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    That’s magnificent! I’d just pretend it’s not blurred and let people think they’re a bit short sighted...
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    I’m not taken by any breed which goes broody. I think I’ve been spoiled with my Polands. They have some disadvantages in that they need a covered run in winter but they do lay well. An egg a day between March and late September. I’m down to one oldie now and just have a Barbu D’Ucle laying. She’s one week on and two weeks off most of the time. Still, she’s pretty... Neil, it’s been quiet for a bit. How is the great transformation going?
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    Well - sat in traffic this morning at 7.15am. Listening to radio 2 and willing lights to change and a motorcyclist pulled up on passenger side complete with visor down and stared into car. I always lock myself in day and night. All my bravado evaporated as I stared thinking " what do I do if he breaks window, or damages car" He leaned over and flicked my passenger side mirror back out - I had folded it in the night before when parking on road to prevent damage. I mouthed "thank you" and sighed with relief. I am a wuss and guilty of thinking the worse. Oh dear
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