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    Got an email this morning to say my CV and cover letter have been forwarded to local practices after I had a phone interview for a graduate programme There's one practice I really like the look of and that I think I'd fit in with the team but trying not to set my heart on that one... I have a phone interview next week with another vets I like and a third place that I haven't heard back from yet.
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    This made me smile - removing one of the broodies from the nest, to go in The Cage of Shame, and she balanced in my hand by fanning her tail like a beautiful flower. She's a gold pencilled wyandotte bantam
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    Run within a run! There is a badger here so I'm more concerned that he would make light work of the wire (half inch weld mesh). It's had more adaptions using pallets inside since then to make it more windproof - need to make it a little more waterproof.
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    More babies at work! So made another little “monster”. This time a rather pink kitty. Any guesses to gender? 😉
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    Tried to learn using an old handicraft book of my grans - completely confused me! Turned to YouTube - however did we manage without it?! Havent actually got any wool so used garden string but on my first weekend of trying I’ve managed to make a hat for an elf (or a pekin perhaps!) so I’m fairly hopeful i should be able to learn enough to make the caterpillar.
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    Just had to tell someone! Our 8th grandchild has just been born! A girl, Skylar, 8Ibs. Obviously the most beautiful baby in the world! I was one of 4 girls, and I had 3 boys and a girl and now have 6 granddaughters and two grandsons. The boys belong to my daughter. Strange how gender works between generations.
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    It was my dad's birthday so celebrations were always happening - nearly didn't one year with the hurricane gusts, but it died down and over we went in the evening. He liked writing "poetry" and called himself Sideburns. Here is one of his little rhymes: Once while walking through a wood, I picked bluebells by the score. Then I was fined for trespassing I won't go there any more! I did put "poetry" in inverted commas! There are worse ones but children love the rude ones (well anything with a toilet included set them off laughing - and as I have never grown up - I did too). Although I do rather like Of Mice and Men.
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    I have not had a good time the past 10 days in France. However, I was unexpectedly in Nantes at lunchtime yesterday and stumbled on a park, with a lake, complete with lots of wild fowl and some FR chooks. I very happily watched a pair of white crested black polands potter about in the blazing sun, then I saw another breed of cockeral walk very fast (comically) to where a spare white poland hen was wandering about. He flew over the water to join her, but soon after the WC cockeral saw what the other cockeral was up to, so also he walked very fast to join them, spirited his white wife away and all 3 of them walked back to the original hen. I really have missed my own flock and this cheered me up no end!
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    We lost Snap this afternoon. Treat man was certain she’d been there when he let them out and I was pretty sure she’d been there when I shut them in at night but now, at corn o clock, nowhere to be seen. I crashed through the undergrowth but no sign of her, went for a walk down the footpath but not far thinking ‘well if she’s not in the garden she’s gone’. Then a phonecall from OH - ‘She’s here! I don’t know where she came from but she’s here!’. Well in that case she can only have been doing one thing. And a fingertip search of ‘the jungle’ eventually led to the find below!
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    🤪 What was I on!!! But thinking about it - yep, guaranteed to bring OH into self-imposed solitary confinement whenever chicken things need sorting and it needs 2 of us. Peace on one hand but man flu . . . weldmesh over the bedroom door and egg boxes to make it sound proof! Ta daaaaaaaaaaaa!
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    After lunch he just happened to mention that the chickens like grapes. Asked “How did you find that out? They’ve only had chicken food so far.” He replied “I gave them a couple of leftover old grapes”. I frowned and said “From the brand-new box?” He muttered something and wandered off. Later he mentioned they like apples too. Supposedly they got a bit that accidentally fell in the floor as he was eating it 🤔. Crumbly things apples 😂. Hr just asked if I think they’ll be awake at 5am when he’s off to the airport. Seems he bought bacon for a sandwich and wondered if they’d like the scraps. Told him they are not having meat scraps and he looked disappointed. Think he’s a secret fan 😉.
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    Dull grey morning so I went to Camden Market because it's always busy, noisy and colourful and I needed a bit of that.
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    All done guys, thanks. Moved to the for sale section and username changed :0)
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    Just had a mad panic searching for the 6th chicken doing head counts through the main and nest box door. After searching the garden twice we spotted her
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    My daughter’s blanket. Finally got a photo of it looking clean and tidy. It has been a bit too well loved of late but I managed to sneak it away to wash
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    Sorry for such a depressing note but Today has been surreal and one of the worst days of my life.. Please, please make sure that you have next of kin details in plain text, in a wallet, purse or your phone case. We all think that we don’t need to worry about it until we are old whatever that may mean. My brother was found dead yesterday and being modern times all his contact info was locked in his phone. It took over 24hrs to convince officials, miles from home, that I’m next of kin to get details. I’m not looking for condolences. Please take the time to make sure you have these details on your phone or accessible in case the worst happens for the sake of your loved ones x
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    The snow family. Struggling to find pics that don’t contain other people’s children. There was a 4th made with the earliest powdery snow and he fell apart. Three snow people barely made a dent in the snow. There are parts of the garden where it is still pristine but they Conysin stuff like water barrels. For once I didn’t make snowangels in any bit lacking footprints. Love being what my preteen considers ‘embarrassing’
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    Here is my snowman we made with the added benefit of using the snow from the run. It was nice having extra snow and made the run much lighter for the girls. I haven't made a snowman for a very long time as I always left the children to do it, but they are on some travel adventures so it was down to us. In fact, he's the biggest snowman we've ever had and we still have loads of snow left over.
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    I didn’t let others stand in my way today. The staging is down. I cleared the old run area and rescued the slabs for reuse. Lifted the remaining slabs in the greenhouse. Loaded the van with a full load of old pots and stuff that had been dumped in the greenhouse. Hubby took it to the tip for me as I’m still not driving on his way to drop DD for a party. 1 diseased small conifer, a broom, a berry less holly and a rather pathetic rambling rose cut down and dug out New run area measured and marked out. Dug half of it out to a depth of 3 inches but had to give in as the soil is surprisingly dry and the wind was whipping it up into my eyes. Hoping the slabs can go down next weekend and the greenhouse frame can be moved. Hubby looked out at all my hard work and said. “That was a busy day. Didn’t we do well.” He’s lucky I’d put the tools away at that point 😂 Really need to do some constructive gardening at some point instead is just digging up and destroying stuff. Got day lilies, daffodils, tulips bluebells and a few unknown bulbs starting to emerge.
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    Budapest lovely,atmosphere good and great selection of food. Had a lovely day yesterday on walking tour, then went to the Holocaust museum. In the evening we did a Danube river dinner cruise. Today we went to the thermal baths and markets. The Christmas lights are lovely.
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    This is where I am today. I'm living right opposite this volcano in the North of Japan. It's quite wild here.
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    I often have to stop and think how lucky I am ...not sure I'd have anything near as interesting to fill a book though Got home on Sunday evening and had the most amazing time, I really do love India. Have lots of photos and stories to share so will get them on my laptop and make a post soon.
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    chickens are a great learning curve.
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    A wonderful experience, our first egg!
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    Terribly sad news. At 12 Sarah was told she wouldn't live another two years, she went on to become the first doctor to qualify with Cystic Fibrosis, became a consultant and was awarded the OBE for her services to Medicine. She would have been 60 in October. Back when I lived at home I would visit fairly regularly as we'd chicken sit for each other and I helped when they were planting Betty's Wood. We had some great camping trips with fellow Omleteers. Since moving to vet school, they gave up the chooks and I haven't visited but we kept in touch on Facebook. I think everyone will remember her resilient spirit and determination. Rest in peace Sarah
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