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    Thank you all so very much for my birthday wishes 😊 This was my first Lockdown birthday and I had a wonderful day - even if it was in school. I took my phone, which I don't usually do, and showed all of the children in my little class, my new chicks. They really liked them. They asked so many questions about them. At breaktime, the children hummed me Happy Birthday and one of them who has Down's showed me how to sign it - she was fab - my signing skills were rubbish though. A bit of a chilly day but so beautiful to see some sunshine. Hubby had the fire on for when I got home and then we phoned our local pub and ordered some dinner, perfect. Thanks again x
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    Very pretty Ursula! Horribly cold wind today! It was only -3 but it felt like -10 at least! Didn’t keep people from ice skating though.
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    Grily, I would be pleased for the two of you to stay but May is to soon as I have just had my vaccine and still keeping isolated until the late summer.Peter I don't know about the name of the sheets but I am so pleased with them and the chickens left me an extra egg as a thankyou. Peter
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    I think Dippy thinks she's a parrot 🦜
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    Daily mail should be OK as its light reading but if it was the telegraph I would be worried 😂
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    Happy Birthday @Cat tails Hope you a wonderful day with your new chooks and they keep you hentertained !!!
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    That is fine by me - gives me more time to improve 😁
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    Thanks, Cat Tails! Ellasflock, basically anything goes. I’d say concentrate on something light which can be easily posted this year. Send your address by DM to Luvachicken, who waves a magic wand and matches us up. We then beaver away to make something and send it to our recipient by the given date. We then take s photograph of the wonderful present when we receive it, and post it on here. Do join in!
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    Yes I think that is the case! I noticed that one of the eggs had completely turned, at first I thought that I had accidentally knocked it but after reading this I now know it’s getting ready for hatch! I will send a few photos when they hatch, either tomorrow or Tuesday hopefully! Thank you for the advice!
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    I have a lo-rise 4m by 2m Omlet WIR and I love it. The mesh on the side panels is smallish - yes bluetit and sparrow sized birds could get through, but I’ve never seen them do it in my run. The roof panels have larger mesh and on the rare occasion I roll back the tarpaulin roof (only on hot, windless days in the summer) I do see sparrows go in there after spiders. It’s definitely true that it’s absolutely no impediment to mice, but that doesn’t really bother me - I’ve seen a small rat in there once and it was a real struggle for it to squeeze it’s way out through the small mesh. Plus points - it’s easy to add bits and extra doors if you want to make it bigger; you can add all sorts of other things with copious use of cable ties, it can cope with the ground not being completely flat and level; once you’ve figured out the clips it’s reasonably easy to dismantle and reassemble if you need to move it. Mine is over 6 years old now and still going strong.
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    I still have to go to school next week... with windows open! We’ll see I even can get there! Added a old plastic table cloth on the wind side. Now they can’t complain anymore!
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    I was ‘done’ on Wednesday. Local surgery had a delivery at 2, I had a call at 2.10 for a 3.20 appointment. I got there 5 mins early, went straight in and was on my way home by 3.20! Weird scenes in town as hordes of elderly people converged on the same point! So, Soapy, I can believe they’ll get all over 50s done by May. It’s one thing they seem to have got right.
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    They're called Hoppy, Skoppy, and Jumpy. But I have no idea who's who!
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    Very. Very. Cute. I have a photo of my partner with a pekin chick on each shoulder but it can’t compare with this so I’m not posting it 😂
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    Best thing for the Mail. Perhaps not brilliant for the chooks although it probably won’t do them too much harm. I can’t picture what you mean by the box on the shelf. Can you make it out of cardboard or something less likely to be shredded and eaten 🙄
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    It's a lifelong condition I'm afraid .........
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    Thank you all for your kind words, they are much appreciated ❤️ I may only pop on this forum once in a blue moon but it's so nice, valuable and reassuring to have somewhere to turn to for all things chicken related 🤗 x
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    Yes I know. And yes I did have that issue. That is why I just use the normal emojis instead. It is only the equivalent of a Facebook like and to be honest, I really am not fussed using them now because of that silly rule.
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    What lovely girls - I’m so jealous of your Barnevelder - looking forward to seeing more photo’s 🥰
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    They are still incredibly cute!!!
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    So, I finally got my fish tank up and running again! Yay!
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    Glad people seem to be getting their vaccines OK. Not sure what is happening with the lateral flow testing in secondary schools. I volunteered, did my Enhanced DBS and loads of online training (I got certificates !) did one session inschool with staff to get up to speed and now it looks like the children will be asked to test themselves at home twice a week (as if that will work 🤨!) On the upside, if any Forum peeps need a hand with LFT PM me and I'll walk you through it 🤣!
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    I’m up for anything!
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    I mostly just listen to Monty. It was his America trip, which I’ve seen the first time round. But also this pattern is so easy, you don’t really need to pay attention and because the yarn is so big, you can do most on feel. It’s all trebbles and nothing else. Just turn at the end and go back again.
