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  2. If they all arrive on the same day you should be OK putting them all in together. But if there is any delay, even a day, they may group as a flock and fight the newcomers? Run space is going to be important together with coop size as is doubling up on feeders and drinkers. We aim for a minimum run space of 2 square metres per chicken and as I'm sure you know with Avian Influenza they are likely to be confined to that run for many months of the year.
  3. Presumably you mean Brahma? You could go back to the seller, but don't accept a replacement as you will be introducing one into a flock, which is extremely difficult. No problem keeping him with the others, but as you said, it will be the noise, particularly in the early hours of a Summer morning when some people may sleep with their windows open. If it's a proper crow it will be a cockerel, but be aware that sometimes hens will attempt a crow if they are not laying; we have three at the moment doing just that. Brahmas are not particularly good layers, so you won't be losing many eggs and the cockerel will normally eat far less than a laying hen. If it were me I'd keep him unless it becomes a problem. Being a good breed you might not have too much trouble rehoming him if necessary, but be aware there are people out there that will take free cockerels and turn them into a meal; if someone really wants a nice cockerel for their flock they will pay. Alternatively you can deliver him and see him introduced into a suitable flock with no neighbours.
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  5. I am after some advise. We purchased a couple of pullets just before Christmas and were told they were females. We had seven hybrid chickens already. It appears as one of the pullets - the braham - is a male! We thought were were dreaming the last few mornings but this morning it was definitely him making the noise! Will it be ok to keep with our other chickens? If he gets really loud we may need to rehome him. Any advice will be gratefully received. We were after female chickens for eggs! Thank you in advance.
  6. Question. I'm looking to get 5 POL birds of different breeds. I've found 5 breeds that have my heart set on. Problem is they are from two different providers. Both fully vaccinate their birds. I'd be looking to get them at the youngest age possible for pullets which I believe is 16-20 weeks. What would be the ideal way to put all these birds together? I had chickens years ago (10) and I think I just stuck them in the coop together at night and there was never any issues. They were all from the same barn and off the same breed mind. If I got these birds on the same day and stuck them in the coop for the night would that cause issues? Any solutions or ideas are very welcome
  7. Consider keeping them on paving slabs only and providing a good sized dust bath. Like I said, large part of my run is on paving only and I just sweep the paving. Sometimes you have to hack some bits loose, but especially in summer, it’s just a sweep through.
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  9. Yes it has a stable type door. I don't really want to go back to straw as, in damp weather, it literally lasts only 3 or 4 days. Well a lot to think about. Thanks everyone for your input.
  10. The 1m extension would definitely be better for your hens, and as Cattails says it would allow you to add a perch creating even more usable space and hens love a perch to be up on to do their feathers or have a nap. However, and I feel really bad being pessimistic, I don’t think it will help significantly with the run staying clean for any prolonged period. I think you’d need to go quite a lot bigger for that which is clearly just not possible for you to do. The run has a ‘stable door’ type door at the end doesn’t it? So I think in your position I’d get a lightweight long handled rake and broom, go back to using something cheap and reasonably easy to remove (straw or miscanthus or similar) and just totally skip the whole lot out as often as I could.
  11. Oh right lol. No one else to do it. Just me and hubby. I can't do anything physical due to arthritis and hubby is 70 this year and I don't want him doing any physical work now.
  12. No sorry, I meant don’t invest in having it done, but try to do it yourself or get a neighbour/family member/ friend to do it.
  13. It will have to be paved due to the area just having pea gravel on it at the moment. It won't be easy to clean as it is even with a substrate over it.
  14. I really wouldn’t invest in getting it paved, but save the money for the extension. It really doesn’t have to be fancy paving or perfectly level or straight.
  15. Nature wise they are fine. I don't see any evidence of bullying of anything like that. I guess as they have come from the same clutch and been together so long they seem to tolerate each other very well. They are are super natured friendly girls. As I said I can't extend anymore than the 1 metre extension. That will already mean I have to prepare a new area and have it flagged by professionals at a cost of roughly 200-300. I don't begrudge them it but if it's no good then there's no point in paying all that money out.
  16. Hard to say for sure, as it does depend on the size and nature of your hens. Bigger is always better. They will definitely appreciate double the size. And you can utilise the height of the run by adding perches. They can be the fancy omlet types, but I have just spare bits of wood and branches.
  17. So if I get the 1m extention run do you all think that will be enough. I can go anymore than that.
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  19. It’s ok. Eagle eyed Cat Tails noticed the article was from 2017. Lockdown continues
  20. If you’ve found somewhere you can make a bigger run for your girls, don’t rehome them in the meantime and don’t rush too much. The situation is obviously not ideal at the moment, but the girls are used to it now (and chickens live and survive in much worse conditions) so they’ll be OK in there for a little while longer. Just keep it as clean as you are able to. Then do as everyone else has said - look around on Freecycle, Facebook Marketplace, Freeloved, etc. Put up ‘wanted’ ads as well as just waiting. In the mean time get the area prepared and figure out what sort of run you want, and get the bits and pieces you need so that you’re ready to go once you get some slabs. I hope this works out for you and you can keep your girls. If it doesn’t and you need to stick to the size you’ve got I would suggest an absolute maximum of 3 small bantams.
  21. I agree. And slabs can be put on almost any ground, if it’s not too soft. You can always invest later in laying it “right”. I have only part of the run paved and the other part on earth with dug in slabs.
  22. Freecycle or Facebook Market place or your own local Facebook group might have some unwanted patio slabs, always worth a try.
  23. You could try your local council. Or a local online site.
  24. I could try but knowing my luck there won't be anyone lol. I really want to get this job done quickly if I decide to keep the chickens as it's not fair on them if it's too small. They seem happy enough but they are easy to please. Doesn't make it right though.
  25. I don't have the room to extend the run where they are now.
  26. Could you ask around for slabs that people may give you? I did this and only paid £20 for enough to pave a 2m x 3m x 2m run. I’m putting some membrane down first, then sand, then the paving slabs. This allows water to run through but but stops the sand disappearing. On top of that will go hardwood chips. At the moment I using Auboise on the grass. Under the actual coop I have Astro turf, sounds funny but it does make it easier to clean with a hose pipe. But too muddy at the moment!
  27. I had a similar thought, could you leave your run where it is and just put another layer of patio slabs on top on the original ones ? That way, your wood chips won't be directly on the ground and wouldn't get as wet because the rain on the ground wouldn't be able to run in.
  28. Thank you I appreciate your offer anyway. I think I have somewhere where I could put the coop and extend the run but it would need flagging and that with the cost of the new run would be quite expensive. I reckon it would cost a couple of hundred to flag the area to put the coop on.
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