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    I used to have a blind colleague years ago and she said she hadn't been swimming for a long time and would like to go - well similarly I also wanted to restart, so for a couple of sessions I drove her home, left the dog behind, and went on swimming after that. I had to give her directions in the water - steer this or that way, but we mainly kept to the side of the pool. Then she would wait while I stormed down one end and back, then we'd swim back again. It wasn't until I'd been for a couple of times that I actually caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror - thin then - what a figure! and EEK the red swimsuit was see-through when wet! Even though it had padding to hide any embarrassment - epic fail on that front. Or full frontal! My colleague laughed and said she didn't notice anything! Needless to say that swimsuit was dispatched humanely and I only have navy or black swimsuits now.
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    Golly, you seem to have been doing it forever! Good luck though - it's what you've always wanted to do, so it must be a relief to be enjoying it at last. Rosie has her end of year exams coming up; first year of Biology at Edinburgh with 3 years specialising in Molecular Genetics I think this is what you're looking for Valkyrie
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    Studying for a Diseases of Poultry test I have tomorrow. Most of it is fine but I need to learn lots of numbers and drug doses!
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    Something else I didn’t know I needed 😀
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    They're adorable and I can see wee bits of their characters already. Coco, the one at the back, is quiet and sits on my lap looking at me. Shadow is the smallest and very timid. Clova is the most skittish, and Piper loves to explore (from my lap up onto my shoulder and around my neck!). I can't keep their food dishes full they're so hungry! They're gradually being introduced to fresh greens as I don't want their tummies to get upset. My heart is full of joy at having piggies back in the house.
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    Finally got my new wheels today! After 6 years I was due a pink update!
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    I think Squirt can answer that question, Patsylabby. She's off for a tipple! Actually a very nicely edited home-made calendar that my Canadian cuz loves doing for Christmas. She does it on the Chinese new year themes. That was the year of the chicken and my girls featured a fair few times! We had to match the old sayings to the photos for extra fun.
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    'Barry' is now Bertie, he has settled really well, he is going out in the garden now and presented me with a dead great-tit last week ... Vet gave him a clean bill of health, he just needs the second half of his vaccinations and I can settle back and enjoy him. Unfortunately the microchip cat flap isn't working as I'd hoped, his chip has migrated to his shoulder (I can feel it under the skin) so that might be the problem, for the moment I've taken the batteries out of the cat-flap so it can just be used normally. I would love a tracker device to know where he goes, although he's quite a homeboy - don't like the idea of putting a collar on them though. Here's a gratuitous pic, to show how well he's settled in now
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    We've had a "hen solo" for about a year, she's now 3. Normally we buy in pairs and wait until both have departed until replacing. However, this time we decided to get two new ones last weekend and introduce to the solo. Took the advice of the seller (Sunnyside Poultry), let the older one out to FR for the day, put the new ones into the run then added the third at bedtime. One minor squabble, but everything's been OK so far. Meet Lacey and Suzie...
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    It's very addictive! Last night I was watching it hanging about over the Channel and whoosh - it hit land and went racing northwards! Lol cheers!
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    I was in London yesterday and we forgot about the Queen's birthday and the Commonwealth leaders summit and we didn't know about the biker's rally so getting to the parking spaces in Hyde Park was a bit tricky. It gave me the opportunity to snap this picture which is full of stuff and I really like it. There's the Metpol, the Gunners, the bikers and I especially like the reflection of the biker in his mirror. We eventually managed to get parked, the park was very busy but fun to be in. It felt a bit like the seaside and there were loads of pedalos out on the lake.
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    My son is a solicitor who specialises in wills and probate, estate planning etc. I asked him what he thought, and the polite version of his reply is that he would strongly advise you to see a solicitor.
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    That's good that you won't have to dispatch any if any are boys. You might end up keeping them all if they are all girls you wouldn't be able to leave just one ........
