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    Saw these two signs on holiday in Gower recently and wanted to share. Thought it might be fun to have a signs thread as they seem to crop up fairly regularly!
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    Thanks for all the comments guys We had our graduation ceremony yesterday, it was 32°C and far too hot to be wearing a suit but my family inc my Nan came out to see me and had a great time.
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    The chickens stood here like this for ages today. The air was very heavy and they've started laying eggs again after a long, long break and as they're pretty old I think they're feeling a bit tired.
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    Thought I'd share a quilt I made recently in a swap with a quilting group on Facebook. People give their likes and dislikes, colours, style, technique etc and you make a quilt to their tastes. I was well into this one when I read the brief again and it said abstract landscapes of course I'd done realistic so bum had to start again! I'm happy to keep this one though It's from a photo from my son taken in Ushuaia (known as End of the World) in Patagonia. The photo had such clear colours and air and I hope I captured that.
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    Here’s one I caught on the Isle of Wight last month, a tad rude but made me chuckle. If it offends anyone I can delete
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    At the risk of displaying my ignorance (which I usually try to keep hidden!) what is a loquat? Is it like a kumquat but nearer the ground?
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    We have lots of sparrows and other small birds, warblers, finches that sort of thing, and I am loving watching them hop about on the ground and periodically leap onto a long grass stalk for the seeds. There are a lot of goldfinches about at the moment, easy to spot! Although they are nesting under our tiles, I'm sure we haven't had 5 hatches, that must be some sort of record?! Yesterday we had an apricot, a loquat and a fig off our trees. The fig was an unexpected early bonus, the apricot was the best I've had this year (not saying a lot), but the loquat was superb. Its quite late for them, and this one was 100% ripe, very sweet.
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    Baby or the outfit? 🤣
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    Just thought I’d share that I’ve had such a lovely day today. I had a great day at work with lovely colleagues a lovely job and amazing weather, then this evening I did 108 sun salutations for the summer solstice and international yoga day at south fistral which was just brilliant. Then when I got home OH had made dinner for me and there was a beer in the fridge. Feeling thankful and lucky.
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    Lovely set up - and beautiful faverolles - always been on my list of wants!
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    These two babies regularly come quite close to get the seed.
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    ChooksRCute - looks and sounds glorious
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    Well done Lewis, really chuffed for you. DD got her results last Monday. I appreciate what a huge journey it has been for you. Congratulations, well deserved.
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    The sparrows this year are an endless source of delight.
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    Goodness me! No wonder you have been 'offline' for a bit, ajm! They are lovely and so much work!
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    @Plum and @Valkyrie those quilts are gorgeous
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    We all need Lewis! If we club together and buy him a bicycle perhaps he'll be our own travelling Forum vet!? The second vet that we saw - who did the PTS - was LOVELY and very sympathetic. She talked more to Hugo than to me! Mind you, I've had similar with human medics - doesn't matter if you can whip out a gall bladder in 10 seconds flat leaving a neat little scar; if you cannot communicate effectively then its never going to be a positive experience. BTW, having trouble finding Syrian pups locally (ie; up to 30 miles.) We have a lovely, brand spanking new and rather huge cage all ready but I'm trawling Gumtree and have contacted several breeders from the British Hamster Association with no luck as yet. Look like the nearest to us (we are just south of Oxford) is Fulham! We are not in a huge rush but the house isn't the same without a small furry!
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    OOOh, I want one
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    Oooh! I'm right! LOL! That's a first! Colourwash sounds like splatted paint! Watercolour sounds nicely blended! Am happy to wait for the exchange.
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    I have some teenies too - they are very later this year.
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    I was late getting my tomatoes in (Mid May) and have just planted Ailsa Craig and some plum toms out in the growbags on the patio. The Ailsa Craigs were heavy croppers last year and so I have fingers crossed. I have pink fir apple pots in ....pots! Valkyrie - you sound very organised but it does seem a full time job at yours! Hats off to you for taking it all on - I guess it will be easier next year when you know what works and what doesn't and can plan accordingly.
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    Hi, we’ve struggled to find one however hit the jackpot this morning and we’re getting one couriered from Southmead Poultry who have them in.
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    On this midsummer solstice Have a great day folks
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    Do you ever regret not having your phone to hand when your animals do something funny. OH found some other devices on BHWT which are like blinkers and so much easier to fit.than bumpa bits. Penny wasnt impressed with our efforts at the bumpa bits and got them off in minutes. We fitted them in past to a hen with a wonky beak (like Rod Hulls emu) no problem Anyway one morning this week having fitted this gadget and feeling happy with ourselves we sat having coffee in garden (actually wasnt raining) watching Penny and Floss free range. Floss has been unwell and is hopefully on mend - laying again after moult and her new bum feathers are growing back so we didnt want Penny pecking her and drawing blood again. So there we are watching Penny with her blinkers. Floss comes up stops short and stares intently at Penny. She looks away and then stares again and you can imagine the conversation would not be unlike a mum staring at her teenage daughters skirt the size of a belt. " what the hell are you wearing? that really isnt your colour you know" we were laughing so much . Floss then walks off looking bemused. Penny has got used to her new device. I found a video on You Tube of a line of hens with these things. Obviously all peckers.
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    Haha, personally I'd keep the old one and sell the new!
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