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    Loving the pics and food info from Japan, and the new pond. I got back from India last night. We went round Rajasthan for 2 weeks. My first time in India. I loved it, and have developed a taste for masala chai. I've never been a tea drinker in my life! I like this picture because it's colourful. I mostly took photos without people in, which is a shame! OH has some. I'll have to go back and take some more! x
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    This is where I am today. I'm living right opposite this volcano in the North of Japan. It's quite wild here.
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    Just thought I'd put a note on here in case you've missed it. There's a Christmas craft swap being planned by Luvachicken. Doesn't matter if you don't have time she doesn't take no for an answer. I've made 2 A4 size quilts for a challenge on the theme of through the window I'll share with you. It's supposed to be views through the back window of a coach
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    Don't think you'd get that in a Cube let alone a Classic! Sounds as though you are having a wonderful time, PL!
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    Oh, our builders know where I stand on attention to detail: I was able to visually identify several sizing issues; 1) that the height of the ceiling was too low by about a half foot, 2) (the one that really impressed them) that the height they had built the flooring level up to was out by a centimetre. One of them actually asked "How the hell could you tell that was out just by looking?" lol I made them re-do both things, and I'm about to have them remove all the ceiling plasterboard again because they had bits of wiring in the wrong place which meant I couldn't have a few lights where I wanted them - so they're going to have it rewired. lol
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    My granite one was all sorts of browns, creams and black. No sparkly bits, but the tea stains didn't show at all - in fact I scrubbed at what I thought was a tea stain only to see that it was actually a brown splodge! My neighbour has sparkly blue/white in a black granite. Hers is gorgeous. When we had our kitchen done it was pretty much to my specs. It was pine and I said I didn't mind a bit of distress work but not too much. Their way of distressing it was not exactly what I wanted and I refused to have one corner shelf - it had a face with designer stubble. They did argue about it but I wasn't budging - that was too extreme. So they took it out and then installed another one, and I did check underneath in case they'd turned it upside down. Then the shelf on the other side was installed - it was the same unit and I "persuaded" them to remove it at once. Otherwise the woodwork was fine. Then came the granite - the bit behind the sink had an extra hole in it. What's that I said, there should only be one for the tap. It's for the filtered water tap. I'm not having filtered water. Yes you are. No, the water filter is in the utility room for the American fridge freezer - not the sink in the kitchen. Well why don't you have one. Because I don't want one. You can have a soap dispenser here or a hose spray to wash the dishes. NO! Take it away and come back with the part with ONE hole for the tap! So you do need to keep an eye on the installers too - and they will try and fob you off if they make a mistake, just don't let them bully you into having something or settling for something you do not want.
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    It's not so much the clean freak in me - although that is a large part of it - but, currently, we have wooden counters and Rich will cut things directly on them even though we have chopping boards! It drives me absolutely insane!! When I complain about it damaging the counters his response is "I don't damage them!", at which point my eye starts twitching because I can literally see the cuts in the wood!! Rich is a lot messier than I am in every aspect. I could happily live in a minimalist environment, unfortunately living with him is like sharing a house with 4 students at once. After 15 years of it, I've sort of made my peace with it. I just keep telling myself that if we ever adopt a kid, at least I'll be able to explain the mess off as to do with children as opposed to one grown man!! lol
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    I think I do You must have sent it to the right place Plum as it was in my message box - not that I've checked my emails yet.
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    If yours like Garvo, then try them on that Dr Green's co(a)rse mash - brackets to get around swear censor LOL. It's very similar and good quality. MUCH cheaper too.
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    Ha ha! I like your conclusion! My eldest daughter has suggested the same thing.
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    Right up the top of the Natural History Museum. I had to snap these.
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    Yeah I hadn't realised she had as many as that. Natspringy, as I say to my mum about her tortoise, 1 tortoise, 10 tortoises .......... 20 tortoises, doesn't matter. I think the same goes for chickens
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    Love the photos, I've been to both countries and loved them both! I've just been home for 12 days and been super busy. Met us with four vet friends who graduated last year, spent 5 days in Ireland visiting Dublin and Galway where my Grandad was born and then attended a Zoo Vet conference this weekend where I learnt lots and made some new contacts Flew back to uni at 5:45 this morning so feeling pretty tired today!
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    That photo of Japan reminds me of Scotland! Not the volcano bit obviously, just the fact its a big mountain, shrouded in cloud with ordinary houses at the foot and a telegraph pole! You must be having a lovely time, seeing Japan through family eyes, not just on a quick trip as a visitor. Colour, colour, colour - just the thing as I look out of the window for yet another day of incessant rain! That must have been a great visit, getting a blast of another culture and weather just as we settle into late autumn. Thanks for the photos, both!
