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    The snow family. Struggling to find pics that don’t contain other people’s children. There was a 4th made with the earliest powdery snow and he fell apart. Three snow people barely made a dent in the snow. There are parts of the garden where it is still pristine but they Conysin stuff like water barrels. For once I didn’t make snowangels in any bit lacking footprints. Love being what my preteen considers ‘embarrassing’
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    Problem with electric netting kits is they sag between the posts, so the height quoted won't be achievable along most of it. There is also a big problem with the netting shorting to earth, made worse by vegetation. If you want a system that works properly you will need the same as us; galvanised mesh fitted to 6' posts with the bottom foot turned outwards. the mesh acts as the earth circuit and is surrounded on the outside by strands of electrified wire set at 9" and 18" from the ground with an additional wire set at the top of the fence to stop anything jumping onto the mesh and climbing over. Best to suspend the mesh from tight tensioned wires and have one at ground level; you can buy rings for this purpose. This means the fence mesh is quite loose and is a further deterrent to climbing. We had this in place for 5 years without problems in an area with foxes all around and are now constructing another one.
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    Wintery for me too. 7 inches here but in the drifts, otherwise 5 inches. Most of the snow was blown away overnight so easier to trudge around - beautiful though. I love sparkly snow when the sun shines on it.
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    Here is my snowman we made with the added benefit of using the snow from the run. It was nice having extra snow and made the run much lighter for the girls. I haven't made a snowman for a very long time as I always left the children to do it, but they are on some travel adventures so it was down to us. In fact, he's the biggest snowman we've ever had and we still have loads of snow left over.
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    Also, seasons don't get given a capital letter but months do. Not sure I get that, they are the names of seasons after all.
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    Maybe that's why I prefer it....a bit of a rebel, me! Seriously, I think it sounds harsher so, to my mind, more suited to current conditions!
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    I found this..... “Wintry” is an adjective we use to describe something that relates to winter or is chilly or frigid. “Wintery” is another way to spell “wintry,” but even though it's not incorrect, it's far less common than “wintry.” Wintry just doesn't look right.
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    I am remodelling the back garden this year - a bit of an upheaval! The patio is more or less finished, and the main part of the garden will be a selection of beds rather than one long lawn with borders either side. The aim is to break up the view from one end to the other. Will be moving a lot of the existing plants and bring new ones in. My front garden is more or less as I like it; a small strip of butterfly and bee-attracting plants and an abundance of blooms in the summer. It looks just right with the Victorian architecture; there are Victorian galvanised dolly tubs (old washing tubs) either side of the bay with scented climbers in them. The garden faces due south, so it takes some watering and needs drought resistant plants.
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