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    People are so lovely; I stopped yesterday to give first aid to a bloke who had taken off a big strip of his scalp when he collided with a road sign. While I was kneeling on the ground beside him, stemming the bleeding - two ladies came over to offer assistance. One walked the man's distressed 9 year old daughter home to her mum, the other brought water and blankets. Then a police officer stopped to help, and when the ambulance hadn't arrived after 40 minutes, he ferried the injured man (and me, compressing the top of his head) to A&E. Made a bit of a mess of his patrol car! The injured man's wife has just called round and given me a JLP gift card as thank you, they are so sweet...... he has a monumental headache. Faith in folks restored. Karma will bite the bum of the youth who saw the accident, laughed and walked on by.
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    Husbands? Children? Travel Agents? Dogs/Cats? Electricians? The bloke behind the deli counter in Waitrose? Goodness, I'd love to know 😏! What a teaser!!!!!!!! I have been putting out a box of books on our front wall as the charity shops have been shut and out bedroom is right above; we have had the window open in the hot weather. I have been in hysterics at some of the comments overheard. One chap was out with the dog and clearly decided to 'phone his wife as he trawled through the box and updated her on what was available.........'No nothing sexy but there is a Jilly Cooper..oh and a few Dick Francis. That sounds a bit sexy....shall I grab one? There's one on natural cleaning. OK, not your thing then. It's a very eclectic selection, they must be a funny bunch'. I really wasn't sure how to take that!!!!!!!!!!
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    I have a Playmobil face mask! You can was in the dishwasher and it has a filter compartment where you put the paper filter in. Haven’t worn it yet, as we only have to wear them in the public transport and I luckily can get everywhere by motorcycle or bicycle.
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    Just been on the news was an article about these masks printed with the lower half of the face. They had a setup in a supermarket where you went to a photo booth and the picture came out onto a transfer print which was then heat/pressure applied to a mask. The staff are wearing them in restaurants and bars apparently, but at 22€ for a mask than can only be washed 8 to 10 times it's not something I'd buy (and some would say my face is better covered).
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    I'm having a wonderfully amusing morning envisaging a set of circumstances that could result in that youth colliding with a traffic sign in such a way as to bite off a strip of skin from his hairy backside in karmic payback.
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    Look at Patrick’s wattles swinging as he comes around the corner 😂😆😍
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    Second one is out now too 😀 It waited 21 hours after pipping! I thought it was dead as it had been so still, but took it out of the incubator, tapped it and held it to my ear and heard it cheeping!! I had to go out but OH texted me a couple of hours later to say it was hatching 🐣. So number 2 is now in the incubator snoozing and drying out, while number 1 (who was actually number 5) is currently racketing around with two mates I bought (because I didn’t think the second would hatch) showing them where the food and water are 😍
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    My recipe for a dustbath is to plant up your favourite flower pot, with your favourite flowers. It will be the best dustbath they have ever seen! Seriously, mine reject any I make and prefer to find their own
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    Do you like pekins Luvachicken? You should’ve said 🤣😂😉😘
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    I have my covered WIR on Thames clay with aubiose. It’s like cement! I have slabs around the external perimeter and half slabs around the inside perimeter. Stops tunnelling by unwanted guests. The aubiose is magic. Only replace it about every 6 months. Composts beautifully so not a drop wasted. Use ground sanitising powder weekly
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    Mine sleep outside on a perch in their run year round. They are bantams and instinctively want to roost high. The run is secure. The cube is just an expensive nest box!