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    We had our kitchen redone almost a year ago, it was finished about a week before Christmas, we had been promised it would be ready for Christmas and it was. We used a local business who had also done our cloakroom, bathroom and ensuite during the previous 12 months. I think it was Howdens that our builder suggested came with him to give ideas as the Howden man was supposedly the expert but he was awful. No exciting ideas, all very boring simple ideas and he just kept saying what a lovely cottage, dog etc you've got. I couldn't wait to get him out the door. We ended up using a local kitchen company for the kitchen and the local business for design and installation. They were great but as they worked they did suggest changes to improve the design and these were a great success. We went for a carousel. OH said it was a very expensive piece of metal work. It is great I love it. It rotates and sections pull out. The old kitchen just had a cupboard that was very difficult to access. I just piled my tins and stuff in there and never rotated things in date order. With this carousel older at the front new goes in at the back which rotates round to give access to the back of the shelves. Well worth the money. I love it.
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    I am such a wally It says under my avatar that I have a Mark 1 cube
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    My mom has a bin drawer as well! I do think that caroussels have become a lot better. The Dutch brand Bruynzeel has one that sort of folds out too, which seems much smarter than the old type. It is sort of squarish too. If proper drawers are too expensive (at least much more expensive than just a door) than you can get those drawers behind a door.
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    I'm very proud of my bin in the drawer When we used to have Daisy, our cocker spaniel, our normal swing bin was kept next to her bed. She was always very good until one night, the waft of baked potato skins was just too much and she couldn't help herself. From that day the bin always lived in the cupboard under the sink. When we came to do our kitchen, the shop sold bins in drawers, not the little peddle bin that goes on the door, and I couldn't wait to get one of them. The bin is what I show all of my friends
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    I let the Dutch girls out this evening - it resulted in me climbing a tree! Must clip wings 😂
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    Love it how Omlet is already preparing for Christmas! The Christmas force is strong with this one!
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    So sorry to hear this - hugs to you and you mum
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    It would look lovely if you had glazed doors (I’m too untidy and have nothing that matches), open shelves are very fashionable and would look good there (I’d have to dust), a straight run of cabinets there might look a bit dull (I want a straight run thanks), you could have taller wall cupboards (I’m 5’3”)......
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    What I understand from the Uk peeps here, it’s a recommendation of DEFRA.
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    We're getting a white counter with sparkly bits too!! They can stain, but they're pretty hardy overall. The worst things to go on them are acidic things - but even then, if you wipe things up quick enough, you'll be fine.
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    Scrubbing brush under the nose - one swipe left and then to the right will definitely make him think twice!
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    Don’t rush it, otherwise you’ll be the only one and your “victim” will definitely know it comes from you.
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    That's great, thank you everyone, I now have all of the addresses. Now we all just have to wait until tomorrow - once DD and I play the mix up name game Not long to go .........
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    MY late dad's house which we have had to gut to sell has Howdens kitchen fitted by own fitter. Grey is in colour and it looks lovely. Seems ok. We have a buyer so don't want to jinx things. Impressed by Howdens.
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    Howdens here, but used a local,craftsman to install. Good solid furniture.
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    Our kitchen is made by Howdens - it seems nice enough quality. But I'll be changing it at some stage - the top cupboards are way too high and I can't reach the top shelves! They have little things in the tight corners of the doors so that they don't slam when closing - nice. There are two corner units with 2 funny peanut shaped shelves that pull out - I preferred my old kitchen there - so much room is wasted and then my doors were hinged so I could access the whole corner unit shelves easily. The sliding drawers are nice for saucepans and frying pans but still fiddling about to see where our stuff can be stashed away. Still, there may be that option. For a modern kitchen (this is 10 years old) it seems quite good quality. Enjoy the process - it's messy, but well worth getting the kitchen made to your own design and requirements.
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    Love the little helper mullethunter You will soon have loads of wildlife in your pond. It's amazing how frogs and newts find a new pond. I have water hawthorn in my pond. It's a native species and mine flowers all winter with a beautiful smell.
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    Love the supervisor! Looking good! Soon be teeming with wildlife!
