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  2. The Weather Thread #9

    That was scary!
  3. The Weather Thread #9

    Unforecast thunder and lightning yesterday. In fact the flight I took from Gatwick to Newquay yesterday was delayed by 2 hours because on its way into Gatwick the plane had been hit by lightning!
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  5. Not sure you want too many of those though I have 6 little Pekins in a cube. I love it and so do they. Can't wait to hear about what you get
  6. The mark 2 cube is MUCH smaller, as is the attached run. It is also made of the same plastic as the Go range, so less robust than the originals.
  7. Total Chicken Counter

    -1 KatherineOfAragon (one of my beautiful Harem girls) died yesterday, aged 6 and a half. +3 Violet, Elizabeth and Bott. We decided to keep all 3 female chicks from this year's hatch =2362
  8. I have two Cube Mark 1s and a Go Up (originally a Go, but I bought the kit when Omlet brought out the Go Up), and I've also owned a classic. I love the Cube Mark 1s most of all, and that's what I started with. I bought a Classic as I started hatching, and I wanted something for the chicks. I love the iconic shape of it, but (for me) it had some serious flaws. I found it wasted a lot of grass - the area under the Eglu just wasted away, even if I moved it every few days. I found getting down to clean it was also a bit of a pain, the CubeM1 is so easy in comparison. In the end I bought a second cube instead, and sold the Eglu. My Mark1 Cubes rarely move, we have them connected to a walk in run which my husband built when I first started keeping chickens. Eventually we removed the wheels because they were seizing up through lack of use. Then I needed a hospital coop for a poorly chook, so I bought a Go. This worked well, even the grass underneath lasted better than under the Classic (because the base is slightly elevated compared to the Classic). It was flimsier than the Cube, but OK for what we needed. When the Go Up came out, I loved the idea of being able to have the Go at a raised height. Much easier for cleaning, emptying poo tray, etc. I bought the bits to convert my Go to a Go Up. Now it's mostly used in Up form, but I can use it as it was if I need to. Its light and easy to move around. This is both a good thing and a bad thing, I haven't seen the Cube Mark 2 in the flesh, but they look like bigger versions of the Go to me. If I were starting again now, I'd probably still go for the Mark 1 Cubes as my first choice for permanent coops, and a Go Up for my introductions/hospital/chicks/temporary/moveable coop.
  9. The Weather Thread #9

    Rained in the night but while it's windy, it is very pleasant outside - been working in the field while the weather holds. Supposed to be getting better as the week progresses. I hope! Until they change their minds again.
  10. Thank you Patricia W that’s a great help! I will need to keep my eyes out for a second hand cube as not sure I can stretch to a new one (sadly!) Would 3 bantams be ok in a 3m run? I would look to extend to 4m but that’s probably the maximum I could do. What bantam breeds do you have? I’d like something friendly if possible to make it easier for the children to feed/collect eggs (maybe stroke or cuddle?! Is that too ambitious?) Thank you Dogmother - very helpful! What’s the difference between cube mark 1 & 2? I’ve had a look on here but can only really find comparisons of Eglu mark 1/2. I’m planning to keep the dog inside when chooks are FR but (like you) hope to train her not to bark at the run 🤞🏻
  11. Temporary housing needed

    Wow! That would be unbelievably kind of you - I would, of course, be happy to collect from you, and to 'rent'. There's no immediate rush, as I have to source the new hens, and that is usually a bit harder at this time of year. Thanks again
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  13. The Weather Thread #9

    We had quite a bit of rain on Friday, but the weekend has been OK really. Still rather mild here
  14. I'd go for the Cube mark 1 or the Classic - wouldn't waste my breath on the Cube mark 2 or the Go. That's just my opinion though My dogs never go out in the garden when the chooks are free ranging and they are trained not to bark at the runs either; chickens are easily frightened.
  15. I’ve never had a Go Up but have 2 classics and 2 cubes. I love the cubes ( mark 1) and have one attached to a WIR. So I use the classics as spares these days. I keep bantams. Bantams prefer to roost high so weren’t very comfortable going to bed ‘downstairs’. Indeed, they much prefer to perch outside than go inside. As for how many? I personally would go for 3 in that size run. Trouble starts when they feel cramped. The dog will need introducing to them whilst on the lead. My dogs have always been good with them but I still don’t leave them together unsupervised. Hope that helps a bit. Chickens are a good choice for children.
  16. Temporary housing needed

