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    So very true:
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    Update after two winters with the Cube. I have a storm proof green house(12m2) where I first dug up some of the ground (excuse my English but I hope it's understandable), so when I go inside it is a bit deeper so I could build up a thicker layer of wooden chip and straw. It has been a really great solution, especially if the sun decides to come out so it gets a little bit warmer some days. My girls seems to like it. Next season I will try to turn the straw regularly to see if it can get a little bit warmer on chilly days. So as long as I don't decide to have more chickens this works great.
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    Bucking up thought for today:
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    She’s the spit of my Duck 😍 (almost had a VERY inappropriate spelling mistake there 😂). I’m currently using the smaller trig than that in the recovery run for Shirley (see photo in ‘Another Dog Attack’ thread). In my permanent WIR I have that size trug inside an old car tyre. It takes up a lot of space but they love to perch around the tyre and it’s nice and heavy.
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    The Portuguese news said yesterday we have 5 ventilators per 100,000 pop, and Germany have 38, so perhaps the French news was wrong. Although I have to say I take everything with a large pinch of salt and am not trusting anything to do with stats. OH is a keen cyclist, apparently he is allowed out, but to be on the safe side if he does decide to go out he will cycle down to the village with panniers, buy food and cycle back. Its only about 12 miles round trip but involves masses of climbing, its too much for me unless I am on an ebike. So, one must be alone in a car in France? Is that an actual rule? We were in the Algarve earlier this week visiting young relatives to make sure they were OK. We arrived to find that Spain had locked itself down during our journey and said nobody allowed on beaches amongst other things. At that point we were allowed on ours, and I believe we still can use them. I realise that if there are hordes of people its not a good idea, but in March thats really not an issue, there are miles of empty sand. I would have thought its a cheap blessing, to get good clean air, paddle or swim and feel the sun on your face, no need to touch anything or breathe over strangers. DM - My Mum told me that this morning her elderly diabetic neighbour had had a call from her granddaughter who was self isolating, asking her to fetch some groceries. Which she did and she kindly brought my Mum some things as well as I have been failing for days to get an online delivery slot anywhere (although actually I was up at 4am today, and by some miracle a few had become free, hurrah!) What is wrong with people, to ask a vulnerable family member to go out (there are plenty of other local family members)? PL - we can't get avocado oil, but I am considering learning whether olive oil can be used instead. I know my Mum has always used almond oil, but I don't want to go round smelling like an olive! Currently I use Palmers something or other which smells of cocoa. A friend of mine used to use it, until someone told her she smelled like a cake! Valkyrie - your Mum should get together with my MIL, a Yorkshire lass as well! She is 92 and has Alzeheimers. Yesterday she told OH that she was younger than my Mum (she isn't) and that was why she attracted lots of admirers😀
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    I think you're being very sensible Jude - had your trip been a couple of months ago, you could well be caught out there. And equally, in a couple of months from now - we could all be through this. Absolutely the right thing to do. My dad and I are going on our annual holiday together in a couple of months and we are just sitting it out right now - we're insured in case it is cancelled, but still looking forward to it. Realistically, he is 88 now and this may be the last time we are away together.
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    I went to Paris yesterday with my daughter. I took a couple of snaps of how the work is progressing on Notre Dame and also my favourite picture of the day near Sacre Couer.
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    We are starting to video message more with my Japanese family. I was very sad and angry about missing seeing them and to be honest I don't know if we'll see them at all this year now. Our grandson is 15 months and loves climbing and he was so proud to show us his little indoor slide. I can't stop seeing his beautiful proud big grin. We're getting into the habit of weekly short but sweet hellos. I was really pleased because I asked in Japanese what his teddy bears name is and he answered me. I don't think either of us knew what the other said but it was still wonderful.
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    DD made a giant macaroni cheese and a Japanese curry soup and quite randomly some Yorkshire Puddings. One of my sons ordered a chemistry set so we've also been doing that and binge watching The Outsider. I got a nice walk in round the streets this morning and by chance met an elderly neighbour in her front garden. I'd been worried about her but didn't know where she lived. Apparently 'Frank' has been getting everything she needs so that's good.
