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    Hahah, of course you may! You'll have to come over when the back is finished. The long term plan is to lower the front wall, get some reclaimed coping stones and re-instate the railings. I do love the way that is hums with bees in the summer and smells so delicious.
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    The Environmental Protection Act 1990, gives the authority for local councils to issue tickets for littering (under section 88) But, it only applies to “relevant land” which is described as “open to the air... to which the public are entitled or permitted to have access to with or without payment” Your private driveway is not a public place therefore the council has no powers there.
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    I prefer wintry...not sure why as wintery makes more sense grammatically! Bloomin' cold will do!
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    Wintery for me 😊 I’ve put photo’s of my chickens on other threads but here are a couple more of our snowy garden. Snow’s going rubbish and melty now in the sun but at least the roads are clearing. These photo’s are all full colour even though some of them look black and white!
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    Wintery for me too. 7 inches here but in the drifts, otherwise 5 inches. Most of the snow was blown away overnight so easier to trudge around - beautiful though. I love sparkly snow when the sun shines on it.
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    Here is my snowman we made with the added benefit of using the snow from the run. It was nice having extra snow and made the run much lighter for the girls. I haven't made a snowman for a very long time as I always left the children to do it, but they are on some travel adventures so it was down to us. In fact, he's the biggest snowman we've ever had and we still have loads of snow left over.
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    All was well when I let them out this morning. Hubby and I used all the extra snow on the run roof to add to our snowman we built
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    Ahh. Great place to be in the cold weather if the sun is shining. I’d happily chill in mine with a book if I could get away with it and it wasn’t full of noisy hens. My duck jumped up onto a shelf to get picked up and taken back tonight. She is the one who followed this morning too. Think one taste of a freezing cold bum and legs when she landed tail deep in snow this am put her off snow for life.
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    Fabulous! I already knew they could do whatever they wanted on publicly owned land, and rightly so. But I shall be taking a copy of this act down to the council on Monday with that sentence highlighted and making a complaint! Thanks so much!!
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    Our rescued orchids love the cold snap even if we don’t. Got up to find this beauty this am and another budding. It has taken a full year to get them back to health after getting them from a FB ad. My father-in-law - a world renowned orchid expert - would be proud of me but I don’t think he knows I have them. He used to give me orchids for the window when I was first married but I killed them all so he stopped
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    Might be worth getting some wired up round the house - mine lights up like Fort Knox when anyone is around.
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