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    This made me smile - removing one of the broodies from the nest, to go in The Cage of Shame, and she balanced in my hand by fanning her tail like a beautiful flower. She's a gold pencilled wyandotte bantam
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    We are doing our best to keep the disruption to a minimum. I have amused myself this morning with the zapper. Trouble is, these people are always one step ahead. They are flogging a dead horse, posting in that script. Please, never click a link or engage in dialogue with them.
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    I often have to stop and think how lucky I am ...not sure I'd have anything near as interesting to fill a book though Got home on Sunday evening and had the most amazing time, I really do love India. Have lots of photos and stories to share so will get them on my laptop and make a post soon.
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    chickens are a great learning curve.
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    No worries! That’s what this forum is for!
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    I think it's Chinese too. I've been learning Japanese and the script here is all kanji. I'm pretty sure that if it was Japanese you'd see the other alphabets too. I was a bit sad and have looked through trying to recognise symbols and was quite pleased when I did.
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    Well without too much ado we packed up this morning and left Daventry behind. Both went separate ways - OH via Solihull I guess to get onto the M5. I went the scenic route and got on the M5 at Tewksbury. A good run and I arrived just after he had collected the keys from the estate agent in Wellington and then to the house. Couldn't resist a walk round first! But only the garden. We unloaded the cars and then wandered around. We found deer poopies and fox yukkies. The sheep are in the lower field and 4 are in the field next to us. Alphonso Pheasant was miffed at being disturbed. I have to do a bit of cleaning here, the old lady eyes misses some icky things. But I have a week to plan. 2 bedrooms done. Kitchen and bathrooms tomorrow. Internet is up and running (hey priorities right!) of sorts. But better than nothing so far. The mattress is up and ready for bed. DD made us some takeaway dinners for today (noodles and veg - she whipped it up last night) and although it was cold, we ate it outside on a bench. Our lady has left cushions for us to sit on the benches with so that was nice. A bit drizzley, sunny, warm and windy sometimes but lovely now. Unfortunately she hasn't left the key to the padlocks for the garage - and left the light on in there and we can't get to it! Luckily OH has a dremel and will be zzzzing the padlocks and replacing them with new ones tomorrow. And we have tons of apples! There are plum trees but quite poor, but the apples are laden! We also found blackberries that are yummy and sweet and lots of elderberries. No sign of sloes but perhaps it was a rubbish year for those considering they are related to plums. But hey ho. Next is to sort out where the chickens and the greenhouse are going. I think the funny little building was perhaps a pig sty at one time. There is a fishing net hanging in there at the moment! Oooh that reminds me, the pond has waterlilies and we have seen some huge dragonflies, as well as blue, speckled wood, gatekeeper, peacock - and the blooming cabbage white flutterbies. Will pop some pics on later after some yummies. DD made cinnamon fairy cakes for us to eat on the way - she even took the paper cups off so we didn't have to fiddle with them while we were driving. Needless to say OH scoffed all of his and I munched them for dessert. I did give him the last one though.
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    I don't often post pictures of my little bit of London. We're in an outer suburb which was dubbed Metroland in the 1930s due to the Metropolitan Line tube. I love my house, the people we bought it from were an old couple who had watched it being built. They lived in Chelsea and would travel out to the 'countryside' to see their new house. Anyway this is the walled garden of what used to be a Manor House built in 1500s. The area also has Battle of Britain bunker which is fascinating and has a new museum. This area is developing and discovering it's history which got a bit lost to be honest. It's nice.
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    My daughter has one. Victorian. It’s costing her a fortune in repointing! I tell her it’ll be worth it, but I’m not sure she believes me at the moment.
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    You'll also find that the smallest size TubTrug fits exactly in the round hole between the nest box and roosting area I empty the poo trays once a week, give the whole thing a bucket wash, spray with Total Mite kill ready to use spray and powder with Buz Busters.Once a month it all gets a jet wash, then spray and powder. I clean it a bit more in the winter as the birds spend more time in there.