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    Day 10 of sunshine - with more clouds but plenty of blue in between. They've let the dairy cows out today - they all marched over to a field somewhere out of my sight - probably across the road further around. I bet the cows are soooo happy that when they reach the field they'll be galloping around like calves for a short while! There are more cows in the dairy yard, so their turn next. Not much of a wind, but when it does blow it is blooming cold!
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    Aren't dwarf bean seeds a funny shape! They look like scrummy sweets, like tic-tacs! I sowed some direct a few days ago, first time, I thought they might be OK as not as hungry as runners, which nobody grows here, but not sure they'll ripen fast enough before the severe heat. I think neighbour sowed them in Aug/Sept last year to ripen through the warm autumn. Double sweet peas - you'll have enough blooms to cheer yourself and somebody else MT, which has to be worth it right now!
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    Being very careful with no contact from supplier who was amazing, thanks Newland Poultry! We finally have birds 2 x Pekins and 2 x Silkies all safety tucked up for the night (with a gentle hand up) now will keep them in run till next Weekend then give them run of the garden when home. (Which at the moment is all the time.) Will eventually replace the ugly breeze blocks with some nice heavy pots. Should I put anything in the run to entertain the girls during the day and how soon before I worm them? Cheers
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    I would just shove them gently out into the run. And maybe shut the door to the coop for an hour or so. Don’t keep any water in the coop though, they don’t do well with high humidity.
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    We've done something along the same lines but used lavender oil mixed with water and sprayed; they smell nice using that.
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    Chicken Security: This is really serious folks; this Covid19 madness has brought out the worst in some people... suppliers are fast selling out of hens to people who are buying them 'just for Covid' for eggs or meat and will them probably just abandon them, so please be aware of anyone trying to buy hens from you, and raise this with your friendly local chicken outlet. On a personal level, please be extra careful about your chickens at home - beef up your security..... see 'Tough Guy' below - or set up some web cams to keep the safe. There have been people breaking into back gardens, onto allotments and stealing birds. Anyone trying to break into The Dogmother's place will feel the wrath of 2 hungry lurchers!
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    I have one like that - she goes mental when ever I pick her up and scoots away from any attention. I couldn't possibly recommend it as it's against DEFRA regulations (as is cat food... shhh) but a lot of breeders and showers swear by tinned sardines to get a bird in condition.
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    One to spread a bit of happiness.. So very true at the moment - I have seen a massive shift in the way that folks are thinking outside themselves, but we still need to make more progress and ingrain this as a habit so that it isn't lost when this crisis is over.
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    Technically there is... 7 days That is so lovely, the sun will help her to heal, you are doing everything you can to help her.
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    Yes, I’ve done the same. I’m finding social media invaluable in these unusual times. Using FB, a whole town network of neighbourhood coordinators has been set up, 15,000 leaflets with information on how to get help, who delivers online etc has been set up. I’m able to keep in touch with family, friends etc, whilst also amusing ( and educating) myself on all sorts of things. This is social media at its best.
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    1 - Curlywurly and Bessie Bassett 2 - Fizz the Faverolle and Peppermint Patty. 3 - Sherbet and (Finger of) Fudge 4 - Evil Twins - Frida on the left and Evil Evil Inga on the right. They are large birds. 5 - Dusty brahma - looks very small here! 6 - Fizz the Fraud because she was poorly and I took her to the vet - only for her to perk up and the vet said she was in terrific health! He laughed when I said oh good grief she's such a fraud! They do like to keep you on your toes sometimes! Um, the wild peeps were hanging round for some leftovers in the background with the evil twins. My wild chickens.
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    I had perches when I had 4 bantams (Wyandotte’s and pekins) in an Eglu Go and they used them all the time.
