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    I did this one a little while ago and really want to draw more chickens! I keep getting distracted by other animals though - new camera on its way so I will use my girls (and William) as inspiration again soon I think......
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    Well this year has flown so fast, since the solstice the days have just escaped us. Today was as sunny as the day we arrived, although extremely hot. Spent the morning watering the veg patch and the afternoon mowing everywhere! OH still has his frozen shoulder but this week he had another injection at the cottage hospital by a specialist this time. He's hopeful, me too as I have been doing the heavy stuff. My upper body gets a workout but the lower bit doesn't! So as I look back we've done an awful lot - made apple juice, added a greenhouse, had a veg plot fenced, added more chickens, had a fox attack, seen loads of wild animals and insects, seen super sunsets, seen the sky at night as it should be! Harvesting all sorts and freezing, cooking, baking and storing. It's a bit hands-on at the moment! Mainly mine, while OH does the preserving. The weather has been extreme at times and we've had a battering but things are still standing - except for the washing line which was pulled out and bent beyond repair when it hooked onto the back of the mower and I didn't notice - ping, doing, snap! Oopsie! I've applied for my smallholding number - and now I wait. We have found an architect and builder and agreed to the plans that she's drawn up - to start next year but need to have planning permission first. We will be getting a barn with inside stables too. So a bumper crop of spuds, garlic, enormous onions, whopping great tomatoes, huge broccoli and it's not finished yet! The squashes are going crazy and winding down the plot! Some beans are doing better than others - I still think there is something in the compost, although only the beans have been affected. But since the last deluge, I think a lot has been washed away - the runner bean frame was blown over but the last lot of runners I put in seem to be faring better on the same patch although most had either perished or pulled up by the winds. The sacrificial beans seem to be OK, and some birds have been pulling up the plants - including the leeks, but now I've netted the leeks and no more damage. I've had a bank vole in the rear of the pickup and took it for a ride around the field - it dropped out when I stopped. I've had it checked and it's all hunky dory - apparently there would have been awful damage if it was a rat. Phew! I've towed another pickup out of mud, I've towed a trailer and piled it high with hay and driven it round to our new friends who helped us. I've made friends with one of the cats next door - but while the school holidays are here, he has been cosseted by his children pets, so squiffles are few and far between at the moment. I've bottle fed lambs and cuddled them, fed alpacas and had a jolly good time. I feel at home - it still amazes me that we made it. But the dream is definitely a reality now. Loving it - so is OH. All our visitors, both relations and friends (even the plumber!) love coming here - it is special indeed. These were the onions I sowed seeds - they are just as good, if not better than the sets! The sets have already been pulled and drying, some were done earlier. I'll be better organised next time - and I shall be adding soft fruit next year.
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    LOL! And some of those are locals! One woman reversed into a hedge and was diagonally across the road - nobody, not even a cyclist could get past her! She got very angry as she had to pull out of the hedge and several times she carried on hedge bouncing until there was a wide enough gap - which was only a few yards behind her. I think she expected me to reverse but I knew I'd passed a gap a while back and could see the gap on her side was/should have been easy for her to go back. I mean 15 blooming feet! I had an added bonus of having other vehicles behind me - mwah ha haaarrrr!
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    Finally got the teething rings in the post, so managed to finish this funky chicken.
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    I made this when we were on holiday in Cornwall last week. It's the first time I've ever had a go. I quite like him but really hated all the little glass splinters I got - no one else seemed to get them. I looked at how much kilns cost so not really a hobby to do at home, which is a shame.
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    Just been down the lane near our house picking blackberries..........very Beatrix Potter!
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    Promise! Last one for this holiday break! This piggy has been dormant for months... as it was supposed to be for Chinese New Year for a friend of mine...