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    Very slow to get things done here, but I'm gradually getting things in. Squashes are nearly all in - butternuts were my priority. The wind still does nothing for the beans. Out of all the runner beans (packets from last year) only one Greek Gigantes has struggled. I am convinced it is not the compost - it has to be the bean seeds. Perhaps it was a rotten year to harvest the seeds. But hey ho - I have some dwarf Borlotties struggling in the wind and some Purple Teepees looking great, but need to go in. Leeks are pricked out and we are harvesting some sugar snaps. The soft neck garlic looks puny compared with the garlic we grew last year. It has bent over and went rusty, but I guess it is time to harvest anyway. The garlic grown last year was so good that I ordered double the quantity this year and it looks really strong. The winds haven't bothered them at all - mini chunky telegraph poles! Shallots are looking great and the early onions are filling up nicely. Going up the plot, broad beans suffered a bit at first but looking strong in spite of the winds. Ready to pick a few by the looks. Blackfly did race me but I had lots to deal with. Next to them are the celeriac and I still have a lot to put in. Next bed is the sugar snaps and beetroot boltardy. Parsnips are better than last year but the flea beetles munched the radishes - some are going to seed, but I like the seed pods to eat anyway. On the other side of the parsnips the Purple Top Milan turnips went to seed - so much heat so soon! A couple of prepped beds spare and the we have calabrese, cauliflowers and kale. Not grown caulis here, so it'll be interesting. Opposite side are beds of spuds. The main crop is very slow but the others are coming on well. Then it is spare where we had the compost delivered. Next bed over is one big one and I'm planting in rows at right angles to the other side. I may adopt that on the other beds next year - still only the second season so learning and adjusting all the time. That bed is my squash bed. I'll be planting sweetcorn in that section too. Sweetcorn is hardening off ready to go. On the far bed is still the remaining bit of bought compost - not much left now, and the compost we made last year in the hay bales. It's looking super but we aren't doing the bales this year. All compost bins have been replaced in the veg patch which I now refer to as "The Killing Field" - because of all the rabbit legs left all over the place. In April we lost one of our ducks to Mistress Vixen, but a week later her wing appeared in the field. Now that was rubbing salt in the wound - so her "remains" which consist of her wing tip and lots of feathers will be laid to rest with my rhubarb plants. Of the strawberries I had a refund for the 20 plants that didn't grow, while the others were in the greenhouse and we had a small crop from them. They are a repeat plant, but they need bigger pots now. I saved 3 Casablanca spuds for my daughter, but lockdown stopped that and so they are now popping up in a deep tub near the greenhouse. Raspberry plants suffered too from the late planting even though they had been watered - the early crop is doing fine and making suckers which I'll plant up. From the mid-season I saved a sucker at planting time. Those plants also looked fine, but after the frost killed the tops, they look done for. Still the sucker plant is growing in the greenhouse in a pot and looks fabulous! As for the Autumn Bliss, all are sticks and never did much even thought the roots looked healthy and there were buds on most. Never mind, the beds are good enough and mulched so a few weeds popping up, but not the end of the world. Back in the greenhouse I've reorganised the paths and planting. At the south end we have 2 melons and aubergines. Along the west there are lots of peppers. Interesting that a lot of sun dried toms germinated so I've saved the bigger plants, two are on the north end by the door and when the remaining squash plants and gherkins are dealt with then there will be space for the tomatoes. Also self germinating is a purple chilli plant. I've already potted one up, but they are small so I don't expect anything from them this year, but will be overwintering in the house. In the centre bed are the tomatoes - two of each apart from the sundrieds and one Idli plant which is covered in little yellow flowers. A seed swap and an experiment. In between those I have space in the centre so I have two rows of different carrot varieties - one of which we grew last year in the greenhouse very successfully! With a rocky bottomed floor I didn't expect much but was pleasantly surprised! Spinach went over really quickly so am attempting some dill inside and sown some in modules/root trainers. Leeks are coming on nicely and have been pricked out into the rootrainers. The Ailsa Craig onions are almost ready to transplant and while the red onion seed was poor at germinating, they are picking up where they've been transplanted. I've saved some leftovers for the back of the aubergines, seeing as I had a little bit of success with my one unknown variety of onion last year! Also new are soya beans which should be planted out, but I think they need supports. Have pricked out the tops and they are shooting out from the bottom. I also have cabbage and sprouts to go out, some more beetroot - Burpees Golden and will be sowing some Chioggia as OH really liked that variety best. I'm also planting more French beans, and I've forgotten what else! Oh and we have 3 ducklings - one is the offspring from our foxed girl, so the little mixed trio will not be going for the chop! They are now 7 days old and growing fast. I think the darker one is a boy - but who knows!!!! Mum is Peppermint Patty. She is a little frustrated that they shovel their food up like little urchins and not refined like her. And why don't they scratch when I tell them! I can't wait to see what happens when I give them a little pool to play in on Monday. We have saved some strong plastic covers from our new smoke alarms - ideal for tiny paddling pools. I also can't wait for better weather so that they can play on the grass!
