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  2. Herefordshire here we come!

    Pegs aplenty - and must buy shares in Airwick, Neutradol and Febreze! The thingy is rather damp - grotto? Oooh so many guesses and each one is probably wrong!
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  4. Herefordshire here we come!

    Don't we always! We need to see photos of this sunken patio doda thingamyjig once you've moved in! All in all the report is good as you always expect to do bits and piece when you move house. And just make sure that you're downwind when the septic tank is emptied!
  5. Herefordshire here we come!

    OK, our buyers' surveyor is coming tomorrow morning. Meanwhile our surveyor rang this morning with his findings. We had a full structural one done - nowadays it's called a buyers report. On the whole - "it's a lovely house" . . . but there are a couple of little things. The "but" isn't too bad really, I guess, well he didn't seem to think it was bad news. The house is sound - great! The boiler is about 20 years old and probably needs to be updated - especially to function economically. No problem. The septic tank is ancient and made of brick. Apparently it has never been emptied since before they moved there 10 years ago (hmmm, niiiiice) so he recommended changing that, again we figure that's OK. Funny thing though - the "sunken patio" roofless building with electricity that nobody knows about it's previous life - he has never seen anything like it before in all his surveying career! So the mystery remains. Where's Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys when you need them! Maybe Jules Verne's time machine is required. Well the good news is we can have polytunnels and greenhouses aplenty in the garden and there's no reason why we'd need planning permission to update the workshop and garage. He also suggested it would be great if we had a conservatory or extra room at the side of the kitchen to enjoy the view and the garden when it's windy. WINDY?!!! Well I expected it to be - for one it'll be exposed to westerlies and the easterlies, and perhaps we can put more woodland/hedging to the western edge and it still wouldn't affect the view. We told him that's what we intended - to extend the kitchen and have a garden room. Apparently planning permission for things are likely to go in our favour as we won't be affecting anyone. OH has said he doesn't want animals and he will not be looking after them when I'm not around. I'm thinking not this year but I'll have the final word! I fully intend to find someone who will step in for me when I'm "not around". There are pet sitting services for smallholdings - and I'll be in touch with DASH too. I can always insist on a cat or a few sheepsies and see what happens! Not having a stomping foot and a "NO" with acreage there to be utilised! I've been reading The Accidental Smallholder diary when they were in the smaller property - they had an acre, but my goodness what they did with it was amazing - it looked so much bigger than an acre!
  6. Tigger!

  7. Eglu 2 metre for sale including clear winter cover that covers full length of run. Green summer cover for shade. Feed and water bowls that click on inside of run plus grit holder. £40
  8. Céline the Foster Pup

    A friend's mom was interested but the courier cost was too expensive to get her to Edinburgh. I'd really like to keep her but don't know where I'll be working next summer and then it's finding a dog friendly house and job. My mom and brother have wanted a dog for a few years, it's me and dad that have been saying no!
  9. Tigger!

    Mine ate the tomato leaves too...
  10. Hatching questions

    They're lovely, and it's so good that you can give two cockerels away.
  11. Tigger!

    DH finished putting up the polytunnel yesterday. Although the weather has been glorious he had to wait for it to be dead calm before putting the polythene over, so now he can move the veggies he's got growing in the greenhouse into the polytunnel as it's now chicken proof (he hopes!).
  12. Céline the Foster Pup

    Pretty little dog
  13. Hatching questions

    That's good that you won't have to dispatch any if any are boys. You might end up keeping them all if they are all girls you wouldn't be able to leave just one ........
  14. I'm glad she seems to have recovered
  15. Tigger!

    I swept the blossom from the grass and sprinkled it in the run like confetti. They couldn't get enough of it. All gone now though, sadly.
  16. Tigger!

    Ripe tomatoes are fine, although while mine had the run of the greenhouse which provided a nice dry spot if it rained for many years (and most of the garden!) they never attempted to chomp the tomato leaves. I don't particularly like the smell - so I'm guessing they thought yuk too! Although they did rather like eating the sealant around the windows. Squirt does like a Sungold now and again!
  17. Céline the Foster Pup

    What a cutie! Is she going to go to a new home, or is she one of those fostered's that becomes adopted? She does look very settled ...
  18. Tigger!

    Or tomatoes...
  19. Tigger!

    Same with potatoes. Don't let them anywhere near those either.
  20. Yesterday
  21. Cleaning Tips

    Micellar water worked a treat, thank you!
  22. Swollen nostrils?

    Obviously just guessing but it sounds like it could be granulation tissue, similar to proud flesh if you know horses. Usually happens as part of the healing process involved with some infection. If she's eating and breathing fine I would just keep an eye on her
  23. Cleaning Tips

    I recently bought one of those clear kettles and it a scales up very quickly. That looks horrible so I googled what to do and saw that citric acid is recommended. It's very cheap to buy, I buy a bag from amazon, quick and easy and fun to do. I like that it's natural and there's no vinegar smell.
  24. Hi, One of my quail was attacked by another and half of her face was missing under a thick layer of blood. I tended to her and didn’t notice anything else out of the ordinary. I sprayed her with the purple dye and put her back. A couple of days later and I noticed the top of her beak where her nostrils are was very raised, it reminded me of a budgie but it is comparatively much more prominent. That was now a couple of weeks ago and it’s still the same and she doesn’t seem to have any difficulties but I’m pretty sure it’s not normal. Any advice or experience would be appreciated.
  25. Tigger!

    The first day I got mine first ladies sadly long gone - they chomped their way thro the rhubarb leaves. I posted on Omlet and was horrified they were poisonous to hens as well as humans. I full expected them to be dead the next day. Sadly hens cant read.
  26. She seems happy enough in herself now. She is about 2.5 years old and a hybrid. We will keep and eye and continue the TLC 😊
  27. Possibly peritonitis, but she may be able to recover and absorb the eggs. The important thing is to keep her moving about. If she goes into remission her abdomen may be infected and … so it's bad news. The photo shows a hen laying a softie, so it's all a waiting game.
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