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    I think it's incredibly sad to have list chickens and equally sad that people hate fixes so badly .they probably have more right to live where they do than our domestic pets. I feel it is my duty to protect my chickens they never free-range with out a watcher. There is so so much information out there that it saddens me and infuriates at the same time . If 1/4 inch weldmesh is used a fox cannot bite through it. Omlett has made a business of selling fox proof housing and runs . I do wish they'd add external bolts though to all the poo trays.. Please don't blame the fox. I for I welcome other people feeding them . A Fed fox is not as desperate as a hungry fox. Find time the fix welfare sites they have lots of information.. Foxes are living Amongst us. It is we that have to learn and keep up our defences
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    I think it’s 12 months Really easy to upload photos on the new forum, just upload the file below. Took this of Céline yesterday 😍
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    Our first evening from the ridge of the hill and the welcoming committee the following morning. Not named them but Aphonso Pheasant is here daily. The naughty sheep had escaped from the brown field and in all 23 had a right old time with the lush grass. Farmer came and got them the other day - but still 3 escaped later, only to be sorted out yesterday morning. They've not escaped since. You can see the little dew trail!
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    It has a lot of weeds Plum - mostly invasive couch grass. There is some sort of plastic below the stones but there is little euphorbia (not the spurge type, I think rock garden variety) that is overflowing into the gravel around the pond. The apple trees have been neglected and are in need of a big prune, but they are so laden that I'm wondering if they are happier that way. Perhaps it means smaller apples, dunno. Not been touched in over 10 years. Anyway speaking of apples here we go: Behind the outbuilding - not so much fruit on them but lots further round past the small gate. Small gate has a lovely wasp nest down a rabbit hole.
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    OK - a through the garden gate taster! That's by the kitchen door - the gate across the garden goes into our field.
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    Lovely looking trio!.. just put together a second hand Cube...just need the chooks...plan to get these when back off holiday.
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    I had a nice trip to the NHM today. I've been meaning to get into the butterfly house all season and with two weeks left I made it.
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    I agree with Lewis - I work in a vets practice and I know how much it costs to run - they have special Insurance also be paid and to keep up with the new treatments and the new equipment - CPD and drugs - everything costs a lot and is getting more and more - the years of training as its a long long time to become a vet and usually you have to see practice in the hoidays with no chance of earning money - vets typically come out with a huge student debt and their wages are not as great as you think. Chickens are becoming more popular as pets and are therefore treated as such rather than a commercial enterprise.
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    Not a brilliant photo I'm afraid as she was in the run and the other wyandotte was on the nest. As you can see, she is far too light for breed standards
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    I'm so sorry if this comes across as big headed, but I'm so over the moon I haven't been able to stop buzzing about it. 21 years after I left school, I finally got round to sitting my English this summer. I got my results today and I got a Grade 9 which is a grade that didn't even exist before. I'm told it's an A**!! I feel well chuffed, especially as kids are so smart these days.
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    And still busy typing away... Wish a user would be blocked automatically when more than 5 of its posts are reported... Btw I think they are Chinese... But that is my uneducated guess.
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    Wahahaha! Next time I’ll take a screenshot for you!
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    That is a very nice garden I bet Monty has a walled garden
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    Love to go to the Nutcracker too by the way! Love Christmas!
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    We made it through the hurricane. It’s good to know what to do if this should happen again. Thanks everyone!
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    Well luckily the tickets weren’t fakes! Personally I rather have a small venue than a big one. Hope you have a nice time!
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    I empty the poo trays and scrape off anything from the roosting bars every few days. I’ve had my girls for 4 years now and the Cube for about 2. At first I was really good and pressure washed the house once a fortnight, but I have to admit that now I only do it every couple of months.
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    There is a lovely shop in Bath called Wool - prob not the cheapest but lots of real wool both UK and from overseas.
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    Got 2 new girlies today. A silver Nick called Florence and A Maran called Penelope. My other 2 girlies sectioned off are giving them daggers. Rubee the fiesty got told off today for running at my wellie and agressivly pecking it " stop it you little bleep " i said loudly to her " otherwise you might find yourself dispatched" ( didn't mean it) I did note that the buliders over the way went very quiet probably thought I was telling them off. Please don't ask for pics I am hopeless with modern technology. Thornes in Herts have loads of POL's.
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    Good luck with that - let us know how you get on 😂
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    Just saw this. So sorry for your loss. It's so hard to say goodbye. Hope time has been a good healer x
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    Thank you mullethunter, that sounds great, especially being able to add it to the compost heap!
