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    Hi Everyone Haven't been here for a few years - was always a reader rather than a poster! Have kept Silkies now for about 8 years. March this year I was down to one (Frank) don't ask, my OH named him after Frank Lampard - in fact all my chickens up to now have had boys names hence I always refer to them as he!! Anyway some uming and ahing should I get more blah blah blah, I decided yes as I worried Frank would be lonely (he's six) so bought 4 beautiful silkies, a partridge called Fusco (he's as daft a brush), a white splash called Fluffels (I've never known a chicken that enjoys a dust bath so much), red pyle called red (or lil s**t) and a red called meep meeps (who has the most amazing eye brows ever seen on a chicken). I'm convinced they think they are dogs - always underfoot and come when called but mostly don't need to call they see movement! - I'd like to think its love but realise they call me cupboard behind my back!. Anyway, just wanted to say hi, love the forum taught me all I know!!.
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    Lovely blue egg, lovely purple Eglu and lovely girls 😁 1. No they don’t need water overnight - they’ll be mostly sleeping. 2. If it was me I would give them a week or two to get settled and used to whatever you’re feeding them and the worm them. 3. I don’t know I don’t use it. Forum’s great isn’t it - it’s helped me so much in the last 4 years.
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    New kid on the block and . . . Mrs Tiggywinkle! Sorry a wee bit blurry - twas at dusk.
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    Aw thank you Natspringy! Yes, she looks absolutely fine this morning! xx
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    Congratulations Andy Roo You are quite a youngster. I got my honours degree at 50 Once I qualified I agreed to look after my three grandchildren so my DD could do her degree. Paediatric Nursing at Cambridge. She has 3 months to go. Good luck Chrissie
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    And here they are enjoying the new space.
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    Best it ends in tiers......sorry!
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    Mad Scientists are good! Mad Uncle even better and its good fun making stuff up. I love soap making - alchemy, alchemy, they've all got it alchemy! Sorry, it's been a stressful week
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    You won’t regret that lousara - I know they’re expensive but peace of mind and the safety of your hens is worth it. I have my Cube attached to a walk in run for when there’s no one home, and that’s within a netted area that they free range in when we’re home.
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    OK, so I think that we will have to start at the beginning here: Under the trees is good - they need partial shade Put the eglu and run inside the netted enclosure Do NOT assume that the netted enclosure is safe from predators, nor that the chickens can't escape The eglu run will be fox proof PROVIDED it is not on uneven or soft ground, you should peg down the skirt. The eglu run will need to have a clear, waterproof covering, their food and water should be inside this run and protected from the elements Put the birds in the eglu run BEFORE it starts to get dark, they will go into the housing as darkness falls, then you need to close the door and lock it Don't let them out into the netted area until it is properly daylight. If it is dark in the winter and you are out all day, then they will need to stay in the safe run If you want a larger and safe roaming area, then think about a walk in run - there is a section on this forum with photos and ideas for one. Have good read of the forum, there is a lot of good solid advice on here fro a beginner, particularly in the FAQ section - it pays to read up Enjoy your chicken keeping, but above all, research and be prepared
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    Just thought I'd update you on what happened after your supportive messages. I had my kidney removed on 18th May by keyhole surgery. It is now a month and a day after my op and for the last two weeks I've felt great! I got my results Thursday ..... it was cancer but it was contained within the kidney so I don't have to have chemo or radiotherapy but I will be followed up by a uro-oncologist and have regular CT scans to monitor me. I think the NHS is wonderful!!
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    Same pose, different day! Roosting on the chair 😁😂😂
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    Sharing a pic of my amazing fearless daughter. Living life....loving it.
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    Well done Luvvie! Mully if they are from an old F1 hybrid you may have something completely different to what you grew last year. But worth a try - it might be great! In hotter places like central USA they never pinch out - I think it's because we need to harvest ours quick and get larger fruit as a result, whereas the hotter summer climates don't bother because they tend to get big fruits from a perfect growing season. This year we've had the perfect summer for the toms! Well done everyone.
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    I unfriended my sister ( who I get on very well with in real life ) but on Facebook she drove me mad. Posting the most inane rubbish. In hindsight I should have blocked her. She was very hurt.Perhaps there is more to it in MILs eyes and the party invite was last straw.
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    Between three of us we lifted and carried it it wasnt terribly hard but didn't carry it far. More hands makes it easier. Good luck!
