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  2. Our overnight forecast has gone from - 3.5 last night to + 4 tonight; apparently up to a positively balmy 8 over the weekend. I am quite tottery now as I await my new joint so it will be a relief not to have frosty, slippy pavements all round the village!
  3. We went to look at Rhode Rock Blacktail and Isla Browns. We pick up our go up and accessories tomorrow. We are off to Disneyland Paris next month so will get them upon our return. I'll post photos and look forward to contributing to this forum.
  4. Just been catching up on the news; looks like Mallorca and mainland Spain is getting a battering from Storm Gloria. Been mild here today - I am missing the sun, but not the slippery paths.
  5. Good luck - Classics are very good and easy to clean. I wouldn't bother with cleaning it out every day - unless you have the time.
  6. Rubbish Alisgirls. One of my colleagues who’s a real tough cookie had a chest infection earlier this winter that needed three lots of antibiotics - there’re some nasty ones around. Hope you kick it soon.
  7. Mine moulted early, so were laying again just before c'mas. Things have gone a bit slow since then - they are on their 3rd year, one is barren and one is broody!
  8. Yes they are - I have 2 and they are healthy, pretty, lovely shaped birds. As with all though their personalities are very variable. Tricky78 - looking forward to your photos 😄
  9. Congrats! My chooks laid their first eggs of the year (last Thursday) and I got pretty excited as I’ve had them since September when they were about 10 weeks old and this is the first ever eggs from them. I say chooks but at the moment it just seems to be one of my pekin bantams at the moment. They get let out of the coop in the morning and she starts getting a bit shouty and goes back up into the coop to lay, or the egg has already been laid by the time I’ve opened the coop. The noise (egg song) seems to be at an OK level but I hope it doesn’t get any louder as I worry about complaints from the neighbours 😭 eggs are a nice bonus but to be honest they weren’t the main reason for getting them (just wanted chickens as pets because they seem to awesome).
  10. Thanks all for your views. The main reason that i was told that Eglus were rubbish, were that the roosting bars are too close together, but I was then told that most chickens bunch up close together at night anyway for heat and for protection against predators. I assumed that this meant that there were more droppings to clean up. Well, if I was going to clean it daily anyway, it doesn't make any difference anyway!! I think that i may have found someone willing to sell a Classic and run, plus additional fencing, covers, perches etc. She is actually looking to rehome her three hens too, but they are 4 year old ex battery chickens, so i know that their egg production and life spans may be low. I have offered to see if I can find a good home for the hens first. I still need to find out the price for all the equipment yet. A figure of £250 was mentioned, but that came from a third party.
  11. Have been sick all week with a chest infection. My asthma been bad. Three doctor visits 2 lots oral steroids and now antibiotics and hope on the mend. I am a bad patient. Bored witless. OH on hen duty.
  12. Pics required in due course 😉. Have you decided on breed yet?
  13. I've managed to acquire a 12 month only Go Up with 2m run and a host of covers and perch etc and pick it up tomorrow. Kids are very excited at the thought of getting hens.
  14. It all depends on the location. In England the coops were sheltered from wind and under trees and the weather was quite mild. Here in SW France South facing is essential, together with protection from West winds, shade in Summer and very large coop ventilation for Summer which can be shut off in Winter, subject to wind direction. Here you need custom built coops.
  15. I forgot the Manuka Honey in the fridge. Used for prolapses and fly strike areas. Keep your eye open for a cheap steam cleaner, which we use on our coops to give them a thorough clean without chemical residues. Particularly effective on red mite. Worth mentioning we don't use the vets here. They are divided into pet treatment (dogs and cats) and agricultural treatment (large scale) so probably won't know how to treat a pet chicken and are far too expensive anyway.
  16. Get a 2nd hand mark 1 Cube ;) Wyandottes are lovely bantams.
  17. I have a Go Up with currently 3 bantams, but had 5 in there at one point. But two being quite small bantams. 5 bantams is my max in the coop, and as Patricia says, the more run space the better. In my case my garden size is the limiting factor.
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  19. Thanks to all for your advice, I'm thinking to get x 3 bantams and keep an eye out for a 2nd hand cube or go up.
  20. We had this anti- Omlet viewpoint a lot in the early days. I’m surprised it’s still around.
  21. I have 2 x Mk 1 cubes. In my opinion, you will get better value from a preloved MK 1. It’s bigger and sturdier than the Go or the MK 2 cube. So very good value for money. Spend as much money as you can on the run. The more space they have the happier they are. We have bantams, and they like perches in the run. They fly high instinctively so you can make the most of the run space. My bantams prefer to roost on a perch in the run, and only use the cube in high winds or if it’s -6 or more.
  22. Never thought of it either. Mine faces south west by chance but is just where it is because that’s where it fits best in my garden. I would say think about how the light / sun is in summer and winter. At this time of year my run hardly gets any direct sun at all - I think if I was choosing the position again I’d put it somewhere where that’s not the case.
  23. Cotton wool pads are also very useful for any kind of first aid. Also, if you are not a vegetarian and have Charlie Bigham pies, save the lovely ceramic pie dishes for water so you can bathe any injury.
  24. Hi! I’m fairly new to chicken keeping but I can offer you my experiences. I have 2 Pekin bantams and a strange silkie mix, all three are placid and happily run over to me for treats, the silkie I can pick up and she likes the attention. The two Pekins I don’t pick up that often so I don’t often try to. I don’t have a cube but I do have a Go Up. I think the coop is a good size for three small chickens, no more than that though and I’m not sure if I personally would have 3 larger breeds in it. But that’s just my opinion. I close the coop door at night after they all go in of their own accord. The run isn’t rat or mouse proof and I worry about big rats and little bantams if the door is left open. It is frustrating that the Go Up doesn’t have an automatic door for the coop. I take all the food/water out at night and make the chicken house and run uninviting for rodents as possible.
  25. Pekin bantams are great if you have children. Regularly handled many of them seem to actually seek out human company. I’ve had them in both an Go and a Cube and they’ve got on fine in both - here would be a lot of spare space in a Cube though. I don’t close my house, but I think perhaps I would if I had a serious concern about rats.
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