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    My bantam light Sussex is fairly good at flying, but only to get on the top of the food shelter. She doesn't bother flying much but she sticks her neck out and runs like she's diving for the winning line in a race! The little ones are mainly pekins so they don't really fly - flap around but not fly. The little bantam faverolle is a great little egg layer and she sort of flaps enough to get up and over small boundaries. I think if there's nothing tempting, they don't usually bother flying. I've never clipped their wings. The bigger evil twins (breed unknown but possibly hybrids) do fly, but although I clipped their wings at first, I haven't done it since the feathers grew back. Dusty brahma big girl does not fly! She runs and flaps but that's it! Smallest pekin is now broody so has been hoiked out of the nest box a few times. I have to say that the pekin eggs are the creamiest and tastiest ones I've ever had next to the duck eggs. Nothing wrong with the others, just personal preference. Have fun with whatever you choose. They are a big learning curve and always throw things at you that you need to look up, even with a lot of homework prior to getting ours - if any get bumblefoot, then DM has a brilliant method without surgery.
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    I can let you have details of my physio excercises; they don't call them physioterrorists for nothing - now I have thighs of iron! I also have a set of hand weights which I use when watching tellie in the evening as I don't have a smallholding 😉.
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    I am sending her all my good vibes. The man obviously needs to up his own security.
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    Yes you can get blue egg laying bantams - araucana bantams.
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    Awful story! Fingers crossed for Shirley!
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    There are blue laying bantams. I can really recommend New Hampshire bantams. No fancy egg colour but decent size and not broody.
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    Just catching up. Elderly aunt in Leicester who I saw at beginnig of month seems ok, not impressed she wont be able to have pub lunch, exercise class or church. Trying to teach her to use WhatsApp video. Work chaotic at present (GP nurse) telephone consultations anyone inside has to be triaged by receptionist. Pounding head for 2 days. Shops in London same as everywhere. Paracetamol in short supply as they say ibruprofen shouldnt be used as can make symptons worse. Someone ,mentioned the fact they had a bad infection earlier in year. OH convinced I have had i had Corona as in January I had an awful cough, not a very high temp but went on for weeks. Nearly hospitalised as I have asthma. He and YS had a lesser infection. And yes I keep being reminded I am one at risk. Done emergency box for us. Must get cat food and chicken food in case have to quarantine. Stay well Ali xx
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    Wow - you’re getting really good. Love the little rabbit.
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    Stay safe everyone. Remember this will just be a line in the history books soon. Let’s make sure the following paragraphs are positive and make the most of it. I’m gardening.
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    not sure about that - she's going great guns already!
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    Possibly - but for how long!
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    I am about to show my ignorance - what the doodahs are walking onions? My wild garlic has gone so wild that I've had to advertise on the village facebook page to see if anyone wants to come and dig some up. Any of you near me are welcome to some.....PW?!
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    We went to Spain yesterday for cheap shopping, thinking that we had better go before the border is closed. Couldn't believe how many French had the same idea, as the town was packed. Our little dog has been out hunting as the weather is good. She didn't just beat her previous record for ticks bought back, she smashed it!!! Previous record was six and she came back with ten. On the plus side she bought back two mice and a rat.
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    Aww, that's sad. I was hoping she would recover xx
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    But this is exactly the point... I probably won’t end up in hospital, but will be able to pass it on to someone less fortunate. It’s the same with anti-vaxxers. If enough kids get vaccinated, then all will be protected, even those who have no immunity because of medical problems. When healthy people don’t get vaccinated, they put others at risk. Most of us sensible people get this. So I do worry. If you look at the number of people ending up in ICU (not even dying), it’s one in 10 right now in Italy. No country’s healthcare system is equipped to deal with such numbers. The only solution is not getting infected in the first place. We’ve cancelled our Rome trip, but are not (yet) getting our money back, because the travel advice is on “orange” instead of “red”.... 😒
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    A Go Up would definitely be too small for 4 full sized hens - as said above a second hand Cube mk 1 is a great choice
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    Maybe one chicken bumped into another as it turned around, and the other didn't like it - much like being in my bed when someone else takes all the covers.
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    Me too Jude - I hate shopping of most kinds, so the idea of being mire in control and able to whizz round then go appeals to me. One thing I learned recently is that shopping trolley handles are one of the dirtiest and germ-ridden things about! I haven't yet remembered to take a Milton wipe shopping with me though! I do wash my hands very thoroughly when I get back though... I am lucky enough to have an endless supply of surgical scrub courtesy of one of the companies which I freelance for.