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    The signs are good then do it about an hour after she's been shut in, when she will be in a trance. I have used this method to add random chicks to an already hatched batch and it works well.
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    Thanks DM and thanks for all your advice. You wise ones on this forum are invaluable.
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    Mmmm. Lardy cake. Sooo good. Sorry no idea 🤣
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    I cannot crochet, only knit. I think crocheted baby blankets are great and very tactile.I always buy my foster babies a crocheted blanket from a local wool shop and love the way they clutch at it and it becomes their safety blanket.
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    Yes, hopefully qualify next summer after 8 years (did a 3 year undergrad first)! As BRR said, it's expensive and most students have to do 36 weeks of unpaid EMS placements to qualify. This summer I spent two weeks in a Travelodge so I could see practice at an Avian hospital and then a month volunteering at a charity neuter clinic in India doing surgery every day. It's completely my choice to go abroad but I had an amazing time, gained invaluable experience and I'm lucky enough that my parents paid for my flights, so I'm not playing the sympathy card It's just often people don't appreciate the reason for costs so just wanted to explain. That salary is particularly low but there's a grad scheme offering £18k which I'm looking to apply for next year because again, the case load is great so will learn lots. The rise of corporate practices is meaning less vets are becoming partners in the practice so don't gain the profits that way, it all goes to the corporate business.
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    Loved reading about your harvest and tips. Sugar snap peas did great. Tomatoes lots of them but slow to ripen, peppers and chillies have tiny ones, dwarf french beans did great, 6year old salad leaves didn't hatch. Carrots stumpy but good. Still fighting to save the flower garden from OH's lust for growing veg all over it. Oh and apologies if I've already written this, it's old age and memory
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    The label should say something about the gauge. Like the picture below. This tells me that if I use a 4 mm needle, I need to cast 24 to get a square of 10 cm wide. It doesn’t mean the whole ball will give me only a square of 10 by 10. It does also depend on your tension and how “tight” you knit or crochet. Best is to just start, write down what you are doing. And once you get a some idea about size, just weigh the ball or your work. Do something like 4 rows and see how much yarn that cost you, and you can easily figure out how far it will get you.
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    I think it’s the same with any healthcare (and to be honest education too). More possibilities and technologies emerge all the time, but the come with a price tag. All the equipment in a practice we expect today, needs to be bought and maintained. Same goes for things like smartboards in classrooms.
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    I was always taught that Churches, cathedrals etc were a place of sanctuary and therefore anyone and everyone was welcomed, whether rich or poor, black or white and whichever religion. I feel that they should be free with the option to make a donation of you want.
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    A couple of points worth noting: The presence or not of worms in the poo is no indication of whether you have a worm load; treat regularly with Flunbenvet anyhow. If you think that your birds have persistent worms, or tape worms, then your first step should be to take a faecal sample to your vet, or send one off to Retfords. This will tell you which worms your bird/s have and what you should be using to treat them. It's best not to guess Please don't rely on herbal/over the counter products to worm your birds - they are NOT licensed wormers and any possible effect is only anecdotal. I have personally seen flocks wiped out by folks who though they were worming, but were only using a herbal type product. worming can be a bit strong on their digestive system - this is when you should use a herbal gut conditioner to protect and maintain their gut flora. Sorry to be so specific, but I see a lot of problems with folks not worming properly, and birds dying unnecessarily
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    I would, before she catches it and does even more damage Vet wound powder will stop the bleeding after you have washed it Daft chook!
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    Well done AndyRoo! Amazing results! And like luvachicken said, not big headed at all, you definitely should be so proud. I've heard GCSES are super hard these days too! Congratulations!
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    Thanks everyone I've just ordered a 5kg bag of Marriages pellets. I think it's easier all round in the long run and it does save me having to mix it all up with my dodgy arm at the moment. Beantree, the trouble I had last time was with the expiry date. A brand new container only had a few months more on the date and I wasn't prepared to pay for something with only a very short date.
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    My girls have tomatoes occasionally but they don’t like them as much as I thought they would. Cammie the young campine is very much enjoying sharing a plum with me every day when I get home from work at the moment and she also really likes elderberries.
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