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    I stopped watching the news or reading the news - I tend to voice my opinions to nobody and found it was such a waste of time and energy when I could be talking to myself nicely instead. Koojieland is the land of fluffy clouds and sugar mice and sunshine in abundance. Hmmm, sounds a bit like the Tellytubbies place. Oh well.
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    Thanks Patsylabrador and Ajm200. Our handset must be quite old but I've now found the speaker button with '?' next to it which presumably turns it off on a daily basis. Now I know that it's called 'Audio Description' I turned it off on the main menu, so perhaps it will be off permanently tonight? Can't believe it was that simple, having put up with the irritation for months, last night was the final straw. Pity about the film; sure it will be repeated though.
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    Well, I for one am absolutley not going to argue with that cat......unless my neighbour's totally huge Pyreniean (sp!?) Mountain dog is right next to me
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    Def me too! Can we set up a 'grumpy' section where we can all grump away as much as we like? I love the TV prog 'grumpy Old Women' and, somewhat worryingly, find myself agreeing with just about everything they come out with!
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    When we hatched DD had an opportunity to name them but I had to veto 2 names because they were so weird. So Tipsy because she looked a little hungover and the smallest was Squirt. Squirt's brother was named Jiu Jiu. Which was pronounced something like Zshoo zshoo (rather like Zsa Zsa Gabor) so I relented and let her have that one! She also had a toy cat called Jellyfish. We used to have a little wood mouse that lived under the kitchen step - I called it Mousie Tung. She was there for a couple of years - probably got munched by an owl or a cat. Not impressed with her ability to sneak in the greenhouse and eat the peas.
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