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    Exactly! Never had that happen before! And their scuffles were so loud that it woke me up. Never had much of a bond with Pickwick anyway and completely healed from ever owning a gold partridge of anything. As this was technically Pickwick2 as I traded her for her look-a-like Pickwick.
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    I think that the media is being totally irresponsible with regard to the hyping up of the corona virus; it certainly wasn't like this with bird flu or SARS! That said, I am insisting that the boys wash their hands as soon as they come home but that's really just an excuse to get them into better hygiene habits 😉
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    I leave him to do the online shopping. It does help keep him amused when he's up at stupid o'clock. But he sends it off without telling me or asking if there's anything I need! Sometimes I think he does it on purpose. Nope, not spending money on that! Hmmph!
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    My OH is like that. Especially in French supermarkets. I seem to spend more time tracking him down than shopping! I’m thinking of taking reins with me this year....
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    A massive thanks for all your ideas, both on and off the forum..... so here it is: linky there are a couple more tweaks to make (not to mention up-to-date photos!) but phase 1 is more or less there. It has taken many hours in the evenings, after my 'proper job', and the never-ending patience of the lovely and talented Harry Rose, who designed it. The 2 social feeds on the front page will link to: the product review blog, where I will give totally honest reviews on products which are sent to me, or which you have asked me to review. There is no money changing hands at all for these reviews, and I hope that you find them useful. By all means, please add comments to any of the reviews as I would like to hear your thoughts on that product too.... and there's nothing like a good bit of dialogue and banter 🙂 the Facebook feed (yes, me on social media!) is a place to post your photos, ask for advice and to join the Hen House group for chat and tips. I will be running competitions too for you to win products. Be patient with me while I get the hang of it, and if anyone feels up to helping me to understand the world of Facebook, then I'll be eternally grateful. I will carry on booking the courses for my current venue through their site, but will also be advertising them on this new site to increase exposure. There are also some other potential venues, which have been chasing me to provide courses for them, so I will have some dates up here as soon as I get the ends tied up. If there's a chicken supply outlet near you, and not too far from me, which you think might be good for holding courses, then please let me know; I will send you a little present as a thank you if they turn out to be good to go. Phase 2 of the site development will include that advertising slot on the front page to feature a poultry supply company's logo for a set period of time, and then the development of the course bookings page to include other venues, and to take bookings. I would really value your feedback and comments, so please do wade in with honest feedback.
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    OH's cousin has a cocker spaniel puppy - last year she was with him in the park when a large dog ran over, grabbed him in his mouth and shook him, she was injured trying to rescue her little pup and the owner was useless. Also unapologetic and after getting his animal to realease the pup walked away. He is known not to have control, so a case was brought against him. Nothing much happened, he has to pay the costs for the vet and was told to apologise. Since then he has paid nothing and no apology. The police are useless and he has been playing the "I'm the victim here, not her!"
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    My mother and father (both 86 - Dad with dementia and Mum suffering from breathlessness and survivor of both bowel and breast cancer) are self isolating although Mum told me on the 'phone today that they'd been into Reading on public transport to pick Dad's glasses up at Specsavers. I am fuming, having told them to call and get them posted. Glad pubs etc are now closing - I felt very cross that schools had been shut but not pubs etc so now hopefully all on an equal footing. We are trying to impart the importance of being extremely careful to our boys (15 and 12) without scaring the living doodahs out of them Don't want to worry them unduly but they do need to understand....hard to strike a middle course (esp with their grandparents behaving so irresponsibly). OH has gone a bit weird and keeps telling me he has a 10% chance of dying - he has got all the life insurance and pension stuff together for me and has been insistent that I go through it with him; it's totally freaking me out!
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    I went to my local Tesco yesterday, just to do my usual weekly shop. It was totally rammed, looked more like it was the run up to Christmas or something! The shelves containing toilet roll, pasta, rice and hand sanitizer were totally bare.
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