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  2. Valkyrie

    In the kitchen

    Getting quite inventive here with trying not to waste food. OH is getting into the kitchen more - wish he'd take up cleaning. Just ignore recipes with dandelion soup. Bitter and vile and worse than green tomato soup!
  3. Valkyrie


    My numbers went down - I thought we'd be down to zero by the time we moved, but they hung on and had to stay with Aunty Mostin for a while, sadly only one made it here but only lasted a few months. Long enough to enjoy fresh apples from the tree. Since then a couple of sad deaths with new babes in October, was rather devastating. But after MIL visited I was off picking up more chickens the day she went home. Therapy! Chicknboo mum hatched some birdies and I added more to the flock. Plenty of room here for more but we are inundated with eggs from 2 chickens and now a third has started! And yet I feel the need for more hens. Or maybe ducks later in the year. I rather fancy a cayuga or two!
  4. Valkyrie

    What have you all been making...part two...

    Youtube is a mine of information!
  5. Valkyrie

    Hello again

    Hi ya Cate!
  6. Valkyrie

    Old chickens

    Skye was 10 when she passed and Squirt would have been 10 in March, but we had to dispatch her eventually. She was going blind and could only see grapes if they were red and skin side up. Good that some went on even longer.
  7. Valkyrie

    Stray chicken in the pet shop

    How cute!
  8. Valkyrie

    Vet School update

    Don't forget to mention Dr Chicken! 2 left - soooo close now!
  9. Valkyrie

    Gardening thread

    We had a daffodil, we now have the remains of a daffodil. A pheasant chomped it just as it was coming into flower! There are lots of daffs not quite as advanced as that one. But then there are plenty of snowdrops and crocuses in flower. We've had daisies on and off in the grass and a fair few primulas dotted around ever since we moved here! The fuchsia was in flower up until Christmas but it's just starting to lose it's leaves. It knows it's cold! I know we have a quince but it's not in flower yet, nor are the other shrubs apart from the scented viburnum - that doesn't have a scent! I shall have words! Will have another wander round when there is less sleety rainy yukky stuff out there! I'd love to have a proper quince tree - the blossom is so pretty.
  10. Today
  11. Valkyrie

    Reading Bantam Show

    Yep, will have to miss it this year. Did enjoy though. Ooh that'll be the first one in years that I missed! Apart from the lock down. Post the pics when you go!
  12. Valkyrie

    The Weather Thread #9

    Ajm my old neighbour has texted (from the sunny Caribbean) to say her daughter reported a lot of snow. We were in Hook so not very far from you! We had a few flurries this morning along with rain, so it soon turned to sleet. It was beautiful first thing with a bit of frost. After that we had rain for the most part with a few gaps of sun. Clear and bright outside now. We do have the ice warning, and seeing as the roads get like rivers when it rains, then I can imagine how dangerous it will be - downhill skating!!! My daughter drove home in snow in Leamington Spa and her other half said it was snowing in Northampton all day! Looks like it's going to be rather unsettled now for the next month or so. Batten the hatches and be careful.
  13. Lewis

    Reading Bantam Show

    My favourite memory of Reading is a Call Duck being photographed that took flight across the hall and Paco a Spanish friend caught it perfectly mid-air
  14. Lewis

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I used to do quite a lot of stage management and theatre lighting stuff (still do the youth theatre every summer) and worked in a place like that for a couple of years painting props and scenery. It's amazing the stuff they have and that gets hired out! Have friends who work in the West End and I'd love to have a look round some of the big theatres.
  15. Purplemaniacs

    The Weather Thread #9

    AJM200 gosh I hope you don't get much more. I hate the stuff, it's pretty but trying to get up to the main road scares me. We've had some that settled on cars but has started to thaw. I think even if we don't get any more driving to school in the morning is going to be interesting. Take care Omleteers.
  16. ajm200

    Gardening thread

    Great idea I thought we were doing well with bluebells coming up in sheltered areas. Used to have a lovely garden but chickens and 5yrs of neglect while I worked 25 hrs, studied 30 hrs and raised to little ones means it’s currently being ripped out and redone. Looking for inspiration so will be watching this thread closely
  17. ajm200

    The Weather Thread #9

    Sandhurst. Between M3 and M4 and the local roads are rat runs for drivers travelling between the two.
  18. Patricia W

    Gardening thread

    I use the fruit from ours every year. Don’t peel it because it’s so hard, just stew it whole with lots of sugar, sieve it and you have membrillo. Or add to apples for a lovely scented apple pie.
  19. ajm200

    Reading Bantam Show

    I’d love to go one year but this isn’t it. Not up to it at the moment. Maybe next time
  20. Patricia W

    The Weather Thread #9

    I think it’ll be the black ice tomorrow that’s the biggest problem. It snowed, then melted a bit, now it’s frozen again
  21. Patricia W

    Reading Bantam Show

    The thing I remember about it is the noise! All those cockerels crowing at once.....
  22. Daphne

    Gardening thread

    I think that's a japanese quince which is grown more for its ornamental value than the fruit. A true quince has larger, paler and less waxy flowers, which are in bloom a bit later than January. Does it fruit at all and if so have you used it for anything? This thread is an excellent idea as a companion to the other one which is just about things we are growing to eat. This thread is more general so more useful in many ways! It sounds very early for honeysuckle as well, very cheery though, you are lucky PL! When I get back to Portugal I am hoping to see my camellia in bloom; the only thing out in my Mum's garden are some snowdrops. Hopefully all 3 of us can't be wrong with our ID!
  23. Patricia W

    Gardening thread

    I really like the idea that we are starting our own threads! That plant is chaenomeles japonica and yes, a quince. Although it’s ornamental you can use the fruit in the autumn. Lovely plant. I just noticed we’ve got crocuses in flower. I’ve managed to naturalise a large patch under trees and they have self seeded so they will be quite spectacular in a few weeks. The squirrels even leave them alone now.
  24. The Dogmother

    The Weather Thread #9

    Crikey, where are you? Just let the dogs out and it's trying to snow here again; I wouldn't be surprised to wake up to a good bit of snow tomorrow. Luckily I put the frost screen on the car.
  25. ajm200

    The Weather Thread #9

    We got quite a lot very quickly as it was proper big snowflakes not the ‘dandruff’ that usually falls in urban areas. Went 12 miles down the road for a hospital appt and there was nothing but it there was very wet sleet so assumed it had melted there. Got home to find we’d had another load and the local council say we are due another 6 hours worth tonight We had to divert to get to the hospital as a major road by the local hospital was shut due to accidents. Slightest snow around here and the accidents start. Dreading tomorrow with snow on top of ice. Roads will be awful too may people around here can’t drive in hazardous conditions
  26. The Dogmother

    Reading Bantam Show

    Haha, bet that you load your chicken box in the car!!!! Last time I went we were filming, but I ended up spending quite a bit on some lovely new birds. You know how it is...................
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