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    My 3 year old grandson told me on Saturday that my ‘winkles’ were getting better!
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    Everything here has to be heavy duty cable ties - the ball bungees break! But so far it seems like an ordinary rainy morning and appears to be getting lighter. At least we haven't got the gales too! I might set up some pallets and put half fence posts at the top for extra windbreak and perching spaces - mainly for the twins who like flying high! The pekins are happy with chairs and the brahmas just don't overexert themselves at all and sit on the aubiose instead!
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    Awww that's sweet! My patch now looks more like cooked liver than raw, so I think it's slowly going. I have a strawberry shaped birthmark (and pinky red) on the bottom of my foot. I also have different pigment colours like a large round tea stain on my leg that I have had since I was a child and my face has a patch on my left side. In summer I look like half a ventriloquist dummy where the line goes down my chin from my mouth, along the jaw and up in front of my ear. It then has a line across my temple to my eyebrow and follows the eyebrow right round to the nose. There it seems to disperse a bit and mix in with my freckles over the nose. I hate photos because it looks like I have a black eye!
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    Hahah, love it! Must be that miracle cream you're using 😉
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    No you don't need a prescription, it's widely available in pet shops and online. I use 1% at 1 drop per 500g bodyweight, obviously other concentrations will have different dosing.
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