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    Ooh lots of lovelies! Well, what can I say - overwhelmed! Thank you Secret Santa, the hamper is super! So prettily presented, it has jingle bells too - and fork 'andles! I can see why no shaking - pretty decorated stones and glass! And thinking of Mr Val - he isn't getting his paws on this! My precioussssssss! 🤗 🤗 🤗
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    Well! What a talented swapee! Although I did wonder at first....
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    Merry Christmas! 🎄🎄🎄 I have opened my package and found myself an incredibly lovely little felted hen! Complete with beak and wee little feet! Thank you Omlet Elf! She did lay some sizeable eggs in the post though!
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    I’ve got a beautiful bear ❤️ And a lovely makeup bag and the top stitching is to die for!! 😍😍 thank you Santa!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎄🎄🎄🎄 merry Christmas all!
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    My parcel contained the most exquisite crochet tree decorations and some fab eco reuasable, washable make up/skin cleansing pads with matching washcloth - really useful as well as pretty! How clever is that!? Thanks you so much Secret Omlet Santa! Happy Christmas everyone!
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    Hi I'd cut out this cartoon from the free weekly Waitrose 'Newspaper' and put it on a board in the kitchen. https://www.annedwardsart.co.uk/products/chef-sue-chicken-crossing-a-road-print?_pos=2&_sid=a51456ecc&_ss=r OH contacted artist to ask about getting better quality copy - ended up buying me five of the original drawings (not prints or copies) - all featuring chickens (artist used to keep chickens and understands their personalities etc.) Also got https://www.annedwardsart.co.uk/products/chef-sue-chicken-salad-print?_pos=1&_sid=a51456ecc&_ss=r Am very pleased with them - just need to get them framed. Happy New Year everyone, H
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    Wow what amazing gifts and crafts you are all so talented. What a treat to see I've just got back from my son's. I've received these wonderful gifts just look Thank you so much my swapped I love the string trees very clever and the novelty snow baubles in a baubles and best of all the little chicken painting on an easel. Love it! Love them 😍😍😚😍
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    My little tree is up 😀 🎄 I had to buy it some new lights because it’s grown so much 🥰
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    Even if the cat toys don't last too long at least the cats have had huge fun with them and you have also had the fun of watching them! Happy Christmas, Cats!
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    Absolutely fine. My mums pretty old school with her chickens so rather than sensible, gradual intros she went for the bung the new girls in under the cover of darkness option. As it turned out the new girls were quite big despite being POL - biggest hybrids I’ve seen - so after a very small amount of argy bargy things were sorted. The old girl refused to associate with the newbies unless absolutely for a few days but now they’re gelling as a group. Very successful 😃
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    A friend gave me a needle felting book for Christmas . It's getting addictive anyone else had a go.
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    That's how I feel - I have been on here for almost 11 years now and although have only met a couple of people, everyone on here is an extended part of my family. My children are on their way back from Australia today and hopefully arrive on time tomorrow. They have also been in the smoke so it has been quite scary. I feel really sorry for all the people suffering in Australia, and all the animals too, Patricia I'm glad your family is safe xx
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    I hope this link works correctly. This little baby teasing her dad is so funny.
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    Well - Nicaragua / Costa Rica has turned out to be a bridge too far this year as on top of accompanying OH to Ireland for his fishing trip in September, his mother has decided she wants to take the whole family away in October (I suspect it will be Portugal which is lovely but can be a bit stressful as OH and I are quite different to the rest of his family) so that’s quite a lot of flying (which I now feel really guilty about) and cost. BUT - in a fit of feeling sorry for myself and that I had nothing to look forward to on the day after Boxing Day I’ve booked myself 3 days skiing at the beginning of Feb!!! I haven’t been for 12 years and I’m so excited!!!!!!
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    Oh my goodness those buttocks 😂 and please move the twig 😂 he's amazing well done. Very tasteful tree Cats Tails!
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    How gorgeous. Super fun for the puds. Pekin looks like she wants to play too.
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    Only three more sleeps till Christmas!
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    One of our young copper/ black Marans has just left an egg in the coop. They started their first moult in November so stopped laying then. Strangely neither has a red comb but one has been leaving large poos in the coop for a few mornings, which in our experience is a very reliable indicator of coming into lay. Eggs are rather infrequent for us now as all the other hens are over 6 and some will soon be 10, although we still got some eggs from all of them last year, albeit not many. Planning to get some new youngsters this year; we have all the equipment, just need to build the enclosure but it's rather cold at the moment to be outside.
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    Thanks for the reply soapdragon, it's appreciated. I looked at some ISA hens today
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    4.5 hours!!!!!!???? Mine only last 2 hours, 2.5 for the advanced one.... I couldn't talk for that long! I have the original designs, so a classic and mark 1 cubes - they are all a doddle to clean; I wouldn't have them if they weren't.
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    Sorry, CT but all find in south Oxfordshire too! Hope all resolves soon!
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    Is there any other type of chicken?
