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    Today I took some time to go out in the garden to escape relentless calls. I needed to do something mindless and mundane so I cut up old fence posts just to keep busy. The chickens followed me about then went to the greenhouse playroom by themselves. At dusk the big girls went home and the little ones looked lost. I decided to pick them up to carry back. (They usually do anything to avoid being carried - think Benny Hill with chickens 🐓 🏃‍♀️). The first hopped straight onto my upturned hand and the other onto my arm. They balanced like that all the way back. Not a normal way I carry chickens. It’s like they sensed my mood
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    Thanks everyone. Glad the info will help.
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    My girls dirty it about an hour after they've foraged around and then I'm sure they wash their faces in it! Hence tipping the mucky bits out. Drives me nuts. Then they go outside and slurp from a puddle! Can't win.
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    Very sad news ajm. My sincere condolences to you and the family. I agree - I used to have a list of phone numbers in my driving licence which was carried everywhere - now I have a horrid plastic card. I thank you for reminding me to make an updated list as my children weren't included on that list and our phone number has changed at home. Lots of hugs xxx
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    Must be an incredibly hard time for you right now ajm. For those who have an iPhone: create a medical id on your phone. This is info that can be unlocked by anyone at anytime. Add any important medical info and your next of kin who should be called in case of emergency.
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    Sorry to hear your news, AJM.....but very good advice and not something that I'd thought about so thanks for taking the time to let us all know. Thinking of you.
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    So sorry to read about your brother ajm200 xxx
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    Sorry for such a depressing note but Today has been surreal and one of the worst days of my life.. Please, please make sure that you have next of kin details in plain text, in a wallet, purse or your phone case. We all think that we don’t need to worry about it until we are old whatever that may mean. My brother was found dead yesterday and being modern times all his contact info was locked in his phone. It took over 24hrs to convince officials, miles from home, that I’m next of kin to get details. I’m not looking for condolences. Please take the time to make sure you have these details on your phone or accessible in case the worst happens for the sake of your loved ones x
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    A little bird. They were sunbathing in the watery sun this morning.
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    I went to shut the girls in after dark this evening and after I shut the run I peered into the Cube to do a quick head count. 8. That’s not right, there should be 9! Camilla the escape artist campine bantam was nowhere to be seen. She spends most of the time outside their fenced area because she just flies out (really should clip a wing) and this time I forgot to look out at dusk to make sure she was on the correct side of the fence. So with my torch I walked around the garden shouting for her, and after a few minutes I heard a tiny little ‘meep’ and a rustle, and in the pitch black she came stumbling out of the bushes under the kitchen window (she’s laid an egg there before when she’s been out). She sounded so sweet, ‘I’m here, I was shut out, can you help me get to bed I can’t see the way’. Silly chicken - good job I checked!
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    When we talked about naming the new chickens, my son said “Do you remember the goldfish Ben and Billand?” I’d forgotten until that point. Hubby named the goldfish, the very little kids got it muddled in in a funny sweet way and we gave up correcting them
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    The new chickens have been renamed by the.children. The white one is still Duck as her bok is still more of a quack The black one previously known as Star is now ‘Gawky’. Falls off the perch, cube ladder, etc. Is guaranteed to upend or poo in the treat tray or trip coming out of the cube run. Gawky means clumsy; child one used a Theasurus to choose the name. - first book he’s picked up this year (it’s a geeky tech-obsessed pre-teen so that’s my proud mummy moment! 😂) The brown one is ‘Cookie’. Sweet and brown. Named by Child 2 - Girly animal obsessed 10 year old who saved £30 for her own chicken - I raised one right 😂 😍)
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