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    This cheeky chap has moved into the shrub next to the chicken run and is helping himself to the worm-like bits in the chicken food. He pops in every 10 mins or so
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    Was trying to poop-pick the cube run with my new girls in situ. Ended up opening the front arch to get in and then did a very odd limbo dance to get between perches and stuff with 3 little chickens around my feet. They then decided to hide behind me on the drinker before moving onto my back. This led to their first free ranging session as I plonked them outside before someone got hurt. They wandered around the edge of the run for about 15 mins pecking at stuff then wandered back into the run and sat down! Left their door open for another hour after I was finished but they stayed sat down just shuffling a bit to see what was happening or eat. Our hybrids would have stayed out until dark or we told them to go to bed (They were well trained). After watching, and laughing, at my struggles today hubby has agreed I can convert our 8x6 greenhouse into a run in the summer and he’ll me a new bigger one when I’m ready to grow stuff again Yay!!!
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    They all seem to be scared of the grass and will go to great lengths to avoid it. A pigeon landed near them and all three flew into the tree in the pic but didn’t stay long enough for a pic. Seems I’m scariest of all so when I went to see what the fuss was the all flew to the other patio and their run 😂 Had to sneak up on them to get this pic
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