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    Left is an egg of Merel, right shop bought “Large” egg.
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    Don’t underestimate the Dutchies! Although they mine don’t lay every day, their eggs are normally very good quality shell wise. Just be prepared for a lot of broodyness...
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    Squiggle was pretty bitey, out of shock, and I was keen to keep a hold on him and get him in the crate. He was very sweet, burrowing under the towels I had put in there. He seemed to have spent a good enough night in the shed and Tess had a good look at him this morning; he is going to he surgery where she part-times for an xray, and she'll report back. At this stage we're not sure whether it was broken or injured in an attack (dog perhaps) or a fall fro a tree in these high winds... he doesn't make it easy to examine him and we were keen to avoid stressing him. She will give him a whiff of gas to knock him out before the xray. I'll report back next week when I know more. Patricia; Haddenham is about 50 mins from me (my sister used to live there) and Tess is only 3 miles, so the easier option, and I know her well, so will get regular updates and have offered to pay for any treatments he might need. She used to work at Tiggywinkles many years ago, and they are very good. You are sooo right Although we once had 2 bunnies named Hunny Bunny and Cupcake - don't EVER let your 9 year old daughter name your pets although it gave me some amusement when I took them to the vet and he called out "Hunny Bunny"!
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