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    @AyeAyeMagpie Am I not being clear enough? I live in a rural area surrounded by farmland and riding stables. I could be outside with a spade, caving in little rat skulls from morning to night from now until Christmas. The prevailing view is that it will not do the slightest bit of good - as long as there is food for them to eat, they will keep coming. Ergo, I am removing the food. I am in principle against killing other living creatures, so that's the route I have to take. I can understand people who live in more urban areas, who have rats in the house and who don't share my principles having other solutions - that's fine. But all my research suggests that you have to remove the reason you have the rats to get a result, and that's what I'm doing. I do somewhat resent the implication that I am contributing to the problem because I am not taking action against it - that's not true. It's just that my solution doesn’t involve killing.
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    I've just come home from seeing this movie, and I just have to say "Wow!" My partner wanted to see it, and generally I find musicals quite dull, but I agreed to go and see it and I thought it was absolutely brilliant! I have to say, having seen her in American Horror Story, I didn't think much of Lady Gaga's ability to act - but she was absolutely PHENOMENAL in this. And if there was ever a doubt that she could sing before, it was completely abolished having seen this. If you haven't seen it, I really recommend it.
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    Hi, Popped on to the forum to share this. Everything has changed! I can't find the craft section! How are you all doing? Anyway, my very first granny square. Lots of mistakes. Would you unravel and start again, or accept that it will blend in and not be noticed in a blanket? Any tips for future squares? Love, Cathryn x
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    Sorry, I posted in a hurry and should have explained; that photo was just to illustrate the colourway, not the breed. Perhaps that colourway has a different name in NL
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    Awww, look at that gorgeous terrier.
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    Happy birthday, they are lovely. I too like the bantams, lovely colour.
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    You are a lucky girl! For my birthday (next Saturday) I am getting a water butt. I wanted a chop saw Your brown speckldy girls are GORGEOUS!
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    If you have had them in the roofspace, then check all your insulation and cables for gnawing - they LOVE to eat plastic, and also the insulation that coats hot water tanks!
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    Our cats used to watch the rats so that doesn't always work. They were under the floorboards upstairs and parents had to get professional help, it was poison in those days.
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    I'd suggest getting a concentrated attack in place with bait boxes etc; we are (allegedly) due a cold winter, and that will deffo bring them in! the key is consistency and just keeping at it.
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