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  2. Dog insurance v savings account

    I don't know Clare, it is a gamble.....my last dog I didn't insure and I never had to pay out any huge bills but my current dog slipped a disc at age three and ended up costing about four and a half thousand - thank god I was insured!! Then just before christmas she picked up a tummy bug which nearly killed her, we had to take her out to an emergency vet at 2 in the morning and that ended up about 800 pounds too. I suppose like Jenny says be prepared that you might have to take out a loan in the early days if anything did happen.
  3. Retainers after Braces?

    Soapdragon, I don't know how old you are - younger than me i think but when I had my braces in the 1970s once they came off we didn't have retainers. My teeth moved back and I ended up with braces in adulthood. I wear a retainer every other night. ES 22 wears one every night. They do move and then when you are older you pay big bucks to have treatment as an adult. He will get used to it. Leave them off at your peril. Sorry to be a harbinger of doom.
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  5. Mother v hawk!

    Quick reactions would be needed, but when it comes to saving our animals anything is possible!
  6. Mother v hawk!

    Believe it or not I have actually done this Someone was flying my Harris' Hawk around another falcon (a Kestrel) which I knew was a bad idea but they wouldn't listen and Frantiska went for the other bird, I grabbed her mid air like a chicken and I'm not sure who was more confused, me or her
  7. Mother v hawk!

    Would you do this? I'd try to. http://www.guacamoley.com/lol/2018/03/21/Zgo9gB/mom-snatches-hawk-face-priceless
  8. Welcome to the New Omlet Forum!

    And another thing.... on the old forum, I had always been pretty good about deleting old PMs, so my inbox only ever had 1 or 2 messages in it. It seems that when our accounts were migrated over, it also exported all PMs ever received I had to delete masses last night before I was able to send a new PM.
  9. various chicken food and fermenting

    C O A R S E Honestly!
  10. Maybe sprinkle some treats in a trug to tempt them in?
  11. New photo's of our girls and their lastest love!

    I like that!
  12. various chicken food and fermenting

    Just had to google to find the missing word, I've come over all Father Ted now
  13. Mine have always been terrified of trugs etc filled with sand! They will only sand bathe when I put in a pile of fresh aubiouse. Not sure why. Maybe they don't like sand? Or large alien objects ?
  14. Welcome to the New Omlet Forum!

    Co***** set's off the word sensor C o a r s e
  15. Co***** sets off the sensors
  16. Scardy hens

    I'm going home tomorrow so will try and remember to take some photos!
  17. Connie is sunbathing in the new sand bath!
  18. I've got 2 x Mk 1 cubes but not sure if they are the same. These have levers at the back connected to the wheels. You tip the cube backward to lift the wheels and push it along. However, if you've got a very long run it's usually a two person job. Once it's in position, you adjust the level with the levers too. Mine are permanently sited these days though. You could phone Omlet if you need advice too. They are very helpful whenever I've phoned. Hope this helps!
  19. Word Association Game #28

  20. Unexpected advantage of the Rocky Peck toy

    The first morning they were quiet I was scared to look in the WIR as I thought a fox must be the only reason they were quiet - its worked for 2 weeks so far ...worth every penny !!!
  21. The Eglu Cube arrived today. I’m very excited! There’s still more of the run to put together tomorrow, but how are you supposed to move the coop without a handle to hold onto? Has anyone made a handle? I’m already trying to figure out how I can add something.
  22. Yesterday
  23. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I learned a bit of Japanese, just by ear, when I worked for a Japanese company. I take my hat off to you Jude - it is very hard! I struggle with learning languages academically, but pick them up quite quickly culturally. I am half Italian and grew up speaking it, but when my grandfolks died, my mother didn't bother any more. I can still understand a conversation and make myself understood. I also know a smattering of French and Spanish and a few key Arabic phrases from when I lived in north Africa for a few months.
  24. Scardy hens

    Ummm, this is the best that I can find, I am sure there are some in my videos if you look on YouTube though
  25. First egg of the year for me.

    Hooray Worth waiting for isn’t it?!
  26. Word Association Game #28

  27. Word Association Game #28

  28. Retainers after Braces?

    I had a retainer at night that I was supposed to wear ‘for life’. I was a teenager and didn’t - my teeth moved back quickly and now they are crooked again I would wear it religiously now but as a teen I wasn’t very good at remembering things like that. I would have much preferred the fixed wire so my teeth were kept in place.
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