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    So sorry to hear this too. My daughter when she was very ill last year enjoyed adult colouring books. She couldn’t settle to watch TV or read but she found colouring in very relaxing. Perhaps a journal where she can note things the doctor/nurse says, treatments,side effects and her own thoughts. Sometimes you get home and can’t remember all the bits you were told. Lip balm was also something she liked and wet hand wipes.
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    Oh PL, sorry to hear that news. How very lovely that you are researching things to brighten her day up - I wish I had a sister like you! Personally I am a great fan of L'Occitane....they have lots of lovely treats and do a selection of things in pretty bags. Lots of floral scents.....I love their lavender but they have rose, cherry etc too. If she likes flowers then I'd really shout out for Bloom and Wild and their letterbox flowers. As the name implies, they are boxed to fit through a letterbox and come with ideas on how to arrange them. I use them for OH's dotty old aunt and neurotic step mother (but don't tell anyone I said that!!!) Having said all that, she may not cope very well with strong scents as chemo can make you feel icky and sensitive to strong smells....but might not. It's very individual. Not On The High Street have some very individual things (as the name suggests!!) so may be worth a trawl? Is she a scarf person? Seasalt have some nice ones, if so. Their handybands are tube scarves that can be pulled up over the face in lieu of a mask.
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    First one peeped a bantam at 20 days... very excited 😁
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    You know what Major? I agree - there are some absolutely lovely posties around, and counter staff too - especially those in the smaller sub-post offices. The RM can be very twittish though - many moons ago, they left what was an important parcel 'in the blue bin outside the front door', and posted a note through the letter box to tell me such. Thing is, that bin was out for collection that day, and the parcel was lost forever. It had no monetary worth, but was a beautifully handmade baby dress for R, made by my aunt out of fabric and lace from vintage family dresses which she had.
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    That makes a lot of sense. We have a nightly rigmarole when the girls are getting ready for bed that one bird will go up into our mk1 cube and then sit in the doorway. A queue forms on the stairs until at least one other bird gets tired of waiting and pushes past. Most often, the bird in the doorway will then get up and move out of the way allowing the other girls to get in. The last bird in will try to sit in the doorway but be pushed or cajoled out of the way again by the dominant girl and, that being settled, I'll shut the door and we're all set for the night. I always thought that was general lack of sense on the chickens' part, but now I'm pretty sure it's the result of each bird trying her luck at improving her social standing if only for a few minutes.
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    What worries me is that this is exactly what happened the week before lockdown, and if this causes another spike we could be right back where we started. Except we won’t be because I can’t see how the country can afford that, so just a lot more people could die. Also, quite apart from anything else, why does anyone want to go to a beach so crowded? Why wouldn’t you just turn around and change your plans when you saw it?!
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    You can wait until the first hen starts laying, which might not be before they are 24 weeks. 21 weeks is a bit early for most bantams to start laying.
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    We are in SW Florida (hot and humid) and we have taken the dropping tray out of ours cube so air circulates more easily. we have a layer of straw underneath the coop so can easily clean poop away from underneath Our cube is inside a walk in run so we’ve also put a shade sail over the top of the run to keep the cube cooler in the day. And a “mister” Hose to spray the top to encourage cooling by evaporation also training climbers to grow over top of run to increase shade/cool
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    Erm, me ???? Just a little bit
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    If you ever have bolted radishes, don’t snip those flowers! Radish pods are maybe even better than the radishes themselves. Lovely and peppery. Never tried rocket pods, but might be similar?
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    I wonder if, when they marry or live with someone, then that person sees them first thing in the morning. What a shock for that other person! Hahahahaha! I shouldn't laugh but - imagine the shock of seeing your child born having different features - you'd suspect some naughty goings on! Oh well at least they aren't having surgery . . . yet. Edited to add - it could be fun if you want to go to a fancy dress and look like an alien or something like the creature from the black lagoon!