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    Over a long weekend last weekend, and half of today OH and I removed the rubbish little pre-formed above ground pond that was here when we moved in, and have dug a decent wildlife pond. Really hard work but pretty pleased with the outcome- can’t wait to see what it’ll look like in 12 months time! (Waiting for rain to finish filling it up)
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    An update from cleaning out the coop today: The Dengie Freshbed is the best bedding I've tried so far. It stays fresh and dry after a week of use. It's soft and generally just very pleasant. I think my chickens prefer it as well, as Charlotte has started laying again so maybe she was put off by the wood pellets in the nesting box. PS. So, so, sooo glad that I opted for an Eglu. Today was my first day of cleaning out the coop in torrential rain and I have to say it was pretty painless. Much easier than when I used to clean out wooden hutches when I kept rabbits.
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    Many thanks for your kind replies. I have passed them on to my friend. Life has been manic...I’m down to a single ex working girl at the moment, we have had her four years this month and I can’t wait to get some more ladies but will wait until this old girl gives up. She seems totally fine in her own so I don’t want to upset her or risk her getting bullied
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    We took our garden rubbish to the tip today. Unfortunately I can't help hubby put the stuff in the giant bins but while I was waiting in the car, I had a glance at all the stuff they had for sale. There on the floor was a perfectly good dog crate - complete with dog bed - another broody cage to go with my other 2, for just £5.00 Too good to resist but I did give the bin man the dog bed. Best bargain I've had in ages And typical of my girls, I have a broody right now.
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    We've got a nice dynamic in the coop right now, they've settled in together well. I wouldn't want to risk messing that up. Weirdly, one of the Silkies has been acting broody the last 2 days yet she's never laid an egg before. Silly bird.
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    I agree full heartedly! Oh btw Andy, you should really join the Christmas swap!
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    Just about to stand bail for you there, PL. 'Free The Forum One'
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    Love that c o a r s e set off the word sensor We feed Smallholder layers pellets here too. Occasional leafy greens from the veg patch but that mainly goes in the pond for the ducks to nibble at!
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    Patsy - it's a floor mat so it will be mooshed and squashed and cuddled (dribbled, upchucked and possibly widdled too) and nobody will notice the bits that you aren't happy with. But it will definitely be loved. Also guilty of not finishing my first quilt too. It's up the top of the pile but avoided - probably because nowadays rotary cutting is bliss, rather than cutting round templates with scissors. The sewing machine is faster too - that one is all done by hand!
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    She seems fine Thankyou for asking. She was very pale in the face when she arrived and very quiet but she looks much healthier now and is really coming out of herself. She does fall over rather a lot - not sure if that’s the wonky toes or the massive foot feathers but it’s quite funny poor dear 😂 The only potential fly in the ointment is that to me her feather colours and shape are really starting to suggest cockerel to me. She was sold as female and I’ve only had her a week so if she does turn out to be male I’ll be pretty miffed as the breeder must’ve known. I’m hoping it’s just that I’m not familiar with sablepoots. Oh! And Shirley laid her first egg today
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    Buying pellets is much much easier and you know its a balanced feed so no worries on that score. Get a good brand, people will give you all sorts of recommendations. I use Smallholders pellets as they are small and good for my bantams. I also found Marriages to be good. You can get mash as well, but many people find that messy and birds sometimes pick out the choicest bits. If you mix your own then you need to be clear what you are doing. I also use straight wheat as a scratch feed in winter - thats when you throw it on the ground and let them hoover it up. I only use it in winter, in the afternoon, for a bit of extra nutruition for them to keep them going and warmer overnight although its not really necessary. I also use wheat to tempt them back into the run. If its really cold in the winter (ice and snow) I sometimes mix their pellets with warm water to make a porridge slop, which they seem to like for breakfast, but again this is more to make me feel better than strictly necessary! Try to not use too much maize (corn) as it is fattening and can affect their laying abilities, although again it is useful to keep them warm and bribe them, especially if you can't get hold of wheat.
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    A good friend of mine worked a sampler for the birth of a baby....then she was going to give it to the parents for his 1st birthday....then his second....now she says she is going to unpick it and put the dates of his 18th on it Lovely lovely work Plum
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    Sorry re Pepsi. Glad the remaining are all well. Love the names!
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    very belated Birthday wishes! Your new hens are gorgeous. I wonder if there are any poultry sales on near my birthday
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    Me me me meeeee! I actually forgot and Plum finally gave me a smack on the derriere on the phone! Much work being done here at the mo. On quilt retreat this weekend for a week! Family visits in a neverending stream for the next two weeks after that. Chicken run needs to be erected and just ordering a greenhouse! I think I have a plan or two for a pressie.
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    There's no need to keep any poultry tonics in the fridge. Mine are all just lined up by the outside tap.
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    What do you swap - husbands, kids, chickens?