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    On a lighter note, we watched the car odometer click over to 100,000km this afternoon. I felt about 12 for noticing/shrieking.
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    AndyRoo one of my friends sent me this that she saw on Instagram 🤣
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    Wyandotte cockerel. Lovely legs and feet. There are a lot of different colours to this breed and he may be a cross of two or more. The chest feathering is the best guide.
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    Last year I cooked the turkey because my daughter’s oven is dodgy and transported it 45 minutes. It worked as that was the resting time. This year, I’m telling my kids (3 in this country] if larger groups are allowed they should gey together for the 5 grandkids sake and we’ll be ok. Actually, it would be the first time since 1972 that OH and I have been alone for Xmas! Quite looking forward to it!
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    Well, my prediction about the weather was correct, although being dressed in a PE outfit was not the warmest. Part of my PE outfit is a hoodie with a pouch, so I hid my handwarmer in that. Most of the morning was OK but then I did get chilly later, so I sneaked it's little button on and wrapped my hands around it. It was bliss 🔥 Having 2 of them will be super warm once it gets really cold. They are about the size of a computer mouse and charge up with a USB thingy. The only problem I can think of is having pockets that are big enough to have them indoors. Hiding inside my coat pockets will be fine for outside.
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    So pleased and relieved for the US and the world 🇺🇸🌍
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    The thing that is making me fuming mad about Lockdown: The Sequel is the fact that they're repeating a lot of the mistakes from the original run, and adding new ones. I know some people I have spoken to don't seem to understand that, while children are unlikely to get sick, when they go to school they can transmit it among themselves, meaning they come home and pass it on to adults, some of whom get sick and some of whom just become carriers that pass it on and make other people sick, and thus the cycle continues. 🤦‍♂️ And so help me God if I find out Dominic has gone on another one of his walkabouts... 🤣
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    Morehens disease [ mohrhens dih-zeez] noun 1. a condition that arises soon after getting your first chickens. It is characterised by the urge to get even more chickens.
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    You are doing a great job, Luvvie. You must have the patience of a saint 😊!
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    Hi I am new too. I am not new to chickens, but still very much learning. I had three ex-battery girls, Blossom, Annie and Millicent in August 2008. Sadly Blossom died in September 2009 whilst we were on holiday. My neighbour was looking after them, but obviously not well enough for Blossom Then last Tuesday Annie died of peritonitis. I delayed taking her to the vets, as I can be a bit paranoid and rush them there for no reason. So as I only thought she had a bad leg, as no other signs except difficulty walking I held off. She had antibiotics but it was too late. She died peacefully though, lying in the sun and enjoyed her last breakfast of honey, rolled oats and natural yoghurt. So that just left Millicent. She decided to become human and spend all her time with us. She refused to go back in her run and stood with her head through the gate gazing mournfully at us. As it isn't possible to allow your chicken to go to work with you, we decided to get her a friend. The next ex-batt release isn't until June, so today we bought her Marigold. Marigold is a Suffolk Noir. She is 25 weeks old and already tame. She allows us to pick her up and stroke her and tonight we were stepping over her as she had a dust bath, daft chicken. Millicent is dominating her and we are seeing a bit of feather pulling and pecking, but Marigold just puts her head down and freezes, then wanders off, so she seems to be playing by the rules. I look forward to getting to know people on here and it is great to know there are so many people to come to with my chicken problems. Thanks to Lou for putting me onto this site Shell xx
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    Welcome! My two granddaughters in Melbourne have chickens. I have thought about sending them a Cube, but have wondered how they will stand up to the sun? Also, where did you get them from? I’m just wondering about an idea for a Christmas present.... By the way, forget the extreme weather jacket. It gets to -17 occasionally where I live in the U.K. I’ve had two cubes for 12 years and have never needed them. It also restricts the ventilation. More chickens die of respiratory disease in winter than anything else
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    Lovely photos, very neat setup and that Jacaranda tree is amazing. Welcome to the forum Helen.
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    Hi everyone We are new to the forum My husband and I live in suburban Sydney, Australia We had been researching Chicken coops for 3 years and decided that Omlet’s Eglu cube Mk2 with coop light and automatic door was exactly what we wanted. Although just as we ordered it Covid 19 happened so it took another 3 - 4 months for the set up to arrive. The cube is situated under a mature Jacaranda tree with raised garden beds nearby. The chickens have access to parts of the garden for foraging and dust bathing and a section of the large lawn. We bought… Eagle Cube Mk2 with 3m Run and Wheels - Perfect for 3 chickens, amazingly easy clean!! 2m Combi Cover for Eglu Cube - Fantastic for shade for summer and winter sun without rain. (see pics in Summer and Winter position) Windbreak for Eglu Cube Mark 2 - Fantastic for winter and August winds. Automatic Chicken Coop Door with coop light - We would not be owning chickens without this door. Omlet chicken perch - Head chook loves this Extreme Temp blanket with bungees - We live in a hollow with frost in winter. Pendant peck toy - Our girls love their treats in this. Caddie Treat holder x 2 - Perfect for kitchen scraps on rotation. We had never owned chickens before but had done a lot of research before buying them . We used golf balls to teach them where to lay and this worked a treat. Our family loves Star Wars so our Hyline Brown chickens are called........ ChuBokka Hens Solo Princess Layer We have also call the Eglu Cube either - Jabba the Hutch or Jabba’s palace!! We also love taking photos…so here are far too many.... and out of order.... but I'm sure you will figure it out! Cheers Helen (and Ron)
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    Thank you mullethunter - I too only wear the same footwear in the garden so I'm not spreading anything from elsewhere. Jeyes fluid returned to the shop, Virkon picked up from a poultry place in the next county, now I'm ready to rumble!!
