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  2. Its covered run but damp coming up through ground. Will mixing play sand in help?
  3. Bill Bailey brilliant, a great entertainer. Definitely deserved more than a 3 I think it was from Mr Groany Pants ! And HRVY, well FABULOUS! He’s my toy boy for the next few weeks 🤣🤣
  4. I really did enjoy that first show! Interesting mix of people and some surprising talent!
  5. Great! Can you get her to post as well. I like to know who I possibly be sending something to. Otherwise it will be a very secret Santa this way.
  6. Peter, I have added to you to the Christmas Swap 2020 list. Please look there from now on as this post was mostly about what people wanted to do with regards to the Coronavirus.
  7. Excellent, I will add her to the list. On the list now are Me, Luvachicken sopadragon Cat tails Ursula 123 Patricia W Willow Harrison Family Peter gahoop
  8. Yes she was approved a couple of weeks ago, she is a lovely lady with 4 girls who are spoilt.
  9. It doesn’t really matter what they have in their dustbath, but it does matter if it’s dry. Best to make sure the dustbath is in a dry sheltered spot. That way the compost will dry out and make fine dustbath material.
  10. Is she able to get in the forum yet? I would like to meet this mystery friend!
  11. Don’t know the Go Up but I have taken the back wire panel out of the Cube and hinged it. I can now open it, and get a long handled rake in there. I then attack the rest of the run from the front door.
  12. Thank you Luvachicken. I’d forgotten about the tonic, I’ll pop some in their water tomorrow. She’s like a little old lady in an old people’s home, she gets up, then tootles back to the cube for a rest and its warmer there and, then back into the run so toos and fros all day. She still gads about free ranging and remains very agile!
  13. @Luvachicken she said she would like to join, user name us @gahoop
  14. I have compost in dust bath but ground is so wet it never dries, can I mix in sand? And play sand? Seems to be conflicting opinions about sand in dust bath as in toxic oR not toxic, good for skin or bad for skin... They use bath a lot so now have permanently damp chests....!
  15. Children's garden tools are the perfect size for that kind of thing 😊
  16. Wow, she is doing well for a 10 year old. I would get her some Life Guard Poultry Tonic to mix in with their water. They can all drink it, helping any others that are also moulting. Or you could try some of those dried shrimps especially for chickens - I think they begin with a G but I think of their name right now, sorry. Mealworms are also high in protein but there was something on here before about what the mealworms are fed, so not sure if that is a good thing for them any more.
  17. Yes, and so does Ursula's friend if she decides to take part. It is quite difficult as it is trying to make sure that we don't send to someone we have already sent to on previous years. Sometimes it is just not possible but when someone new joins in it at least gives some of us a new person to send to. You may well end up with an address from abroad. We have all had turns at sending abroad and the people from abroad have to send to us, so it is just the same. If you really can't afford to send abroad then I will see what I can do. Posting abroad is actually not that expensive and if you send something light it is not so bad. We are only posting to Europe btw, not Australia.
  18. Some breeders stock year round. But it’s worth having a look around and contact a few and see what the possibilities are. There are pros and cons to both getting now and waiting till Spring. Some say Spring hens are stronger and healthier. Also keep in mind that you’ll need separate housing/run depending on what type of introduction you do, but have it ready in case the intro doesn’t go as smooth.
  19. Both wonderful options. Faverolles look adorable. Am I right in thinking that we will need to wait until next year now? Or do some breeders continue later in the season? They are first and foremost pets so a steady supply of eggs is not essential, plus one of our silkies lays five eggs a week without fail so far so we have enough for a regular delicious breakfast.
  20. Never heard of it, but best keep them away from cardboard then. Too much of stuff like that might block their crops.
  21. Does anyone else’s chicken eat corrugated cardboard? Ours make a beeline for empty boxes and rip them to shreds; can’t be very nutritional.
  22. Well @Peter me and Ursula both live abroad, so do count on having to send abroad.
  23. My nearly 10 year old skyline is on a massive moult atm. Any idea how often I should give her a protein boost? She ate a whole egg yesterday (cooked and scrambled), turned her beak up at tuna (so the others ate it) and is also on poultry spice. Apart from that she’s on layers pellets and a tiny bit of corn when coming in from free ranging. Thank you 😊
  24. Or bantam faverolles - they are supposed to have really mild natures too!
  25. Thanks. Yes I would like to take part please. I dot have to send it abroad do I. Regards Peter.
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