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    Thank you both for taking the time to reply. And I think what you have suggested sounds like a good plan....I really love my girls being around (as does my daughter) and I would be so sad not to try again with them. I just sometimes feel a little out of my depth with them if things don't quite go to plan.....which I know sounds a bit daft seeing as I have an actual human child and have had horses, cats, dogs etc all my life, but chickens are funny things and I'm just not as experienced as I am with them as the rest of my herd, daughter included!
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    That’s a horrible thing and I’m sorry to hear about your girls - don’t feel bad though, you’re obviously a very conscientious chicken keeper and it sounds like those two probably had something going on that you couldn’t control. Others may disagree, but if I were in your position, I would clean everything within an inch of its life this weekend, treat your pekin now with ivermectin (not licenced for poultry) then next weekend buy two POL bantams to live with your remaining pekin. I know what you mean about not wanting to risk any new birds getting whatever it is that killed your previous two, but I would risk it once if, as you say, your remaining pekin seems healthy. As she’s on home turf she will hopefully do ok on her own with two younger incomers. Good luck x
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    Me too - and I agree that it’s not totally based on outcomes!
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    The wildlife garden at the Natural History Museum. I haven't really taken much notice of it but that was a mistake, it's lovely. Hard to believe it's right on Cromwell Road.
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    Did I mention lambs 🤣 Thank you for all your messages, in the absence of TV is lovely to log in & read your comments & check out your recent adventures. Three adult geese & one came with a gosling Gary! The incubation produced 18 chicks but I’ve sold 8 & the other 10 are now huge. 7 weeks old & should reach a good weight before Christmas Im busy harvesting the fruit & veg and preserving. This retirement lark is like a full time job & a huge learning curve. Attempted green tomato chutney which made me turn green 🤢
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    I did this one a little while ago and really want to draw more chickens! I keep getting distracted by other animals though - new camera on its way so I will use my girls (and William) as inspiration again soon I think......
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