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    It all depends on how confident you are in your run security. The chickens won’t feel the cold.
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    Some of you may remember me hatching out two chicks in July (Merry and Pippin). We had found homes for any cockerels beforehand but decided to keep the only cockerel- Pippin. He is now 3.5 months and I was wondering whether in fact he had much use despite being gloriously beautiful (saddle feathers were coming in), whatever the case we were keeping him as he is part of the family. Yesterday (after me explaining to my 9 year old that nothing bad really happens on Friday 13th), our neighbour's dog jumped the dry stone wall and attacked the flock. First I heard was a hen's alarm call over by the coup. All the hens were there and then Pippin came running over too. All his tail feathers had been pulled out and he was bleeding from the rump. He was missing other feathers and where he was attacked, it looked like a feather pillow had been emptied onto the ground. I just want to say how proud I am of this boy and how wrong I was to be disappointed when I realised he was a cockerel. I am pretty sure he gave one hell of a fight and allowed the rest of the hens to get away. After the attack he was so weak he fell over trying to jump onto his low perch. I gave him Nutridrops and this enabled him to make it up to roost last night and this morning he is down with the rest of them, walking around eating and drinking just looking a sadder state with his missing feathers. What a fantastic, young little fella. The girls are lucky to have him.
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    I haven’t (I have a 4m x 2m WIR attached to a 2m Cube run so that is enough for my 10 bantams even though they prefer not to be shut in all day every day - especially as they’ve got used to being out so much as I’ve been mostly working from home this year) but if we have to close our chickens in later in the winter if avian influenza gets worse I will think about it - thinking of trying to string something between trees 🧐 At the moment, unless you’re very close to one of the outbreaks, the rules don’t require us to keep our chickens shut in in the UK. We just have to keep their food away from wild birds and practice good biosecurity. However, if the restrictions are tightened then yes, you do have to keep them shut in. How big is your WIR? 4 bantams shouldn’t need masses of room to be relatively content once they get used to it (usually takes a few days and obviously I know this isn’t the life most of us want for our chooks, but it’s exactly the same as the COVID restrictions - it’s not just about keeping your own birds safe but about reducing the reservoir of disease to help stop it spreading to other wild and commercial populations).
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    He is a handsome chap! Where are you based as you may be able to rehome him?
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    It's so unusual. The feathers on the rump remind me a bit of a black orpington - but the build looks more like a light breed; the neck is a bit like a Faverolles, the body is a bit like an Appenzeller. He's a lovely rooster!
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    Well it’s definitely a cockerel! 😂
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    My thoughts EXACTLY when I saw that yummy pic 🤣. Love the other pictures - looks very peaceful. But think of the humorous opportunities lost 🙄.....I do have doubts as to whether the removal lorry will be calling at The White House though; suspect heels will be dug in!!!!!!
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    I have mittens and gloves but my gloves are washable whereas my mittens are not. Like you say, I wouldn't be able to wear them in class. Hubby has found some nice hand warmers for me so going to give them a go. I will sneak them into my pockets
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    Of course, it would have helped if I'd have spelt it right
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    As long as it works...
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    Oh, that's annoying. Maybe I might get to start mine before you after all
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    Did your supplies arrive today and have you started yet ? I know what you are like
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    Nic, I have a version of the " Eton" feeder you mention - see I've had it for several years and I would highly recommend it. The hens had no problem learning to use it, the feed stays dry, it never clogs and all the rats I had have abandoned ship and moved on. I did have to slightly weight the flap opening, because the rats would work together to produce enough weight on the treadle to open it.
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    Finally decided what to make and ordered supplies! They’ll be coming tomorrow luckily, as it will take some time making.
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    Sounds like she has seen or knows of a better place to lay outside the run. Perhaps the nest box in the coop doesn't feel secure?
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    What breed is she? Some hens just really don’t like being shut in, so it may be that she’d be better off somewhere she can free range.
