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    🤪 What was I on!!! But thinking about it - yep, guaranteed to bring OH into self-imposed solitary confinement whenever chicken things need sorting and it needs 2 of us. Peace on one hand but man flu . . . weldmesh over the bedroom door and egg boxes to make it sound proof! Ta daaaaaaaaaaaa!
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    More babies at work! So made another little “monster”. This time a rather pink kitty. Any guesses to gender? 😉
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    Thanks! this was almost commissioned as my lovely colleague has told me at least 3 times that her first born still loves the lion I made for his birth. Hint hint...
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    I was reading back through the posts and at first glance it looks like Valkyrie has a particularly harsh method for dealing with manflu.
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    I’m off out to dig holes in the garden. Family all think I’m Insane but we are missing the worst of the storm so it’s just breezy with heavy showers. Just need to be busy and outdoors. I’m not going to sit around all day indoors. I need to busy even if it equates to soaking wet. I have waterproofs
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    Wow, great hat, MH! Perfect for current, chilly conditions. Nice colours too.
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    Lovely and you got the tension right. If I made one it would be over my eyes.
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    My Lola will be ten at the end of March. I hatched her from a batch of maran eggs but she's no maran, a feisty little Araucana bantam! Still has plenty of attitude and new bantie companions keep her on her toes. She chats to me as I put them to bed, well, shouts so as to make me understand chicken, unfortunately I don't, but I let her think I do Here she is with Maureen and Daphne last March in the snow.
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