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  2. It is mostly cardboard which I then covered in newspaper - this is mostly intact. It is the newspaper sheets that I have put together on top that they wreck, even though I tape the edges. I did think about weaving some sheets together but that would take me ages to do.
  3. Lovely pictures but I'd keep an eye on the back of the t shirt 😉!
  4. Happy late Birthday CT!!!!! You had the best present 🐔
  5. Very. Very. Cute. I have a photo of my partner with a pekin chick on each shoulder but it can’t compare with this so I’m not posting it 😂
  6. Best thing for the Mail. Perhaps not brilliant for the chooks although it probably won’t do them too much harm. I can’t picture what you mean by the box on the shelf. Can you make it out of cardboard or something less likely to be shredded and eaten 🙄
  7. As long as you have very heavy duty hinges I can’t see why that wouldn’t work. You’d just need to think carefully about how to make sure that didn’t lead to inherent weaknesses in protection from predators though.
  8. I agree with all of the above. In theory it’s possible but it’s unlikely to be a good idea.
  9. In the old days of Omlet, they used to put a Happy Birthday bit at the bottom of the screen, but it is no longer there - another thing they have taken away from us
  10. I think Dippy thinks she's a parrot 🦜
  11. Such pretty girls 😊 It won't take long for them to get used to things - they have a teacher for their mum
  12. It's a lifelong condition I'm afraid .........
  13. On the shelf, that is in the cage, I have made a newspaper box on 3 sides. I made it because they make an awful lot of poop on the shelf and it is easier to change newspaper sheets, especially if I'm in school all day. I do tape it down in places but Nancy just kills it with her feet and then starts to peck and eat it. I could make a better box and fill it with bedding but I think Nancy will still get the paper ? Maybe a sticky-back plastic box with bedding would be better ?
  14. No cure for More-Hens disease? Help, I think I’ve caught it already! What should I do?
  15. 2381 + 5 = 2386 -1 = 2385 Hetty, Girly, and two new girls reserved for two weeks, named Dotty and Peggy. Freda The Freedom Fighter lost a battle with a fox a few weeks ago.
  16. I think the cube is just over £600 without the run and I have had 6 hybrids easily in a cube in the past - I ended up with a multi coloured cube in the sale section but that was years ago -I have no idea about size comparisons - if the one you are looking at is slightly bigger it will fit 4 hens easily - The outdoor space is more important but I think 15ft x 6ft should be fine and if you can get the coop outside the run it gives the hens more room to roam and makes it easier to clean and collect eggs - it also helps when you go on holiday as I have found neighbours will happily collect eggs but not so keen on going in with them.
  17. Thanks for the replies😊 I've looked at the omlet coops and unless I'm looking at the wrong one, it's more expensive (about £100) and very slightly smaller?? I've ordered a run which I'm going to put a roof onto. I would make a stand for the clever coop company one which thankfully looks easy. Is the size of this coop suitable for 4 ex battery hens? Thanks🙂
  18. If you use easichick, do you still need newspaper?
  19. Daily mail should be OK as its light reading but if it was the telegraph I would be worried 😂
  20. They definitely look more traditional than a Omlet coop, but compared, I find the prize rather steep for a coop without any legs or run. Have no experience with the coop, but on the videos the litter drawers don’t look very sturdy.
  21. I've had my chicks 3 weeks now but they keep eating the newspaper that they are meant to sleep on. Nancy is the worst culprit and she has been teaching some of the others to do the same - even with poop on, naughty girl 🤮 They don't seem to have come to any harm so far but I don't want the newspaper causing them a problem (or the poop) Is it OK for them to eat it ? It is only the Daily Mail
  22. The others can see them and are less than bothered. Even when little Houdini shot through the wire yesterday into their run, they just went about their business. If she wasn’t so tiny, I might have hazarded putting them together. They do still have issues with bed time. Was home just before dark and they were squawking around trying to crawl under each other. Did even put a torch in their little hutch, but ended up putting them into it myself. This was during the day.
  23. 2,378 - Milly and Lily (from a while ago) = 2,376 2,376 + 5 = 2,381 I had forgotten about this page too (as well as the "What have you been making page ?")
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