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    So just wanted to ask if I’m taking care of my chickens right. I have 4 hens who aren’t laying just yet. I go out in the morning around 8am to open their door and loose them into the garden. I chose not give them a separate run attached to the shed as I wanted them to be free ranging all day. Come 5 o’clock ish when it gets dark they are usually in the shed so I close all their doors up and lock them in for the night. They don’t get access to food or water through the night and obviously don’t have a run to go into either. The shed is 6x4 so they have plenty of room to move about. When I open the door in the morning they run out as fast as anything and quickly go to the food and water. Is this normal or do they need to be having more water before I close them up. Is it too long from 5pm to 8am to be shut up? Any advice with be greatly appreciated 😊
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    Oh, I was thinking more donut
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    If it is foam then put melted choc on the outside and pretend it's an Aero. Or a Wispa. Might be a bit chewy. OK cut in rings, coat in batter and you have calamari.
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    I have had two of those hens so far and both rehomed them. (Both also partridge colour hens btw) They got so much on my nerves that it took away all the fun and relaxation of keeping chickens. I have to say that both hens did the squawking and pacing before laying, but could easily keep it up for 2 hours. It did help a lot when I would lock them in the Go for laying. It would finally settle them down to lay. After they laid their egg, I would let them out in the run again and they would mostly fine for the day. I’m pretty sure both hens were more “wild” and wanted to lay somewhere in a shrub or something. Maybe add another laying box in the run to give your hen some options?
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    Mine keep the same hours as Luvachicken’s and don’t have any food or water in their house.
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    Ahhhh, is that a Light Sussex or two I see 😍!? Were I you I'd probably put water in the shed but, as Beantree points out, not food. At this time of year you may have to resign yourself to no eggs until Spring as hens do slow down or stop over winter anyway. The fact that your girls are young and haven't even started yet may mean that they'll just postpone egg production until the clocks change, weather gets warmer etc. They look like a really lovely little flock and those eggs will def be worth waiting for!
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    A pressure washer for the classic, two sons to collect the eggs 😊.
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    Somewhere nice to put my lovely fresh eggs, Red mite powder , Nettex sanitiser and a jet wash !!
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    This one? https://www.google.nl/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-8774649/amp/Jo-Browns-sumptuously-illustrated-journal-Devon-wood-tipped-autumns-publishing-hit.html
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    Thanks again Cat Tails. I had forgotten that the PM part is not at the bottom of the avatar. Used to be so much easier in the old days
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    It’s this one: @HarrisonFamily For those new to the forum. Click on Luvachicken her name, it will direct you to her “page”. There you can see a little envelope. If you click on it, you can send a message directly to her.
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    I used to have a tiny hen that would try and sneak out into the house at night to roost on my lap. And couldn’t bare not letting her in. I know how you feel.
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    Totally agree; I have a 16 yr old hoodie for most tech issues but he can't crochet!
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    Hi Henfriends! I cared for my son’s chickens a few years ago so when my holiday was cancelled in April I decided to get my own chickens with the refund. Now, I have an Eglu go-up,with two extensions, a large enclosure (which takes up half the ‘lawn’) and three girls. They are great fun and are completely daft, but quite friendly. I have a black Maran, an Oxford Brown . both laying well now, and an Emerald , who so far only seems to lay soft shell or even shell- less eggs. So I’m patiently waiting for a blue egg!
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    Children's garden tools are the perfect size for that kind of thing 😊
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    Hello Janty! i remember you and that we’d hoped to catch up while I was visiting my aunty in Lowestoft many years ago. it sounds like you’ve been through the wars and come out the other side: strength and health to you! I’ve not been on Omlet for years either. This summer I raised my first incy hatched brood and came on for advice (I’m leaving it to a sound broody in future....never again). hello to the rest of you.
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    Hi, just seen the other posts, so checking back with an update - in case it's ever helpful to anyone. Sandy the hen did absolutely great on her own, she really did. She was alone for six months until she sadly died lthis week from a tumour. Right to the end there was no loss of sparkle or enthusiasm for life. There was never any sign of her being lonely or having chicken depression at all. She stayed the same old noisy, inquisitive hen she'd always been. If anything she even flourished a little more from all the attention we gave her. Here's where I'd stress, we gave her a LOT of attention. I'm not sure if I was an honorary chicken, or she was an honorary human, but the lines blurred. As autumn came she started hanging out in the kitchen, by winter she had full run of the house. The eglu was moved out of the garden and into the (battered old) conservatory, to bring her closer to us. Everything became about making sure Sandy wasn't left without interaction. It was no hardship, it was great having her around! The only hiccup I ever noticed about her being alone was that in the dark winter evenings she didn't like going into the eglu on her own, it was too dark in there and she was nervous. We solved that by taping a small nightlight to one of the holes and leaving it turned on until she was all settled in there. Solved the problem straight away! I miss her terribly, but I really do believe she had a great time as a lone hen and head of the household pecking order over the last six months. Obviously I'd never chose to be lone-henned again, but if circumstances mean it happens again one day I'd definitely let a hen try on her own - maybe I wouldn't be so lucky second time around, but I'd give it a try.
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    Nooooo I missed the postie!
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