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    A friend of mine hatched out some miniature silver Appleyards 3 days ago and we picked them up today, they’re so cute! I was planning on keeping them inside for a few weeks and then putting them outside in an eglu with a run. I’m trying to figure out a few things... 1. How long a run should I get to ensure they have enough space? 2. What base should we put on the run? I like the idea of pea shingle and being able to hose it down. 3. If you have a long run how on earth do you get them into the eglu at night? We do have a fox prowling the garden at the moment ☹️ so we’ll be making the run fox proof and they’ll only be able to free range when I’m there in the evenings or on weekends.
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    It's a protozoan parasite not a bacteria It's really easy to treat and clears in a couple of days, we get quite a few raptors with it as they eat the infected pigeons.
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    Here they are! Really underweight for piggies who should weigh around 1000gms but the heaviest is 870 and the lightest is only 670! Their hair is thin and dull so it looks like they didn't get any fresh veggies. They're very skittish, and while being prey animals are normally wary, I doubt they've been handled/cuddled much. The one is the worst condition is the feistiest though, which is good, and she seems to be the matriarch of the wee herd. From front to back - Piper, Shadow, Clova, Coco
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    Love the bike CT Just back from a three Ruminants day trip to the Uni farm. We were doing the usual clinical exams, pregnancy detection and ultrasound and then orthopedics and hoof trimming
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    My garden went all 1950s today so I thought I should B&W it up!
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    That’s kind of what I figured. It’s doing fine at the moment anyway. Thanks Dr Chicken.
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    WOW How cool is that!? Hope you have loads of fun with it (her!?) and stay safe!!!
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    Much fluffy cuteness!
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    Proper rollercoaster! No cute pics of the Wyandotte or second pekin chick yet but here they are fresh out of their eggs and exhausted. And then a VERY cute pic of the original pekin and his two imported campine buddies.
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    What an adorable little chick. I'm sorry things haven't turned out how you had hoped but at least you will have the incubator stuff ready for next time.
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    Our pear tree is in the front garden out of their reach and they haven't gone near the apple trees again - so far! They do seem to have a love-hate relationship with the chives, though! nibbleshakeheadnibbleshakehead
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    Keep picking the elder shoots - young leaves make a good spinach substitute. Every time you harvest it will weaken the plant and give you something tasty - egg, cream and ground elder in a pot - Cat tails' revenge!
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    I am still like that every day when I go to see if there are any eggs - and that's after nine years
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    Thanks guys. No it definitely won't, absolutely love my girls; chickens make the coolest pets. And thank you. Nice of you to say. We tried very very hard to keep her going. Very sad. But sadly one of those things. Thanks to everyone on here, you guys were so helpful.
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    It all sounds very exciting She sounds like she is doing a good job.
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    My beautiful not Easter swaps! I can't even begin to imagine the hard work which went into them. Thank you so much!
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    Oh that's lovely! Well done that crafty bod - so different and personal too. Very special.
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    So far our buyers have guestimated June although that might not be convenient for us. We did say we'd move out to prevent the chain breaking and stay with DD but would prefer not to - holidays in that time so racing the moment we come back won't be a good idea! I've been researching and it seems to be a good idea to join the Devon Association of Smallholding prior for really good advice. Another plus I found South Yeo Farm which is quite interesting - has a lot of my wants for chooks (and rare breeds like my Croads) and after many years of losing the diary - rediscovered The Accidental Smallholder! Loved that one and hey ho it's still around and doing well! That started on the banks of a river in Scotland and moved to a bigger holding. What to do with a paddock and not upset the locals - and not get the council whingeing because I've put an orchard on the land.
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    Did I mention it was very clever? It also has my name!!! And it came in very beautiful paper with chickens and ducks!
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    It's very similar but should be moister and less sponge-like, with a thick skin/rind on it (less so if microwaved). Traditionally at Christmases and birthdays, you could find sixpences wrapped in greaseproof paper in a biteful! Us kids really looked forward to that!
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    No parcel here yet but I think there's been a mistake and mine went to Cat tails. Surely that chocolate was meant for me
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    All my favourite ingredients! Shlurp shlurp! Thanks for the linkies!
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    The poles on our net are a good quality reinforced plastic fitted with a top cap to locate the mesh and a zinc plated steel foot to stick into the ground. Overall a very good net because there are enough poles to stop the netting from sagging too much and the gate arrangement makes access easy. Good height as well. We have had one in continuous use for 5 years now.