    I have a spare classic and run which I’ve lent to a friend while he builds a new WIR. However I’ll check and see if he’s finished with it. We’re only 20 mins from Newbury.
  17. The Weather Thread #9

    Beautiful day yesterday but there were some stormy anvil clouds to the south of us. We did hear a rumble of thunder, but it wasn't for us. Went for a walk and the roads were still like waterfalls only this time it was seeping out from the fields. Today more of an April shower day - again sunny and we missed the worst of a few storms, some to the south east of us - big rumbles that lasted quite a while. At the moment the rain is lashing at the windows and I see there's another stormy band passing close to us.
  18. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    That's a lovely photo Lewis - am loving that sky!
  19. Temporary housing needed

    Unfortunately, one of my hens has died, leaving two distraught friends in the Eglu cube, one of whom is getting on in years. I know from experience that it is not easy to introduce new hens, and I have used a wooden run in the past, which has just about disintegrated now. Since we only use it once ever couple of years or so, I wondered if anyone has a house+run which might be suitable for two new guys to use until they can be integrated into the cube (hopefully a month, but you can never count your chickens...). I can't be the only one who has this problem! We're near Newbury in Berkshire.
  20. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Love the photos, I've been to both countries and loved them both! I've just been home for 12 days and been super busy. Met us with four vet friends who graduated last year, spent 5 days in Ireland visiting Dublin and Galway where my Grandad was born and then attended a Zoo Vet conference this weekend where I learnt lots and made some new contacts Flew back to uni at 5:45 this morning so feeling pretty tired today!
  21. Hi, I'm on the hunt for a cube (Mk 1 preferred) with at least 3 metre run. We are in Croydon/South London so can consider areas close-by (Surrey etc) or can send a courier if the right set up is available.
  22. Hello all, I’ve been lurking on this forum for several years & (fingers crossed!) 2019 will be the year we finally add some crooks to our lives! 🙌🏻 We want to get 3-4 bantams (I’m thinking Pekins but definitely open to suggestions!) as we want them mainly as family pets. I have two young children (who will be at least 3 & 1 by the time we get them) and I would love for them to grow up with an understanding of where food comes from. Note, the chickens are really for though 😂 We’re really struggling to decide which Eglu to get - the classic with 3m run (hope to extend to 4m in future) or Go Up? I’ve read SO MANY threads on this forum so I know the general view is that the classic trumps the Go in terms of build quality, but I don’t know if the extra heights with room for perches would be better for the girls? They will get daily supervised free range time (1-2 hours probably) but will have to spend a lot of time in run as we also have a cockapoo - who I’m hoping will adjust?! What are your thoughts? Is it realistic to keep 3-4 Bantams in a coop/run if this size? I’d love a cube but we live in a newbuild so haven’t got the biggest garden (it’s 120m sq so not bad for new house, but we have flower beds/kids play area) I’ve been dreaming of getting chickens for 10+ years so just want to make them a nice home! Thanks in advance!
  23. Eglu Cube - East Anglia/London Area

    Hi Mikegm, is this still available and do you have pictures? I’m still very much in the planning stages as we’re not planning on getting chickens until 2019, but as you’re so close to us (Norwich) it seems silly to not at least explore....😳
  24. Eglu Cube - East Anglia/London Area

    I have a Cube MK1 for sale, green with 4m run & feeders. Can send pictures.2 Copper Marans if you would like them. (POL this year) Lowestoft.
  25. Last week
  26. Birthday chickens!!!!

    My white Polish Bantam, Madonna, is more like a parrot than a chicken. She’s permanently in the WIR because even with a clipped wing she flies over a 6 ft fence to explore the neighbouring gardens!
  27. Remembrance Day

    We went to a bun-throwing yesterday to mark the end of WW1. It was a joyous ( if wet) occasion. Then today it has been followed by a number of memorial services. But I think the most thought provoking thing I’ve seen has been the sand pictures around the coast, which are then washed away by the tide.
  28. Resurecting a Fruit Cake

    Yes. Take the icing and marzipan off. Soak it in more booze. Then re-marzipan and ice. It will be wonderful! ( you can always make that boiled fruitcake as well, just in case...)
  29. Birthday chickens!!!!

    They do really prefer being high up. After getting Dutch bantams I had to cover their run with bird netting. Go Up not only means the legs under the coop, but different run as well... think that would be an expensive solution for the short term. They’ll be fine in the Go for the time being. Maybe give them a few more perches in the run. Since they are still tiny, they will easily fit on a roost under the roof of the run.
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