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    They won’t start laying for quite some weeks don’t expect any eggs before 22 weeks, so that’s at least another 7 weeks to go. Have a look at grower pellets. They are a lot less wasteful than mash. Just googled and petsathome have grower pellets in 5 kg bags. There is no harm in keeping them in longer. Young bantams are small enough to become prey to all sorts. And they are very quick and flighty if you need to catch them again.
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    That's interesting, I had never heard of that and just looked it up to get more info for myself. I always say that I'm always learning with chooks. That's a new one for me. Try not to let it get you down too much. I know it's hard but again it's a learning curve for next time. Mostly it works well with Mum's and chicks, I've found anyway. And don't expect it to happen or it just might! Think lovely big baby growing all the time into a beautiful swan (well, pretty hen!!) and hopefully not a boy!! Unless you want one! That's the only reason I don't hatch anymore, I have 20 hens and 5 boys! What a great photo!! Her feathers are a gorgeous colour!!! We do love our ladies!!!!
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    Hi Patricia I've put a couple of perches in as well as a few logs and a dirt bath made from low round plant pot. Here is a picture of my first ever flock. There's Fanta (blacktaiil), Pepsi ( rhode rock), Vimto (bluebell), and Sprite ( the blue egg laying experiment that intrigues me. It's gold, cream and grey with a crele pattern and a crest and maybe a beaRd?) Its hard to get a photo of them all together!
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    I miss my friends. I’ve lived in halls and student houses for 8 years surrounded by people all the time so it’s been strange not seeing them. This week I should have been back at Uni watching my friends in the year below graduate. I miss the pub quiz, seeing regular strangers every week.
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    Hello, remember me? Just thought I would say Hi from sunny France, where we relocated to almost 4 years ago now. The renovations at La Ferme Sauvage are still ongoing - we spent 2 years in a caravan but now have the luxury of a proper bedroom, running water.....................and soon we will be cracking out The Cube & chickening ourselves up once more, I hope. It is Fox central here, so we will have to build a Fort Knox pen to keep the little sods out, as well as making it wild Boar proof...should be interesting While he builds, I crochet....a new skill that has helped my anxiety & general wellbeing an awful lot. I was asked to post a photo of a blanket I made for our new bedroom, so here you go. I know a few of you follow us & our adventures in The Dordogne on Facebook (Hi Christian!) , & it anyone else is interested in what we are up to, here is a link to our Blog page there. https://www.facebook.com/fermesauvage/ A bientot, Sarah x
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    So sorry to hear! I have no advice to give other than don’t despair and don’t give up.
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    Being very careful with no contact from supplier who was amazing, thanks Newland Poultry! We finally have birds 2 x Pekins and 2 x Silkies all safety tucked up for the night (with a gentle hand up) now will keep them in run till next Weekend then give them run of the garden when home. (Which at the moment is all the time.) Will eventually replace the ugly breeze blocks with some nice heavy pots. Should I put anything in the run to entertain the girls during the day and how soon before I worm them? Cheers
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    The lavender bird? Looks a lot like a boy... sorry
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    Accidents outside our house are pretty standard but I took some photos this time. The bus got stuck and I was really worried about the little tree the council recently planted outside. We've been asking for trees for years since the old ones were run over. Traffic got really backed up until OH went out to take charge and they jumped the car out of the way. He's ex traffic so it's in his DNA now. The bloke in the background who drove into the parked car did nothing to help, just turned his back on the guys while he took notes. I took against him tbh. I do enjoy a bit of street theatre.
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    Thanks Mullet - I thought so too. Calmness reigns in the nursery again and the three chicks seem to be ok - fingers crossed. x
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    Do they all smell OK? Don’t want to worry you but I’ve been reading loads about all the awful things that can be set newly hatched chicks - ‘mushy chick’ can kill them in the first couple of weeks - think it’s basically bacterial infection - and they would normally smell bad. Other than that I guess it’s possible that it was dehydration - I reckon swapping the aubiose for kitchen paper will sort that out. Fingers crossed for your chicks x
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    It’s simply a problem not of their making. Their customer service is normally first class. All I can say, is that, apart from the WIR, ( my pet hate!) you’ll find it worth waiting for an Omlet product. Alternatively, search for a preloved MK 1 cube- the best coop they ever made in my opinion.
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    So sad. It always seems to happen to the special ones...