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    I’ve decided that I’m too Dutch for this conversation!
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    Disappointing ......... I just heard the post van come on the drive only for him to take a huge parcel next door
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    I looked out just now and was wondering why I couldn’t see any of the four little blithers. Well.... Imagine you need to lay an egg but two of your mates are trying to brood. That’s what is happening to Ginger (big red) and Lipton (little white) right now... poor things!
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    Lewis, I think you have been studying since I first came on this forum. You've worked so hard to achieve your goals and I'm really impressed. Regarding my chicken escape the other day I suddenly realised that nobody in my family or me or on this forum asked 'why did the chicken cross the road?' I feel like that was a missed opportunity. One of my boys visited Alice Springs a few years ago and ordered a crocodile burger but forgot to add 'and make it snappy'. He quite regrets that.
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    Great detective work. Glad she’s on the mend.
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    I used to work in a bilingual school and the Dutch kids would often ask: “Can I go to the toilet?” Well dear I truly hope you can, as after about 14 years I do expect you to be potty trained. But in case you were asking if you were allowed to visit the loo, you can wait till break. ”... what?”
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    I'd keep to no more than 3 in a run that size. My experience is that you are more likely to have pecking issues if you over crowd them. If you can free range them a lot, then that's different, but it sounds as though you might not be able to let them out unsupervised. You can extend the space use in the run by adding perches at different heights. And suspend cabbages etc on string from the top of the run for them to keep them busy.
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    Over here in the UK we don't call them 'Easter Eggers' but I'm assuming you mean hybrids that lay blue or green eggs? It depends what they have been crossed with I suppose, but generally they are standard sized hens, i.e. not bantams and not large fowl. Six should be absolutely fine in a Cube. How big is the run - is it the standard one that comes with the Cube? Allow around 1m square per hen.
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    For those in Canada you can purchase Omlet products from Four Legs or Wings. They are in Ontario. Ordered on April 12/2018 shipped April 13 received the order April 17/2018 can't beat that timing. I live in New Brunswick and I telephoned my order from; Dan Pryce Four Legs or Wings Pets Toll free: 1-877-672-4755 info@fourlegsorwings.com http://www.fourlegsorwings.com Follow us on Facebook and Instagram
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    It will be the vet for our girls, too, if and when the time comes. Thanks, Lewis, I've got the picture now.
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    I'm thinking Night at the Museum! Now a T-Rex chasing a bone would be fun to have around. Some people are completely off their trolley. Wherever you go there are birds and insects - do they not count as wildlife too? Dartmoor with the Hound! Dreamt about my daughter having 2 sheep in the back of her car - squeezed in on top of a pile of rugs and we had to pull them out - they were alive I hasten to add and quite happy bouncing around. They looked like pompoms with black faces and funny ears, almost like Wallace and Gromit. But it then went on to beautiful huge white horses in a stable (percheron type or unicorns without horns?) chasing a jack russell and she rescued it. Now that was weird. Horses I'd love but I've never really looked after any so they are not on my menagerie list! Am also thinking maybe just keep the chickens and not much else as when I go off gallivanting around quilting then OH will have to look after them - he can manage chickens! I found my pompom sheep when I was moving stuff around - I yelled at OH to come quick - I'd found my funny sheep! It's a coaster at the side of my bed with "bad hair day" written across it. My name is Kerry and I have a problem (hair could also be included there)!
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    I can't help because I've never hatched but just to say how exciting!!!! :-0
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    Congratulations on your purchase, I'm sure you will love it. One of the reasons I bought the Cube last spring was because Omlet said there would be an automatic opener for it coming soon. Unfortunately it has yet to materialize. I live in north central Iowa and I have felt my girls were very secure, although I didn't use it this winter. I moved them into a more traditional coop and I'm glad I did, our weather was miserable! The traditional coop is attached to an Omlet run using a run extension from my Go Up and I really like the way this works. This summer I will use the Go Up for a single 5-yr. old Americauna I have been unable to integrate into my flock of yearling hens. Hoping they will get used to her by keeping them in close proximity to each other over the summer. Time will tell.
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