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  2. I'd like to join in again, would be very happy to receive home made soap 😉
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  4. Hopefully that will help anyone else that has the same problem. Mine is still working fine but maybe I was just lucky with the one I got sent.
  5. When I've hurt myself, I reheat them as soon as they have gone cold. When I had my first frozen shoulder I bought myself a mini electric blanket - about the size of a cushion - £20 from Argos - and it is just the right size to wrap around my shoulder and keep it warm. It had different heat settings and a timer that turns it off after 3 hours, although I just turn it on again. The massage lady I see now also said that if you have heated seats in your car that it was a good idea to use them all the time no matter what the weather. I would love heated seats......
  6. Dressing gown over the top of the quilt makes so much difference I find!
  7. The government scientists using the graph on the briefing were very careful to say several times that the forward projection was NOT a prediction but was just a demonstration of how the number of cases COULD increase if they kept going at the current rate. I accept, and said at the time, that this was perhaps not the wisest thing to do as people would ignore their THIS IS NOT A PREDICTION and either use the graph as a stick to beat them with when it didn’t ‘come true’ or as cause to panic. Yes meningitis affects university students every year which is why all first year students are offered a vaccination. Ebola (although having a much higher death rate than COVID) spreads mainly through bodily fluids when the disease is at a fairly late stage and is therefore not as contagious as this coronavirus. You are right that we can’t live completely wrapped up in cotton wool forever, but hopefully we’ll develop a successful vaccine within the next year and then we can start to get back to normal. I have friends with children who have serious underlying health conditions, I have middle aged friends with serious underlying health conditions and I have elderly parents (crikey that makes me sound like a right barrel of laughs) - if we don’t all take precautions now then those people will have to lock themselves away or they will be seriously frightened and genuinely at risk. Surely that’s not right or fair.
  8. I am not the world's fastest knitter either and my crochet skills are even slower I usually do a cut off point for joining in so you have plenty of time to decide whether you want to take part or not - around end of October / beginning of November. This gives us around 6 weeks to make something and enough time to get it posted in time for Christmas.
  9. It's a maybe. I'll have to see what I can come up with - but the thing that's probably easiest for me to do is soap. I'd offer to knit a scarf or something, but I'm not sure I'm going to have time because I knit so slowly! lol
  10. Don’t think you can overdo it, really. I need to apply heat to a jaw muscle and my physio said to do it as often as possible.
  11. YS (12) has a wobbly tooth. When he said how annoying it is I reminded him that the tooth fairy would be paying a visit. He gave me 'one of those looks' and proceeded to drop the bombshell that the tooth fairy doesn't exist. He then went on to rubbish both Father Christmas AND the Easter Bunny. I am beyond devastated to find that it's all a myth!
  12. We have given in and put the heating on 😲.
  13. After my hip op back in Feb I couldn't lie on my right side (my preferred and more comfy side!) so after 6 weeks on my back, resorted to lying on my left side for months. Consequently my left shoulder is now painful and the muscle in my upper arm very sore. When I do backward shoulder rolls there is a horrible crunching sound. I have bought a wheat bag to heat in the microwave but I'm not really sure when/how often I should be using it and for how long so any advice would be very welcome. I think that I'm going to have to give in and try and get a GP appointment at some point (also have a very sore right thumb joint.....grr!) but would like to see if the heat helps in the interim. TIA!
  14. AndyRoo, does that mean you are taking part too ? So nice to see so many familiar faces 😊
  15. I feel we are heading to a new round of measures and I rather have them sooner than later. Had 3000 new cases in the Netherlands today, compaired to around 600 only 3 weeks ago. Pubs can’t accept any new clients after 12 at night and need to close by 1 am, which is a pointless rule. As if all new cases only occur after those hours. We still only have face mask rules in public transport. And increasingly get the feeling I would like to wear them in shops and even at school. On another note, I still planning to go to Germany for a week, but as of 18th of September I need a negative test to be allowed in. Booked the test and chose the extra optional antibody test. For another €35 (test itself is €150...) they’ll tell me if I already had it.
  16. I have asthma and a chronic kidney problem, so I have been advised I am high risk. Not sure why the kidney makes me high risk, although I asked my sister (she's a nurse) and supposedly it can have an affect on your other organs(?) so I guess that is why. 3 of my classmates have had it, and my maternal grandmother died from it a few months back. I wish people would take it a little more seriously - even if the majority aren't going to be affected. If people keep acting as they are, it's going to drag on forever - or at least until there's a vaccine. I hope some good comes out of it and the next time an illness with pandemic potential comes up, there won't be any messing around or debate, it'll just be locked down until it is contaminated and gotten rid of! At least in so far as is possible.
  17. Ok thanks. Hopefully it does sort itself out... I am worried. Good luck with the electric fence.
  18. Rant away Andy. I am trying not to rant as my blood pressure soars. Am hearing a lot from patients many who have recovered and others who have the long term problems . As a nurse feel I'll equipped on how to advise as it's all so new. Asthma is my speciality but not a covid expert. Wish your niece well Patricia.
  19. You lot are making it easy to figure out who sent what! 🤣
  20. I’m not making soap - to remove any worries that soap has taken over the swap..
  21. I also make other cosmetic products like hand lotion, bath melts, bath bombs etc.
  22. Just to throw a spanner in the works, I have a major phobia of soap bars. Yes I know weird but I can't help it, it freaks me out. Sorry😆
  23. I'm still working on fixing fragrance Andy! You are far more creative with soap than I am so go for it....you can never have too much soap after all!
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