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    I guess that like most other businesses, their supply chain has been disrupted by the side effects of Covid-19. It's a shame for all small companies, and while I can understand your frustration, we all need to show a little understanding at this time.
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    Oh, I read that and had a moment of dizzying delight at the thought that hairdressers would be opening sooner then expected - doh!!!
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    You would just end up with a clumpier mud I think. Place your coop and run on paving slabs and if you consider using aubiose, your run needs to be dry.
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    I know others really don’t like the Go, and I can understand their criticisms, but my main issue with it is that the chickens don’t seem all that happy sleeping at ground level. So although I think the Classic is probably a great house, I wouldn’t have one for that reason. I kept 4 bantams in a Go for a couple of years and they were fine, but they hate it if they ever have to temporarily go back to it. For that reason I’d go for a second hand mark one cube if you can find one and have the space, or a Go Up if you need something small. The only thing I don’t like about the Cube is that I don’t think it’s particularly attractive.
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    I dithered choosing between Green Frog and an Omlet house. In the end I went to visit the maker in Dorset on the way back from a family holiday. ( I was mighty popular with my three, tired children!!). I liked the fact that Green Frog uses recycled plastic and all the products are manufactured there in Dorset. I also really liked the separate nesting boxes and the perches. However, I thought the insulation on the Omlet products was probably a good idea, and (superficial person that I am) I greatly preferred the 'look' of the Omlet products. In the end, the decision was made for me as I managed to get a second-hand Classic with run. I've only had it three weeks but am really delighted with how easy it is to clean, how comfy the chickens seem and how nice it is to look at! In Omlet terms, I have used a friend's Go Up and at school I use a Cube, and I don't like either as much as the Classic.
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    I think that I need to get mine some peck toys. I have a wire ball thing that came with the Eglu - I’ll put some some treats in for them tomorrow. I gave them some grated carrot and cut half a courgette in half lengthwise for them which they loved! Ordered wood chip today and being delivered on Thursday - thanks for the advice everyone!
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    I’m relatively new so I’m sure a grown up will answer soon, but in the meantime... I’ve got woodchip on patio slabs, but read the posts about aubiose as I’m thinking of changing...... I suspect your own may not last very long within the fencing. They are remarkably destructive little things.... or that might just be my bantams! I clean the house out once a week, I’d think that’s sufficient. I also sprinkle netted ground san in the run at this point. I rake through but there’s no obvious poo. I’ve added an extra bag of woodchip and will swap it all out at somepoint. My slabs are just laid on the soil, not proper patio style.
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    I does look like a hosta. But keep it next to a slug and see what it says! 😅
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    I think the problem is that "a trip to the seaside" doesn't just involve travelling until you've run out of land and then spending some time there. It's a phrase that deserves its own capital letters: "A Trip to the Seaside", since it's loaded with significance in the same way that "the mother-in-law" is a Les Dawson-esque parody of a maternal despot, not just a parent of one's spouse. I grew up - and still live - close enough to the coast for spontaneous visits to be practical. As a result, I, and my kids since, have developed a great love of beachcombing. I love being on the sea and I find coastal wildlife fascinating, so it's a destination of choice when availability of time and camera coincide. There's also something about the glint of light off some wet mud flats once the tide has gone out that is powerful enough I an almost smell the salt just thinking about it. However, I do not, have never and never will own an inflatable, and firmly believe barbecues are best kept for gardens and campsites. Oh, and a "Kiss me quick" hat has just been misspelt; obviously they had a surfeit of Ss when they ran out of Ls.
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    Yes, the virus issue is serious and yes, people are dying. However, admitting and discussing our inconveniences is a perfectly reasonable part of living within the new normal; it's only when people start complaining about their lot that they come across as putting themselves first and therefore trivialising things. For me, the thing I miss the most is meeting up with the parts of my family that aren't within my household. My mother, for instance, only lives a few miles away but she's old enough to be in the "vulnerable" category, lives on her own and is really feeling the isolation. We can certainly videoconference and that helps a lot, but what she'd really like is to meet up with us and it's difficult to see the longing in her face and not jump in the car. That said, the recent relaxing of meeting up does mean my son, who's a keen cyclist, can include her house in some of his rides and have a good chat sitting in the garden at a suitable distance and being waited on hand and foot by a grateful granny with too much baking time and not enough appetite. Win/win. Roll on the day everyone can pile on round ours for a big blow-out barbecue. In the meantime, I'll content myself with the idea that the lockdown markedly improves the chances of my still having family to invite round.
