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    Holland or, failing that, a castle (or pele tower - sp?) in Sctoland/The Borders or The Beara Peninsular. I hate cities but Bath is somewhere I think I might manage!!
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    Inspired by conversation in Thread of little things, I wondered where people would love to live if not in their current home. This question is just about dreams, forget politics and reality, just where really appeals in your heart, not in your mind. It can be somewhere you've visited or somewhere you dream about, it's not important. I want to live in Japan for many reasons. I love it there, if I could upsticks tomorrow and move there I would. Two countries that also appeal with no real knowledge are Vietnam and Cambodia. The history, scenery, architecture and food fascinate me. The thought of living somewhere like that is quite exciting.
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    I found Autumn, it’s in Germany!
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    Just to add, I’m not sure why the word “shut” has been replaced with asterisks! I’m guessing I mis-typed something and it didn’t like it! Oops!
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    I’m just back in the UK after 5 years in Slovakia so fairly happy to have home comforts here for a while. If I could live anywhere it would probably be Norway, I have quite a few friends there and a niche job specialisation that doesn’t exist there yet, so could set up a business, and I started trying to learn bits of the language. That said, I think moving anywhere on your own can be quite isolating.
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    Canada for me, but in truth just a forest anywhere would do. I’ve decided I want to live in a proper forest one day.
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    Same here - we used to have to go to town to collect parcels, but they now go 5 minutes up the road to a little village stores - brilliant. And then we have lunch there too! They have 2 tables and the lady bakes her own cakes which I confirm are absolutely delicious!
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    Used to use bushes when younger but think my aim might be off now. S friend managed to pee all over her shoes once. Her horrible little brother refused to let her back in car. Had to put shoes in boot of car. Memories.
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    I have to say that this whole subject irks me; I think it's all about using a modicum of common sense. I was brought up eating home laid eggs - and I liked them soft-cooked - and drinking raw milk.... I have a very strong immune system and am rarely sick. I think we all need to just apply our own risk assessment to any situation.
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    Great photos Cat tails 😊 A real taste of autumn.
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    Water seeps under my run so I seal around the base with external caulk (flexible, waterproof and can be applied in the wet). Don't worry too much about colour as it soon blends with dirt. I usually renew it yearly. On the west side I have screwed on acrylic panels with a couple of inch gap at top for ventilation and on the other sides have clear tarps on hooks I can add depending on the wind direction. Usually they're just rolled up. The roof is fluted acrylic and I've a gutter running along the bottom of the slope and an extra roof section over the cube. It's not foolproof but does a good job of keeping the girls dry. The base of the run is concrete that I sealed with garage floor paint. Hope this gives you some ideas, it's so much easier when the run is dry. Don't put sealant on the inside of the base of the run for some reason chickens eat it.
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    Mine are more or less level - certainly not perfect because I did it myself - but they don’t seem to have any low points where water collects. That’s probably more by luck than good judgement! The slabs are placed on a few inches of sand which is on a porous weed suppressing membrane and they’re all spaced with probably about a centimetre gap between them. I think I’m lucky hat the underlying soil also drains fairly well. The woodchips are probably between one and four inches deep. Don’t worry - you’ll find something that works.
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    People have cried over having membranes down. Slabs are definitely better. I have mine dug in and backfilled with soil. But made sure there are gabs of at least 1 cm between slabs so water can drain (and in my case, earthworms can get through to clean the soil) Placing your slabs a few cm apart shouldn’t be too difficult right? And it would solve any pooling of water.
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    Chickens lose a lot of heat through their feet and with Winter coming wet flooring will freeze. I'd certainly do as Cattails suggests.
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    I used to live in Colorado, and although I never went that far into the Rockies - they are BEAUTIFUL. Absolutely amazing. Maybe I could put Colorado on to my list.
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    Ooh a good question....I love Donegal and would happily live there tomorrow however when it's cold it's cold. I would love to live somewhere as warm as Australia with the beautiful Rocky Mountains! Oh and isnt too far away for family and friends! So Donegal I suppose on the one day a year its warm 😂😂😂😂
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    Some friends of mine lived in Sydney for a few years and loved it - but they tell me it's very, very warm! I love Cornwall too. I could imagine myself retiring there... or completely at the other end of the country, at a small holding in the Highlands or something. Wherever I go, I'd like it to be somewhere with a lot of scenery. And friendly people, ideally.
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    😂 unfortunately I have to work, so alas no!
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    Australia - specifically Church Point in the Ku-ring-gai Chase national park just north of Sydney. I nearly made it out there to live permanently afternoon spending the best part of 18 months in Sydney in my early 20s, but then got the job and partner (who would never leave Cornwall) that I love in my home county and my plans changed. I love Cornwall, and much as I enjoy spending times in other parts of the UK I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in this country, but with no ties / considerations / reality it’d be Church Point for me.
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    For myself I love England and wouldn't want to live anywhere else - I'd just love a bigger house! :-0
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    Oh dear. Another series that I had planned to start and not got round to setting record for. Still haven't caught up with Broadchurch 😆 Still, if it's a bit confusing then prob not for me. I often let my concentration slip then drive OH mad with 'so who is that then/what did she go there for/why is he doing that'? Attention span of a goldfish these days.....must be encroaching old age 😝
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    We are lucky in that we still have a Post Office in the village with tiny sorting office attached. It's a Godsend! Our regular posties know us and where to leave stuff but problems can occur when they have relief staff on. However, if they do end up taking parcels back to the post office then it's only a 5 minute trot round to collect it...........everyone in the village trys to use it as much as possible and it also helps that two other villages have lost theirs so now use ours thus increasing business and, hopefully, making ours less likely to shut.
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    Perhaps she was a mutt in a previous life! Sounds very sweet though!
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    Well that should increase Royal Mail's profits this year then!
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