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    Hi! Haven't posted for a long time! My oldest son Jonathan will be moving to Sheffield in a month or so to study at the University. He is so careful about the eggs he eats and almost never eats shop bought eggs! So we were wondering if any forum members live close to the uni and might sell him a few eggs from time to time! I hope you, your families and your hens are all well!
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    We managed to catch just 8 this morning Several people have already been up and taken quite a few, so I think there might be about 50 less than there were. The roosters are all going to poultry rescues - a lady drove all the way down from Doncaster today and took at least 3 roosters to her sanctuary, along with another 5 of indeterminate sex. The flocks' BIG Daddy is on the road to Yorkshire as I type, but much more work is needed. The biggest problem is the lack of council upkeep of the area - it's so overgrown you can't get to the little s*ds LOL
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