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    Happy New Year everyone! A new decade too......I was trying to explain to the boys about the year 2000 and how everyone was getting worked up about the computer clock ticking over into a new millenium. The world banking system was going to collapse, 'planes would fall out of the sky, missile controls would somehow launch etc. It seems laughable now but rather disturbing at the time; but here we all still are 20 years on . Thanks for being such a great, knowledgable, wise and supportive bunch - I do love The Forum!
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    I follow Cinnamon's progress on Facebook as they renovate their farm house. So talented and hard working. I realised when I searched I was going to get a lot of results for "cinnamon" on this forum! 🤣 x
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    Keep the classic for introductions and 'hospital' cases; I have a 15 year old classic (still in excellent condition) which I keep for that.
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    An update... madam is in the vets overnight for IV fluids and a barrage of blood tests, we will see how she is in the morning and if she's not taking food then, they will sedate and intubate her for feeding. Poor Rubes - this dog is built of boulders and NEVER poorly! Here are a couple of pics of them - she's the white one. The tractor photo is a few years ago - my hair is almost white now!
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    Oh goodness..... I thought of 'our' Cinnamon too and had a panic! However, I'll have a look at the website and see what is local to me! Thanks for flagging up!
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    Love them! I’m a fan of stuff like that!
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    The book I have which is needle felted workshops by Jenny Barnett gives step by step really clear instructions and pictures to follow so you can just do it or go on and add your own interpretation as well. So get a book and have a go. Like Valkyrie says lots of topics. How about a mushroom? 🙂
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    Mark 1, all built just need to plan permanent site
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    Don’t delay the inevitable!
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    Beantree, our neighbours dog was rushed to the vet on Wednesday with the same symptoms, turns out she had eaten walnuts that were on the ground, according to the vet it is a very common problem especially at this time of year as the walnuts are degrading and are very toxic. Glad your dog has recovered.
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    Works perfectly! Would have more options with the paid version of the app, but it’s a nice gadget.
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    If you have an old iPhone lying around, you can get a free app that will turn it into a security camera. The old iPhone will act as camera, your new(er) phone as viewer. You can get iPhone 5 for a few pounds on the internet and the app Alfred Camera will do the rest! Have my old phone set and ready to spy on my chickens all day tomorrow!
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    http://ebay.us/Sc68j7?cmpnId=5338273189 Eglu classic added to ebay today
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    That sounds great! We’ll be your marketing team. How about Chicken Likin, Dr Cluck ( as in ‘come for a consultation with Dr Cluck’) Clucking Times, Chick Fest, The Hentastic Times, Nesting Time, Roosting Time, Roost and natter ( like Knit and natter) Come perch with me, Egg and Tips, Crow and claws...... I think I’ll have a lie down now......
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    I am happy to give a step-by-step guide, but appreciate that it's probably not something which everyone will want to read. I use 2 methods - a hatchet for bantams and the broomstick method for full-sized birds. PM me if you'd like a description of how to do it.
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    Someone has just listed a cube and some classic in Gloucs. Personally, I'd get them over the 2nd generation models any day, but it's your choice.
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    Gelukkig Nieuwjaar iedereen! En een goed uiteinde! I do love this forum too! My mom still finds it slightly peculiar/special to have such contact with people I don’t know! Yes... trying to explain the millennium to young ones.... I had to explain how to use a “normal” phone (one with an attached horn) to an 18 year last month... “Yes dear, you first take the horn and hold it to your ear. No... the other way around... Now type in the phone number. No no... use the numbered buttons.”
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    Oops! I was given some tools and books and found a local group so I'm looking forward to having some fun and no finger piercing. I made a rice bag which makes it less likely.
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    I've finally found a craft that I feel excited about. I struggle with most crafts but this one is very forgiving. I made some tiny fairies for cracker type gifts and the rabbit and the dark angel for my black tree. We don't have a proper fairy for our tree and tried to think of something that might be peculiar to us. So the pipe cleaner skeleton should hopefully become a sumo wrestler fairy because we all love sumo.
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    MH - please PM me your address and I'll post off to you after Christmas; sounds like a great re use!
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    Oooh, think I might have been in that shop and bought a Padstow bauble 😊
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    Some Japanese decorations. I like the reindeer made from baby footprints. My little grandson was a reindeer, in a box because he is only just learning to walk! I deliberately blurred the picture for privacy. I was so pleased to see the Christmas show and they all 'sang' Humpty Dumpty. Japan has a lot of fun with Christmas without actually celebrating it!
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    Definitely a Cat Tails thing! And I do warn you, incredibly addictive!
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    Deep down I agree but they don't have a very long life span and pellets are so boring. I have tasted them and they are like cardboard. There little faces were smiling when they were tucking into their takeaway meal. Peter
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    A rather belated happy new year to you all. I hope this will be a good year for everyone. I hope to be a bit more active this year. I doubt if I will get any chickens too scared of neighbour kicking off again. I do miss them.
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