 beds weeded and ready for planting! Got some more carrots seeds in and 2 more rows of beetroot❤️ Plus more peas! The greenhouse is doing well - all my sunflowers are up but the 13 pots of squash seeds are slow to germinate, but getting there. I must learn to stop digging in the pots to check for a root 😝 Im on the hunt for leeks seeds and have posted on the allotment fb page so fingers crossed...couldn’t find them in the shops anywhere and won’t got out looking now.... Patricia, what do you need? I have so many packs of seeds....could post to you?
  10. Lots of good wishes to Boris from around the world; made headlines here in France this morning. Bad news on the numbers front, with figures nearly doubling the lockdown will be extended past 15th April. Masks will be available for the entire population in 8-10 days and wearing them when out will be compulsory.
  11. They arrived yesterday morning. Will try and get better pics today, yesterday turned into a hectic day (nothing to do with the chooks).... They had a good scratch around when they got here. Seemed ok. Ate some corn and mealworms and even some food. Then they went and hid in the house for most of the day. I turfed them out about 5pm and they had another wee dig until bedtime. Have just let them out this morning. super cute. Still need names
  12. Yesterday
  13. Not heard about him apart from "routine tests" so I think it is more serious than they are letting on. Crazy man - trying to work while he wasn't well! Last thing we need now is someone stepping in and then more power fights.
  14. That was last month! Still little purple droplet stains all over the draining board!
  15. Had to go to the chemist today, on the straight lanes where I can see, I sort of floored Geronimo. He is a good little pick-up, but I used to charge it up when I had to go up the A303 to my mum's. Last time I did that was over a month ago. Still a full tank of petrol when I came home and topped it up!
  16. Oooo, you're clever Lucky it wasn't purple spray!
  17. Just to turn serious again (I know ) just read that Boris is in ITU - they are playing it down as precautionary, but they don't take up beds there 'just in case'. Poor bloke, and I don't even like him.
  18. I thought they were talking about horse racing. Doh! Furlong!
  19. My thumb is sporting an orangey yellow coating, rust around the edges. Someone ripped a hangnail as it caught in her jumper. Leaked all over the greenhouse, gave up, came in, washed it, dabbed it, doused it with iodine. Well that covered the dirt!
  20. I am with your OH on furlough, everyone is talking about it. I thought it was an Americanism. Patricia - Chili?
  21. Sparkly Knockers Kezza! Oi! I think those are the bits where I lost the weight - only bits getting the most exercise - bounce up and down, to the right, to the left and start again - definitely not a good idea to learn how to do The Time Warp dance - where's my zapper bra?🤣
  22. Looking smart Christian, sorry about the furloughing. OH said he'd never heard of the word until this year. Good luck with the experimenting (potatoes will be fine) Patricia. I was going to sow the parsnips over the last couple of days, but it's been so windy (nearly blew me in the duck pools while I was refilling them yesterday) and while today was not quite so bad, it looks like tomorrow will be better. So I just prepped the bed - my Zen garden playing with the rake! Have been tidying up the beds, cutting out the sides, and adding compost gradually. Not many weeds, but where I'm moving the paths, there are quite a few healthy dandelions there. I will cover them with cardboard and compost when I get to that bit. Otherwise it's pricking out and potting on.
  23. 😂 I do so love you 'Sparkly Knockers Kezza', you make me laugh.
  24. Forget the first cuckoo of spring; I've just heard the first hedgehog rustling around in the garden . Thank goodness I've got a whole bag of hoggy food...just put some out with a bowl of water. That's made my day!
  25. Half a day! I haven't bothered at all - unless I go out or expect visitors - neither of those things happening lately. If I see a delivery driver I yell for OH! Yesterday I weighed myself and lost 4lbs, so dived in the bath, put on a nice skirt and untarnished t-shirt (most are guaranteed to get some sort of stain that refuses to wash out) - and played with the make up. I find if I clench my teeth and stretch my neck out like a tortoise and grin, it looks like I've had a face lift! I have a good imagination! His Lordship said I should do that more often. But usually I go around in holey trousers and stained beyond belief t-shirts and a woolly jumper. He said my trousers are obscene - I said you should see the one I've set aside as a fixer upper! I think it is beyond repair, but put a pair of long johns underneath and they are fine! So one lot on and one lot in the wash and rotate. No point in dressing up - no need for a fashion contest here. I'd probably lose as OH had been on a couple of spending sprees last year. I absolutely loathe shopping for clothing. Although I think now is the time to learn how to make my own skirts. At least I'd get fabric I like the feel of and doesn't make me spark - incidentally when I take bras off at night it looks like Blackpool Illuminations! So much electricity! Another reason not to wear them.
  26. I understand it’s hard when your resources are limited. And I really think you are trying your best. But there is a point when you have to accept neither you, the internet or us here are vets. Keep strong! ❤️
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