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    Yes, it's off! The speaker button with the '?' now does nothing, so can't be used to turn Audio Description on again. Presumably the setting on the menu over-rides it.
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    For the original poster, Maxinet. I have risked consuming eggs during and after ivermectin-based treatment. I researched online and having found it is used safely in humans all over the world, and calculating that the quantities in each egg would likely be very small, i decided that for me personally, I didn't think it was risky. However, I made sure that we did not sell, or give away, any eggs during the suggested withdrawal period given by my vet. I also would not have allowed any children under 16 to consume them during that time, just in case. It's one thing making an informed personal choice and risk analysis, but different when giving them to other people. It's personal preference in the end I think.
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    I'm hardly the longest running member of the forum, but I actually think it's quite active given the somewhat niche market it serves. It's more active that some of the Doctor Who forums I read (as an example), and that has a weekly audience of around 6.5 million viewers! lol The whole time I've been here I have only had one very obvious personality clash, but that's what happens when people have very strong opinions! It's easy enough to avoid, I just stop engaging with people who I really clash with. It's easier than spending the day being angry - which is something I am learning to do more and more the older I get. Although from what I can see pretty much everyone gets on here. It's certainly less aggressive than a lot of social sites - as people have pointed out, Twitter for instance. On Twitter you not only need fairly thick skin, but reasonably sharp claws too! 😂
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    I'm home for Christmas so don't have any books with me but this is a good article Ivermectin is pretty inexpensive. In Slovakia we can get it in most pharmacies so maybe worth trying your pharmacy, otherwise as you say get it online. I've been to conferences where Charlie Pignon, a French vet based in Paris, has spoken and know a few others working in France so there are good exotics vets about over there!
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