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    Just had a mad panic searching for the 6th chicken doing head counts through the main and nest box door. After searching the garden twice we spotted her
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    What are they going to juggle with now?
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    My daughter’s blanket. Finally got a photo of it looking clean and tidy. It has been a bit too well loved of late but I managed to sneak it away to wash
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    Mullethunter, if they have tapeworm flubenvert works- I had a nightmare finding out which wormer- but you have to get the vet to ring them for the dosage. I think it's a double dose BUT can't remember properly. Altho tbh as only one of mine has tapeworms, the vet said just to monitor as they don't cause massive issues in chickens apparently. (This vet is awesome on chooks.) I did this! They were fab.
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    Have to go off topic to share my kitty 😍
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    I inherited a rose when we moved here. It was a long, straggly thing with a beautiful smell. My dad came one day and offered to do some tidying. Mr Trigger Happy with a pair of secateurs Said rose was snipped to the base. It has since been dug up and planted in front of my chicken run - a real beauty, but I've no idea of it's name.
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    That sounds a very fair price; they are very slow growing and I can tell by the width of the trunks that yours are a reasonable age. You have far more top growth than we would see around here because we prune out branches aiming for maximum olive production and ease of picking. But yours are more decorative, almost a mop top! And they look like a good balanced pair, so I think I would try to site them somewhere for maximum impact, ie one on either side of something, if that was possible. They do make excellent dappled shade cover, I am imaging one of those small metal bistro tables and a pair of chairs, some drinks and nibbles, or coffee, or breakfast outside. Some leaves will fall each year, that's natural. Lets keep our fingers crossed you get some fruit. As a coincidence, OH has just shown me a small plot of land with a dozen mature olives and some vines and space to plant more trees for 1,500 euro; its so tempting!
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    Puy du Fou is on my bucket list - I need to see the bird/falconry displays! The grand finale or whatever it's called looks amazing. @mostin and a few other Omleteers have been a couple of times and highly recommend
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    We have a neighbour a few doors down who is in her nineties and we are also friends but we're not what you would call close. She's very independent but will ask for help if she gets worried. Just before Christmas she more or less disappeared. We didn't know where she was and when we saw moving vans we assumed that she had died. We were a bit sad that nobody knew to tell us about her funeral and then today I got a letter. She has actually moved into an assisted apartment. It was good to hear from her and we must visit because I think she's missing her old life. Just wanted to share my happy news really.
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    Margot my Araucana bantam (on the left)
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    I hosted a charity bake sale for WVS (who I went to India with) yesterday on World Spay Day. Céline was an angel and gave everyone cuddles, even shared her dog biscuits with visiting friends
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    You made it to Harry Potter world? We tried to book but they were solid until Easter! We went to The Cotswold Wild Life Park instead and had to go back to the sloth's enclosure 4 times during the day as YS wanted to see if they had moved - doh! They hadn't - personally I think they were stuffed!
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    My garden is finally catching up with some of your after being knocked back by the snow. Spring flowers appearing. Some big established clumps of bluebells and day lilies appearing too. Last year I sent my then 9 year old out with spring bulbs and told her to plant them nicely spaced groups of at least 3. The flowers bed has little clumps of mixed tulip and daft bulbs. Did one up as the emerging leaves are very close together. She’d Stacked the bulbs on top of each other. Job for later in the spring 😂
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    Hello Happy Person 😃 It's been beautiful here too after a damp and foggy start; walking the dogs this afternoon was a joy, we sat on the grass in the sun for a while. Yes, those are beehives along the headland of a field in the 3rd photo
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    Well, this was very short lived as an idea as Rich has just told me that, under no circumstances, will I be allowed to have anything like finches... but I am allowed ducks! So any tips on keeping hens and ducks together? lol
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    Thank you. I am won over. I shall remove the membrane where I have the run and put wood chip down.
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    Well she is still with us and hasn't been completely condemned! She has a slight crackling in her airways and some fluid in her abdomen and is a bit thin (she always has been). He couldn't feel anything there though and her temperature is normal and heart sounded ok. He said it could be very early stages of peritonitis but can't be 100% sure. I have a 10 day course of antibiotics and metacam for her. She was much perkier when I got her home (probably the metacam) and had some corn and was eating again this morning although still on the slightly slow and wobbly side. I don't want to bring her in I would rather she is out with the others if she can still hold her own out there. Luckily she is my most docile and easy to handle girl so a twice daily tablet isn't too traumatic for any of us. We will see how she gets on!
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    Gosh Valkyrie you are very busy. I feel I have been hibernating this winter in comparison. In spite of moving house and decluttering I still have lot of stuff,mainly shoes and clothes that haven’t been and are never likely to be worn. I have discovered the joys of eBay and am flogging off a lot ,which is great. Wish I’d done it years ago, it’s still novel so a bit of fun. I have very little storage in this house so being able to see the wardrobe floor is amazing. OH is afraid to stand still for too long in case he’s listed.
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    If you headed down Poitier way there is Futuroscope which is a decent sized theme park. I haven't been there but apparently it is quite good. We normally pass it on the drive down South.
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    I hate the ones that pretend to have a question etc and then turn out to be a spammer. Just post your ***** straight away, so we can get you blocked...
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    My pekin bantams were just 16 weeks when we got them. They needed to be lifted up the ladder the first time. After that they worked it out. First few days were a bit hit and miss but they all managed it after a couple of attempts. Now they manage just fine. No modifications to the ladder at all and no clipped wings. All the big old hybrids we before were worse with the ladder at first. Hiubby crawling into the run and putting them in the cube door for days. My kids love the little chickens but were nervous around the. If ones who could peck quite hard sometimes. The pekins our up with slight inept handling from the kids and might protest but they’ve never pecked or retaliated.
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    Mine have a piece of run skirt tied to the steps, and a perch at Cube door height outside the Cube. They usually fly straight up to the perch, walk along it and hop in. I know others have Pekins that manage the steps though.
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    Definitely! And still am! Or might already be home, who knows! 😉 Love the picture PL!
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    Lol ajm - seems to be a pekin thing. Skye loved nothing more than climbing up. If you didn't have your wits about you she'd be on your head! I think they like to see around from up high. On your arm they have a better view than cuddled close. Although I have lovely memories of sitting on the swing chair with her and she'd snooze on my chest. Then when she woke up and I'd be smiling she'd try and peck my teeth! Ewww!
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    Tons on the estuaries down here so I’m sure they’re around Valkyrie
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