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    After 2 ½ years of litigation in the French Courts Maurice the coq has been allowed to remain to sing. New neighbours, who had bought a holiday home complained of being woken up in the morning. This complaint has been seen as further erosion by the wealthy into the lives of the countryfolk. and is one on a long list which sparked the 'Yellow jacket' protests. Other previous noise complaints are church bells, donkeys and cows! The complainers have been ordered to pay €1000 damages as well. The judge decided that, as no-one else in the village had complained, there wasn't really a problem. Hopefully this case has set a precedent, because there is now another filed by a new holiday home owner concerned about the excessive noise of ducks quacking in the adjoining garden.
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    Chickens have spacial memory, so if you move their coop they may not be able to find it, especially if it doesn't match their picture memory. We discovered this when we moved a coop about 10 metres whilst they were free ranging. In the evening they were huddled on the lawn, in exactly the position where the coop was. After putting them into the coop they were fine next evening, having adjusted to its new location.
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    We 'fridged our jars as well and they are still going strong just over a year later....sterilised by taking them straight from the dishwasher into a hot oven. for a few mins. I also put a couple of basil leaves the oil too but that's personal taste!
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    The wildlife garden at the Natural History Museum. I haven't really taken much notice of it but that was a mistake, it's lovely. Hard to believe it's right on Cromwell Road.
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    Lol! https://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/thirsty-woman-goes-viral-after-getting-thirsty-about-a
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    I saw that too - ‘ooh look chickens and Cube’!!! 😂
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    I've finally finished the jacket I started back in April for my grandson. It took me forever, I'm so slow. The buttons are just decorative so they can take them off if they want. When his dad was little I made the postman pat and jess the cat for him. I managed to find the original pattern on amazon and thought it would be nice to make that for my grandson. That's going to take even longer I think.
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    Seems like we planted well, as the lunchtime news says that due to the heatwaves and drought the price of tomatoes has risen 30% on last year and the price of potatoes is up 50%!!! Makes all that watering worth it.
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    I remember about 8 years ago my son went to Reading Festival with friends and his cousin. They were soaked and frozen! I made sure his girlfriend at the time took our handwarmers that we had for walking - she said they were glad they had them! What a difference!
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    Soooooo clever - I am in awe CT. Kudos to you!
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    Yummy - on my way!!!! Have you read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver? I recommend it to all self-sufficiency folks.
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    I have an Omlet one, but I wish I hadn’t! It’s the one piece of their kit I don’t think is fit for purpose. Rats just wander in at will, and so can small birds. It cost me an additional £100 to cover with weldmesh to deter the rats. So, you are wise in getting a wooden framed one, covered with small gauge weldmesh. Avaries4U are no more but I’m sure there are others. I remember that Lewis bought ready made panels from somewhere in the Midlands.
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    How long does each one take, CT? I mean if you were going from picking up your crochet hook to putting the final stitch in having sew it together? Also how tall are they - its a bit hard to tell from the pics!
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    I use the galvanised troughs with the ant-climb guard on it to stop the little cluckers climbing in or pooing on the food
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    We live in Lot et Garonne, within a few minutes I can be in the Dordogne or Gironde. My nearest big town is Bergerac or a little further in the other direction Bordeaux. I recommend Bordeaux if anyone is looking for a nice city break. I live about an hour away from Cinammon. We have been here just over a year and are enjoying life. I have 8 chickens, who roam around the garden all day which is just over 3 acres, my neighbour has chickens and runner ducks, last count was 21 runners which spend the day between mine and their garden.
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    The new home looks lovely! Congratulations on a lovely move - even if things do bite. I think it's one of those years - horseflies are such a pain in the neck at the moment. Send piccies of the new chooks when they arrive! Lol luvvie - I like the sound of your orchard it's a start anyway - you just need one more to trigger it off - good news about the neighbour's oak going though.
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    Bienvenue en France, you will get used to laid back life, things at times can be a challenge but there is always someone to help. Are you on Facebook? there is a ladies in France group and chicken keepers in France page, may be of some interest. As Soapdragon says we now have a french contingency on the forum, You, Cinnamon, Beantree, Emmalou and Moi. A bientot
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