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    Patsylabrador, thank you for starting this thread, this is exactly why I continue to log in and look around the forum. Nowhere else could you get a rational and measured conversation about washing up! Personally, I wash up with a half full bowl and rinse as I go with a dribble of hot water, the bowl never gets over full by the time the greasiest dishes are done. I have also noticed big holes on some washing up bottles, it certainly seems a ploy to get you to use more as it reminds me of the possible urban myth of the words "and repeat" on shampoo which allegedly doubled profits.
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    Happy New Year Purplemaniacs 😁 Ive only been on here for 4 years but it was definitely busier when I first joined. I still check it a couple of times most days - I don’t Facebook (although I do Instagram) so I’d really miss it if it was gone, and not just for the invaluable advice. I’m sad you find it depressing Purplemaniacs 😔 PL - I don’t think you should be worried about being controversial - my favourite non chicken topics are the ones we don’t all agree one!
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    I do the same CC, when I wash up by hand. I use the dishwasher about once a week, and tend to put all the dirtier stuff in it.
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    Thanks everyone. I wouldn’t have bothered either as varying fruit and veg treats and free ranging always worked for my other girls. He’s bird mad and very excited. Has budgies, is saving to get a parrot in 10 years for his 21st. The ball seemed very expensive for what it is. I will try to find the cat toy and persuade him to return the yellow one. The cat treat ball looks sturdier and is cheaper. If he insists on keeping a treat balll, I’ll see if he can exchange the one he bought
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