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    This made me smile - removing one of the broodies from the nest, to go in The Cage of Shame, and she balanced in my hand by fanning her tail like a beautiful flower. She's a gold pencilled wyandotte bantam
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    Just had to tell someone! Our 8th grandchild has just been born! A girl, Skylar, 8Ibs. Obviously the most beautiful baby in the world! I was one of 4 girls, and I had 3 boys and a girl and now have 6 granddaughters and two grandsons. The boys belong to my daughter. Strange how gender works between generations.
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    It was my dad's birthday so celebrations were always happening - nearly didn't one year with the hurricane gusts, but it died down and over we went in the evening. He liked writing "poetry" and called himself Sideburns. Here is one of his little rhymes: Once while walking through a wood, I picked bluebells by the score. Then I was fined for trespassing I won't go there any more! I did put "poetry" in inverted commas! There are worse ones but children love the rude ones (well anything with a toilet included set them off laughing - and as I have never grown up - I did too). Although I do rather like Of Mice and Men.
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    After lunch he just happened to mention that the chickens like grapes. Asked “How did you find that out? They’ve only had chicken food so far.” He replied “I gave them a couple of leftover old grapes”. I frowned and said “From the brand-new box?” He muttered something and wandered off. Later he mentioned they like apples too. Supposedly they got a bit that accidentally fell in the floor as he was eating it 🤔. Crumbly things apples 😂. Hr just asked if I think they’ll be awake at 5am when he’s off to the airport. Seems he bought bacon for a sandwich and wondered if they’d like the scraps. Told him they are not having meat scraps and he looked disappointed. Think he’s a secret fan 😉.
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    Dull grey morning so I went to Camden Market because it's always busy, noisy and colourful and I needed a bit of that.
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    All done guys, thanks. Moved to the for sale section and username changed :0)
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    Our three Light Sussex bantams were Korma, Kiev and Casserole. We also had an adorable, tiny dwarf Russian hamster called Fang and two Chinese hamsters called Wun Tun and Hoi Sin. I am desperate to call our next hamster Richard Hammond!
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    Never underestimate a dinosaur!
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    Yes, well, I used an indefinite article instead of a noun, making the sentence ambiguous. Schoolgirl error. I have written a lot of reports in my professional life, and edited a lot of other people's work, so when I notice a mistake I can't let it go, although predictive text often makes a mockery of what I intended to write, as does texting, as I routinely hit the wrong key without noticing! Added to which, I am fascinated by grammar, far more than the washing up!
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    I really didn't think this through. My postman was laughing his head off to deliver a parcel to "Redhotchick" 😂 I got a big smile from him and he said "Redhotchick!!" winked and jogged away laughing.
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    Too busy wrapping presents, peeling sprouts, stuffing turkey to bother with any more ruddy boxes! Going to DD this Christmas after 50 or so years of doing Christmas BUT still doing turkey as her oven is dodgy. She says... Then on Christmas Day transporting said bird in a car complete with one German Shepherd! I’ll keep you posted.
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    Brilliant idea - I also like the cat watching what's going on... "nom nom, dinner" 😂
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    Budapest lovely,atmosphere good and great selection of food. Had a lovely day yesterday on walking tour, then went to the Holocaust museum. In the evening we did a Danube river dinner cruise. Today we went to the thermal baths and markets. The Christmas lights are lovely.
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    Love the photos, I've been to both countries and loved them both! I've just been home for 12 days and been super busy. Met us with four vet friends who graduated last year, spent 5 days in Ireland visiting Dublin and Galway where my Grandad was born and then attended a Zoo Vet conference this weekend where I learnt lots and made some new contacts Flew back to uni at 5:45 this morning so feeling pretty tired today!
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    Just thought I'd put a note on here in case you've missed it. There's a Christmas craft swap being planned by Luvachicken. Doesn't matter if you don't have time she doesn't take no for an answer. I've made 2 A4 size quilts for a challenge on the theme of through the window I'll share with you. It's supposed to be views through the back window of a coach
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    We are doing our best to keep the disruption to a minimum. I have amused myself this morning with the zapper. Trouble is, these people are always one step ahead. They are flogging a dead horse, posting in that script. Please, never click a link or engage in dialogue with them.
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    chickens are a great learning curve.
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    I'm going to be a grandmother. It'll be a bit long distance. I've got a flight for around the time, I wanted to be there but it's not predictable so I might miss seeing the baby. We're going over next year together anyway so we'll see the baby then for sure. 新しい赤ちゃん..... New baby, but there are sentence particles missing. My Japanese is quite patchy still. おばあさん might mean grandma or it might not!
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    Congratulations, Patsy! Wonderful news. (AndyRoo, I think I have managed to move the posts to the correct thread. )
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    Hi Everyone Haven't been here for a few years - was always a reader rather than a poster! Have kept Silkies now for about 8 years. March this year I was down to one (Frank) don't ask, my OH named him after Frank Lampard - in fact all my chickens up to now have had boys names hence I always refer to them as he!! Anyway some uming and ahing should I get more blah blah blah, I decided yes as I worried Frank would be lonely (he's six) so bought 4 beautiful silkies, a partridge called Fusco (he's as daft a brush), a white splash called Fluffels (I've never known a chicken that enjoys a dust bath so much), red pyle called red (or lil s**t) and a red called meep meeps (who has the most amazing eye brows ever seen on a chicken). I'm convinced they think they are dogs - always underfoot and come when called but mostly don't need to call they see movement! - I'd like to think its love but realise they call me cupboard behind my back!. Anyway, just wanted to say hi, love the forum taught me all I know!!.
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    Decided to try to upload a photo seeing that Soapdragon has done it. I don’t know where we technophobes would be without you, Cat tails! This is my view at the moment. A little bit of heaven in Spain! ( hope it works..)
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    Golly, you seem to have been doing it forever! Good luck though - it's what you've always wanted to do, so it must be a relief to be enjoying it at last. Rosie has her end of year exams coming up; first year of Biology at Edinburgh with 3 years specialising in Molecular Genetics I think this is what you're looking for Valkyrie
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    Terribly sad news. At 12 Sarah was told she wouldn't live another two years, she went on to become the first doctor to qualify with Cystic Fibrosis, became a consultant and was awarded the OBE for her services to Medicine. She would have been 60 in October. Back when I lived at home I would visit fairly regularly as we'd chicken sit for each other and I helped when they were planting Betty's Wood. We had some great camping trips with fellow Omleteers. Since moving to vet school, they gave up the chooks and I haven't visited but we kept in touch on Facebook. I think everyone will remember her resilient spirit and determination. Rest in peace Sarah
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    This is my chicken run the day before yesterday. Quite a lot of snow got in considering it is covered. The girls were not impressed and only came out for 10 minutes. I didn't see them at all yesterday.
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    Yeah! So I can finally take my scrapbook to a skyscraper and start scraping it over their scrapheap?
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