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    Really looks beautifully warm and cosy, you are the crochet queen!
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    It's just that they have such soft little feet..... Nothing has happened to their feet yet, but your description sounds quite scary. How old were the chicks ? Mine are about 6 weeks. I had Easichick bedding once before but I can't remember what it was like either. Nellie is the biggest and heaviest - twice the weight of dear little Peggy - she just runs up and down the cage like a mad thing. I hope she is not going to turn into a boy. I have nicknamed her as Naughty Nellie
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    Happy Birthday Luvachicken!!! Hope the gang make you laugh on your birthday xx
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    That doesn't surprise me Blackrocksrock, because when heating systems are planned out for radiators and boiler they base the calculations on an outside temperature of 1C and the boiler working at maximum temperature. If they used the rare extremes both the boiler and all the radiators would be over twice the size. No snow down here but plenty in the North and on the mountains South of us. Cold start at 2C but the sun is shining, no clouds, no wind and it should reach 15C this afternoon. But then it turns chilly, so the heating will be on for at least another week.
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    Happy Birthday, hopefully it’s not too cold where you are! Xxx
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    Lovely photos 😊 You did well getting all of that second hand - it looks in very good condition. I bought my Omlet autodoor new from Omlet and have had no problems at all, but some people seem to have a lot of problems with theirs. I also have bird box cameras in the main cube and the egg box so that I can see what the girls are up to at any time, on my phone. I would really like one in the run at some point but might do that when my new chicks go in there with my older ones. Your bigger chicks look very settled in their new house and your teeny chicks are just adorable. I think you will get a lot of eggs. Enjoy watching your girls with your cups of tea, love the mug btw, you will soon see time disappear before you very eyes
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    The black blob in the air cell could be its head? They take their head out from under the wing and enter the air sac to begin pipping, so if the air sac doesn't get big enough they can't pip and die in the shell. So perhaps wait a bit.
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    How funny! That is exactly what I am doing right now🤣🤣
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    That’s so exciting!!!! I spent ages by the incubator tapping on it and whistling to the chick when it started to cheep 🐣
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    I use Smallholder Layers pellets as the pellet size is v small but Garvo is another (more high end) brand
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    They don’t always hatch bang on the right day, so don’t give up straight away if it doesn’t happen tomorrow. Have a good look and listen to the egg now (without opening the incubator) - they often start to rock and roll about as the chick gets into position to hatch, and once it has pipped internally you may hear it cheeping. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻
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    I am not bothered about sticking to straw I am quite happy to try some of the wood chip if it works better.
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    I never use straw, but needs must
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    I would get some children's tools. They are the perfect size for getting in a run. To be honest, I don't do a lot with mine - I rake it over every now and then and sprinkle it with some sanitiser but that is about it. Somehow the poops disappear but it never smells.
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    Blimey CT that’s properly cold. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything below about -8 and that was in Austria. Has it been that cold in your part of the world before? Hope your gang keep warm x
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    Lockdown means that you need to stop the eggs from turning and not open the incubator until the egg has hatched. You may need to increase the humidity too if it has been low to make sure the membrane doesn’t dry out once the chick starts to hatch. Yes you will be fine getting a day old chick from anywhere to keep your one company - I’ve done it twice with great success. Keep us posted...
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    I loooooove sugar snaps and peas. I stick em in all pots.
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    Just what I was thinking! I think tomatoes, runners and potatoes are all excellent when home grown, and I think there is a lot of truth in the old adage to grow things you like, preferably things which are expensive in the shops or unusual so you can't easily get hold of them. If you like peppers, I'd give them a whirl as they are different to shop bought (try smallish green ones with thin walls, or long thin green ones, as they seem to grow faster). I also like soft green herbs grown under glass as they are less likely to suffer slug damage or rain damage, and they grow faster so you have them earlier. You might like to consider the convenience aspect too, so growing something not that exciting like perpetual spinach or winter salad like mizuna might be an attractive option because you don't have to harvest it in the wet! French beans might do OK in large pots as they aren't as hungry as runners. And strawbs?
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    This is the best bit 😂
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    The Hentronix can be used for the Eglu Classic and Go
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    Ok so finally finished this project! It was actually to be my Easter swap present. But decided to keep it and hang up by the door.
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    Sadly I don't have room for an extension otherwise I would have gone bigger anyway. And they aren't inside constantly they do get some out time in the garden weather permitting which admittedly isn't a huge amount at the moment. But yes they do spend more time Inn the run than out. Maybe my best option for them is to get them to a new home with someone who can offer them more space. I didn't mean for them to end up like this.
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    Yes, I had that before so I tend to do the usual emojis, but they tend to make the page jump and I have to scroll to get back to the comment section. I did mention it but that doesn't seem to happen to others and I think it was Mark? dunno who it was, said nope, it doesn't happen elsewhere. Annoying though. I do think the old system was way better.
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    Maybe because the article is from 2017!!! 😒 So keep your chickens in people! @Columbian @ellasflock
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