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    The others are right - stick to pellets, making them up into a wet mash if you need to engage their attention, If they are ignoring the feed, then keep them in the run in the morning, when they eat the most, if possible. Free ranging is good too though, and they will pick up all sorts of stuff, as they would in their natural habitat. The variety is good for them. If your garden is lacking in green stuff at the moment, then string some dark green leaves up in the run in the afternoon, put it slightly too high for them and they will enjoy jumping for it. Wheat is a great treat supplement, and at harvest time, I glean it from the fields around here With regards to your sick hen, I would make up a wet mash with diluted Vit Boost tonic, to give her extra nutrients. Make sure that they are wormed regularly and treated for lice/mites and they will stay healthy
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    I think some wet wipes contain plastic so wouldn’t compost - like you I would imagine the detergent might not be great either. I don’t have any bedding in the tray under the roosting bars, so I just scrape the poo straight into the compost and that’s it. Then every month or so I pressure wash and then spray with virkon and leave to dry before replacing. I’m not saying this is the right or even the best way, but it works for me and means I don’t have any ‘consumables’.
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    I am reading but I’m afraid I don’t know the answer. Can you see any mites on her?
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    That’s lovely. I’d like a cold water marine tank - one of my colleagues has one and it’s brilliant but he only lives about 500m from the sea to collect fresh water and beasties. Are they neon tetra’s?
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    Do you know anyone with chickens close by? I have done the chuck-em-all-together-on-uncharted-territory and it worked a charm. Could you maybe board them for a week or so with someone else and then bring them together as one flock? You won’t have the stress of the squables and there is nothing to defend for them at a new coop.
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    Well done for getting those photos Jude! I wangled to work from home today, so I could at least watch it on telly - fabulous sight that made me all teary. We get quite a few Chinooks round here too
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    I have a rather bad case of hay fever each year. Take antihistamines from April till October, use a prescription nasal spray and eye drops if it’s really bad. Have learned the hard way that starting early with the whole treatment is much more effective than anything else. You tend to use the drops and sprays once you have symptoms, but they really work best when you start before you get symptoms. There have been summers where I hardly had eye lashes on my eye lids anymore and I started to scratch the roof of my mouth with a fork out of sheer desperation. That was with medication, but started after the symptoms started.
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    Yes - of sorts. I haven't had hayfever for quite a few years (yippeeeee) but this year we have both been snorting nasal spray, my husband more so than me. But my eyes are the most irritated. I use Eyelergy drops which is the only one that doesn't burn my eyes and actually soothes them. Have had to use it for a couple of days and my left eye is worse - in that it's being a nuisance - not the drops, they've helped a lot, it was worse yesterday with the lovely red-eye jelly! The nasal spray which we found to be most effective is Boots Fluticasone Propionate with the yellow label. I used to like Flixonase but that is no longer produced (I think it was banned in the US) - apparently the Boots pharmacist said this had the same ingredient but not as much - either way if it works I'll have it! I think also the fine dust around at the moment doesn't help.
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    That is so cute! Lucky hedgehogs! Sorry mullethunter, what a pain! Hope it heals soon x
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    I can't recall your history, but would let them settle down before adding any new birds, they will be stressed enough with the heat anyhow. When you do get newbies, keep them in their isolation housing (read the FAQ on introductions) for a couple of weeks to ease them in. Give both flocks Vit Boost in their water - this contains B vits which will help with the stress. I have had both forms of Marek's in my flock over the past many years (just 2 birds), never had any problems with new birds. Just keep them calm and add a good tonic to their water.
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    I love the chinooks! I find the late fly overs are quite reassuring - a bit like the old Hercules that doesn't come here now the Pumas are elsewhere. It's the Farnborough Air Show this year - 16th it starts. We have had some older planes already flying low over us. Perhaps those are on their way to do the flypast though. I love the old'uns. Although the newer ones are awesome too. Hope the vulcan is allowed out to play again.
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    Congrats! I think we are entitled to some pictures! Some here have Wyandottes so they will be able to tell you if you just have a very fluffy wyandotte or something else.
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    The helicopters have been practicing flying in formation overhead near here. It will be spectacular when all the aircraft join in.
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    The plan is to book a tour of the zone and local towns so we'll see lots; not sure we'll see inside the reactor hall as that's a separate and more expensive tour for educational trips. You haven't been able to go into buildings in Pripyat the abandoned city since 2012 but I know people on private tours who have done, so we'll have to see...
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    Awesome shots I'd love to visit Russia, was looking at flights this week but have booked to go to Kiev and Chernobyl instead!
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    Even if they are long ones with flowers at the top, you can break the shoot to fit your flowerpot. They will look very sorry for themselves for a few days and then BOOM! They are racing away! And you are most welcome.
