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    A friend of mine hatched out some miniature silver Appleyards 3 days ago and we picked them up today, they’re so cute! I was planning on keeping them inside for a few weeks and then putting them outside in an eglu with a run. I’m trying to figure out a few things... 1. How long a run should I get to ensure they have enough space? 2. What base should we put on the run? I like the idea of pea shingle and being able to hose it down. 3. If you have a long run how on earth do you get them into the eglu at night? We do have a fox prowling the garden at the moment ☹️ so we’ll be making the run fox proof and they’ll only be able to free range when I’m there in the evenings or on weekends.
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    Right, am trying to be techie and post a pic of a moped we saw in Bruges! Lends a whole new meaning to 'don't drink and drive'! Edited to add....wow, it worked! Isn't technology amazing!!!!! Fancy swapping your pink one for this CT? Probably far less nifty!
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    Good call. I'll try and get some pol this weekend - anyone near witney got a couple in different colours (ours is black with brown bits!)?
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    Love your new bike Cat tails Stay safe x
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    It's a protozoan parasite not a bacteria It's really easy to treat and clears in a couple of days, we get quite a few raptors with it as they eat the infected pigeons.
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    Love the bike CT Just back from a three Ruminants day trip to the Uni farm. We were doing the usual clinical exams, pregnancy detection and ultrasound and then orthopedics and hoof trimming
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