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    A bush is more common than indoors in my job! Or even sometimes if out as a team and there isn’t a handy bush just ‘Can you all stand on the other side of the landrover and look the other way please’ 😂
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    Well trying to pick Choccy up today was an ordeal - she ran rings around me! I was exhausted! Never underestimate the speed of a pekin!
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    With four children, we got used to identifying ‘emergency’ loo stops, especially as we did a lot of travelling in our camper. Like the tree in the New Forest! And like Valkyrie, there are certain bushes and trees across the U.K., France and Spain which bring back memories........ We are now repeating it with grandchildren!
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    I think I know that tree.....
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    Mine took one look outside the run at the wet patio and decided to spend the day under cover. Most of the time was spent together in the big flowerpot dustbath. Not using it properly as that would require movement and energy expenditure 😂 They’ve been collectively nicknamed the ‘Poultry Princesses’ Maybe they will improve with age
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    I've been really lucky with my purchases - but really I do think you should just wear thicker socks DM!😘
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    Spring traps. Autocorrect is being special
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    Do let her know we have Wi-fi here. We just seem to be lacking common sense at the moment!
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    I am guessing that you don't have children... once strangers have seen parts of you that you've never seen yourself, you just don't care any more.😂
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    I have started cycling to work, it is about 10 miles each way and most of it is along a paved canal towpath. Yesterday, I was cycling home and I was about 3 miles into the journey my front wheel clipped an errant bit of wood causing it to give way and causing me to fly off and almost end up in the canal! I got up and decided to continue as I couldn't see that much damage to the bike and no ripped clothing or any sign of blood. I continued for another mile and the bike started making this strange clicking sound, so I stopped at a nearby pub to inspect the damage.... Bike handlebars completely bent in the other direction, gears knocked out of alignment, no skin on my entire right elbow and my knee had swollen up to the size of a large grapefruit! What makes it worse, it was only the second day of cycling!
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