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    Looks great! Love the wheels.
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    I’ve been using my home made movable run extension with the 3 meter run. I made it 8’ x 10’. The birds love it. I have a few more things to add but for the most part I’m satisfied. I will be adding 4 feet of roofing panels for shade and weather protection. This winter I’ll cover the A frame with clear poly and make it a little environment Away from wind, snow and rain. Don’t worry I’ll make sure it is ventilated. What do you think?
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    Soapdragon, I'm sorry I didn't reply before. Children really do bring us our best moments, and our scariest. That memory will last you forever. This is online....
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    You do well to monitor ill chooks, they often tend not to eat properly, and in this case I do mollycoddle for a while at least. Basically find out what she will eat and make sure she gets it. Personally I found that often wet food went down better, so I used to hand feed pellet mash (ie pellets mixed with water into a mush) before resorting to favourite treats, but things like mealworms are full of protein, so good. Also really try to make sure they get some water down them.
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    They send you some swabs and you swab the inside of their mouth. Then send it off. Takes about 2 weeks!
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    We have a Hentronix too and love it! Wish we had got one earlier.
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    If you use a company like Butterburr and Sage then you can order various quantities of different things all at once, their service is very good and things arrive quickly. And, no, I don't have shares
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    Isn't it amazing how your children can really surprise you when you think you know them inside out!? YS (10) was in his school play - Troy Story - this afternoon playing Hector. He was chased round the audience, seated in the hall, by Achilles and 'died' horribly (and hysterically) on stage. He is usually such a quiet and unassuming child but his dialogue was loud and clear and he hammed it up beautifully even getting his own round of applause. OH and I were so proud!
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    In memory of my dear little friends Gypsy and Robyn I’m so sorry I didn’t defend My oh so trusting little friends I talked to you when I was down You always took away my frown You’d cluck and coo and even purred – I’d never heard that from a bird What can I say, I let you down When Mr Fox moved into town All that’s left, a pile of feathers Mr Fox you’re far too clever I knew my girls could be your prey But you’re not supposed to be about in the day When I let my brood out of their pen They’d follow me round like some mother hen All that poop, and the messy lawn I’d pardon I loved the way they enjoyed the garden When suddenly girls you roamed too far I wondered if Gypsy had encountered a dog or a car But now I see scattering offered protection A fox cannot run in three directions. Mr Fox you can venture out at night In their Eglu, my girls sleep tight Many have slept there over the years Safe and warm, with no fears. So Mr Fox you made me rage With thoughts of catching you in a cage I hear that chocolate will take you out I might be leaving some about Perhaps I’ll campaign to allow hunting again Those hounds would have you from your den But I’ve been reading about your ways Because I don’t want my last chicken slayed I hear you eat rats and slugs and snails If you’d stick to that diet, we might even be pals. So from now on my chickens will stay in my sight So please go back to hunting at night I’m sure you’d rather be aloof And this eatery will be fox-proofed So go elsewhere for your fast food And leave me to enjoy my brood.
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    The Cube clear cover fits almost perfectly over the Go Up run. It’s about 5 cm smaller in width and about 20 cm in length.
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    Awww, they look so sweet. I'm glad they like the swing. My friend bought one and her chickens have never used it.
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    Agree with DM, leave her be for the remaining chicks to hatch and I would check on her when it's dark this evening. The mom can have chick crumb as well as the babies but we also used to soak corn in water and place it in a coop cup higher up for her to eat ...she may take some out and put it on the floor for the babies though
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    You can leave the shells there for now. The chicks will be fine for a bit without food as they will absorb the yolks, their mum will need sustenance though. She should sit until the last viable egg has hatched Have the chick crumbs in a shallow feeder at first and put some stones or marbles in their drinker so they can't get in it and drown
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    Thank you, that's great to know! We have just ordered a large walk on run. Hopefully I won't change my mind again. 😂
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    I had to ditch my netting too because of the fox. It was more string in the end than netting - I wouldn't make a fishing net repairer!
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    lol, yes my aspirations to have chooks, ducks & geese is running wild. But then I have to remember that I did this move to garden, and lots of birds need lots of space & care; less for me! Once I have the coop/run set up and the chooks settled I'll review the situation with the possibility of a few ducks. I'm in Dept 23, Le Creuse Saint Pierre Bellevue for those that know the Limousin. More commonly known as the Lake District of France. So, apparently hot summers/autumns, wet springs & blooming cold winters. The cottage is made from local Granite stone The dogs are loving the availability of loads of new walking places although they have as yet to realise that the property has next to no passing traffic so still stand on guard duty!
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