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    Mr Wyandotte is very smart. Here's hoping to some eggs very soon from Camilla
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    It's not so much the clean freak in me - although that is a large part of it - but, currently, we have wooden counters and Rich will cut things directly on them even though we have chopping boards! It drives me absolutely insane!! When I complain about it damaging the counters his response is "I don't damage them!", at which point my eye starts twitching because I can literally see the cuts in the wood!! Rich is a lot messier than I am in every aspect. I could happily live in a minimalist environment, unfortunately living with him is like sharing a house with 4 students at once. After 15 years of it, I've sort of made my peace with it. I just keep telling myself that if we ever adopt a kid, at least I'll be able to explain the mess off as to do with children as opposed to one grown man!! lol
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