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    All I have are the cats, the chickens, and the fish. It's not like I've asked for an aviary, pygmy goats, a puppy, tree frogs, a tortoise, and some mice or anything... *nervous laugh*
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    I was stalking bees in the garden and I'm dead pleased with these two pictures.
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    I just saw this on Facebook 😂
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    Yesterday I was stalked by a snake, plenty wrong with that! I have also discovered 2 sets of annoying pests. Some small beetles have decimated my hollyhocks, the leaves are like lace. And some small slugs (red on one side) have eaten a lily, I am doubly furious as I only have one of these plants and normally there is no sign of slug life here. Grrr. On the plus side, I got an email yesterday titled 'Baby Sussex', my first thought was chicken, not royalty!
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    Yes, they were very slack in allowing him to stay on, especially in the light of the people that his job exposed him to; he should have been 'suspended pending investigation'. He has gone now, and off the back of it, she, and the uni equality chaps are working with HR to draw up a decent disciplinary procedure, so all positive now. Like me, she won't stand for unfairness.
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    I've joked about getting a Pug for a few years but because of the problems with brachycephalic breeds I would never actually buy one. One of the charities I have fostered for before posted her and I knew this was my chance! Lilo is a Frenchie/Boston Terrier (not actually sure!) who was kept in a crate for the first 8 months of her life. She weighed 6.5kg when the charity took her on. She came to me a few weeks ago, has put on about 2kg and come into season which is typical timing as she was booked in for spaying this week! She's surprisingly fast, keeps up with our other dogs and her breathing isn't too bad compared to some others I've seen. I'd be tempted but luckily she has an adoptive home sorted in Italy
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    It sounds to me like Rich has his work cut out stopping your house becoming a menagerie 😂
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    There are regional differences, but down here hello is 'bonjour' at any time. Goodbye on the other hand is time and day related, so 'bonne soirée, bonne jounée or bon weekend. Seems the 'ée' is added in the singular, so 'cette année' is this year, but 10 ans is an age in years. Can't understand it all myself, but one thing I have learned is literal translation doesn't work. A pothole in the road is a 'nid de poule' or 'chicken's nest' as an example.
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    If you have a sore throat - chat dans la gorge ( cat in your throat ).
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    Thank you all - her Omlet Family She is currently interviewing with the BBC, Telegraph and Metro; I will post links when they are available. Lewis follows her on facebook, and I know there's a whole thread there with the official statements from the uni as well. She and her group are to be commended for their actions, and drawing in other groups to increase the sphere of influence. It is beyond the pale that the uni considered it OK to allow this guy to continue to work in the gym (where people normally feel quite vulnerable in their attire) and even sent on an expenses paid training trip, without any proper disciplinary procedure or suspension pending investigation. It makes my blood boil!
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    We have a dutch word called “appelflauwte” or apple weakness. Which you say when you are feeling weak and sort of near fainting.
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    I've luckily managed to dodge most of the media frenzy about the baby. I saw a couple of news clips on Twitter of older women literally screaming with excitement about a baby they've never met
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    Fabulous photos. Nothing wrong with stalking bees!
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    My grandson just had his first Boy's Day and his Japanese family got together to celebrate. They included us by sending photos of their day which was very nice. Here is a short, interesting video that explains Boy's Day well. We were in Japan on Girl's Day once and saw the flags, lanterns and shrines dedicated to them all over the place.
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    The version, including extended run, she is advertising there has a new price of £850. It definitely doesn’t appear greedy to me. But to each there own.
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    I knew you’d come to the rescue, Cat Tails!
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    Yes, PL. As Soapdragon says, guilt is written into our DNA. I’m just trying to be there more for my grandchildren, but it’s much easier as the pressures aren’t the same.
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    Bit like me Patricia - I do that too.
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    Well this was posted not long ago: no clue if this is anywhere near you as I’m not a Brit.
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    No, he hasn’t died! His ‘flock’ has dwindled to two very elderly ladies of 10+ and as I’ve decided not to expand this little group again, I decided it was only fair to rehome him. He’s only around 5 and would love some ladies. So, I put him on a Cockerel ‘dating’ FB site called Big Red Rooster. He has been snapped up by a lovely couple who live on a small holding about 45 mins away. I took him over this morning and not only has he a purple cube to live in ( his old one is Blue) he has 10 ladies now! The enormous WIR is attached to a stable block for shelter and has two separate areas. And, it is perched on a hillside overlooking West Wycombe in the Chilterns, so if he gets tired of his ladies, he can gaze at the view. I left him strutting his stuff! So, I’m left with Willie, formerly known as Millie, a millefleur Barbe d’ucle and his two wives, and kept separately, the two pensioners. It seems very quiet here as Willie is not competing with Phillip. The end of an era. I feel quite sad.
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    Thanks PL - who knew food could look like that! I have an ex-pro chef staying at the moment, when inspired I think I am going to make him some interesting looking nibbles. We are having enough trouble eating our chocolate easter rabbits in a responsible way, I caught guest eating my OH's rabbit's ears at lunchtime, then rearranging the foil so it looked like the ears were still in there!
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    Having lived here for two years I have not figured out the Bon soir question, you can be in the supermarket and the checkout person will say Bonsoir to the person in front of you so when it's your turn and you say Bonsoir they reply with bonjour. Our French neighbour says its when its dark but who knows. My favourite French saying is ' tomber dans les pommes' nothing to do with apples but means I have fainted.
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    My husband is home on Easter Sunday! I truly can't remember when he was last at home on a Sunday let alone Easter Sunday. Maybe thirty years ago. He's always worked them. We're being all traditional, he's cleaning the van on the drive while I do a roast then we're going to chill in the garden with newspapers and beer. We usually have our weekend on week days. It's strange that this actually feels different.
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