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    Ahhh to be in rural Devon squiffling chickens floofy bits! Sounds like Heaven! It always amazes me how these critters all have such completely individual characters and know just how to manipulate their owners.
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    A few tips. Shade • Providing respite from the strong sun is very important. If the hens are free ranging, they will seek out shady spots under bushes etc. • If they are to be confined to the run on a hot day, you can provide shade with an Omlet shade, or by draping the run with an old sheet or duvet cover. In exceptionally hot weather, if you spray it with water, it will help cool things down even more. • Hens will try to seek shade in all sorts of interesting places. Be extra careful that they don’t find themselves trapped in a shed, coldframe, greenhouse or a bucket or plant pot that may tip over. Water • It is absolutely crucial that there is plenty of water available. If you have to be out during the day, it is a good idea to provide an extra drinker (or two) so that they can drink freely. • Adding a handful of icecubes will keep it cooler for longer. • Chopping up cucumber or grapes and putting it in a dish of water will encourage them to take in more fluid, as they ‘bob’ for the pieces. • If you have a broody hen, encourage her off the nest to take a comfort break a couple of times a day, and try to ensure that she has a big drink. • Soaking dried grains such as wheat in water and giving it to the broody is a useful way of getting more fluid into her. • Adding a supplement such as Lifeguard Tonic to the drinking water can help them with the stress aspect of really hot weather. • Place drinkers in the shade to minimise evaporation. Galvanised drinkers can get extremely hot. Bald chickens • If your hen has bald patches, they will be vulnerable to sunburn. A bit of factor 50 suncream applied to the area will protect it. • Some like to apply sun screen to combs and wattles on very sunny days. Housing • So long as your set up is secure, you can leave the Eglu door open at night, so that the hens can cool down. Parasites • Summer is the time when red mite are at their most active, and a hot hen will be vulnerable. It is a good idea to have a strict regime of cleaning the housing with a product such as Poultry Shield. • Diatom or red mite powder can be applied to the bird as a preventative, and diatom can be used in the housing. • There are products such as Eprinex (not licensed for use on poultry in the UK) which can be applied to the birds as a preventative and treatment. • If you have a broody hen, she will be particularly vulnerable to attack by red mite, so extra vigilance is crucial. Normal behaviour in hot weather • Your hen may pant to lose heat. This is perfectly normal. • Your hen may stretch out and hold her wings out to the side in order to lose heat. This too is perfectly normal. • Your hen will eat less and may produce fewer eggs. • Your hen will sleep more during the day. Signs that your hen might not be coping with the heat • Floppy comb • Excessive panting • Collapse Emergency treatment • Syringe water carefully into beak • Wrap in a cool damp towel. Don't stress the hen further by plunging her into cold water. • Place in a cool dark room Other tips • Taking safety and the fox into account, it might be worth letting them free range earlier in the day, when the air is cooler and the sun is lower in the sky ...or in the evening. • If you close them in at night, you could open the coop door earlier than usual to allow them to eat whilst it is cooler, again, bearing safety issues in mind. •If there is no hosepipe ban in force, you could gently spray them with water, periodically, or set up a lawn sprinkler. • Corn. As this has heating properties, it might be as well not to feed this during excessively hot weather.
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    I cannot understand the desire to go to High St shops. But each to their own - so long as we don’t have a spike. I don’t see us going out into the wider world for a while, but when it happens it will be to local shops. Went for a walk in the Buckinghamshire countryside this weekend with grandchildren. Didn’t see a soul otherwise. Waved as I went past again Soapy! Maybe one day soo, we can meet up. A neighbour has just stocked up with chickens this weekend. Rationed to two as there is a waiting list of 400! She got hers because she was an old customer. Most of the 400 are new customers. Wonder if they know what they are doing? Another place is selling day old chicks to anyone who comes along! Are there no regulations about this? Feels dangerously akin to cruelty - like puppy farming to me
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