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    Run within a run! There is a badger here so I'm more concerned that he would make light work of the wire (half inch weld mesh). It's had more adaptions using pallets inside since then to make it more windproof - need to make it a little more waterproof.
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    We lost Snap this afternoon. Treat man was certain she’d been there when he let them out and I was pretty sure she’d been there when I shut them in at night but now, at corn o clock, nowhere to be seen. I crashed through the undergrowth but no sign of her, went for a walk down the footpath but not far thinking ‘well if she’s not in the garden she’s gone’. Then a phonecall from OH - ‘She’s here! I don’t know where she came from but she’s here!’. Well in that case she can only have been doing one thing. And a fingertip search of ‘the jungle’ eventually led to the find below!
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    Hello, can I join in please, a thread about gardening sounds great. I'm starting a new garden (all grass at the moment), Im making it up as I go along. Ive got a veg patch area and a bare flower bed I'm hoping to grow cut flowers in and a few pots that I have planted up so will see how they go this year.
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    My whole garden would happily fit in that run! If I ever have the space, it is definitely a type of run I fancy.
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    Haha, devious little madam. One of mine does that too - cue much panic until I remember what she is up to.
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    Just a self indulgent thread (although please put your own on too 😊) of photo’s of chooks in the snow. Only three of my 9 were brave enough to touch the white stuff, and here they are...
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    Beautiful photos! We only had a bit of snow. Mine were eating it 🤣
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    I’ve seen the fox go over our 6ft featherboard fence and over 5.5ft gate when I’ve chasing it off. It just needs a foothold on the top and will scrabble over. I think the arris-rails help a bit with footholds on the way out. The gate is a bit loose and rattles so I know the fox doesn’t come over it on the way but its fear of the crazy woman hurling abuse and objects makes any escape route viable.
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    Looking forward to seeing how everything goes for you 😊 I wanted to go to one of those but I can’t find one near me
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    The more the merrier! All trials and tribulations welcome - we learn by our mistakes! Tomorrow I get a delivery by the compost man! Finally getting to grips with things! Today off to Taunton to visit Oak Apple Frames to see what they do - outbuilding here is a wreck and OH had to nail the roof on to stop it blowing off in one of the first storms we had here! Potato day for our nearest place is Williton, near Taunton on Sunday. Meanwhile in the porch:
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    We found and copied quite a few into the new recipes thread. The mug cake is in this one somewhere
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    Reading this I feel I have missed out. I have appreciated the recent advise I have received as a newbie chicken keeper and think this is a lovely forum! I am now off to see if I can find any of those yummy sounding recipes you have all been mentioning 😁
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    Those are some fiddly boots Mullet! You don’t do things halfhearted! I have been on the bobble hat level for years before I burned my fingers on things like baby boots.
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    I however am not quite professional yet! I’ve learned a few new stitches and techniques doing this but I’m going to unravel it. I think I either lost count somewhere or joined into the wrong stitch because half way through my counts were all wrong and it’s come out a bit wonky.
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    More babies at work! So made another little “monster”. This time a rather pink kitty. Any guesses to gender? 😉
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    Mine got picked up and carried to a warm greenhouse to play then got carried back before sundown 😂. Spoilt birds
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    Your chooks look beautiful in the snow. Only 2 of mine came out into the run to start with this morning. By the time I got home from work there were 4 of them. Thought I'd better check the others were ok only to find them hiding in the egg box - they were very hungry, silly things.
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