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    Today I received my CPH (County Parish Holding) number - I am now a proper registered smallholder! Whoohoo! So I need to let the authorities know when I get animals for movement records then I can have proper livestock - like sheep, pigs, goats etc. Alpacas don't come into that category, but it's nice to have it as I may have a couple of sheep at a later date, don't tell OH - he doesn't know that yet!
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    Can the neighbours angle their PIR spotlight so that it shine downwards rather then up into Soapy's house.
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    I've just scrolled through the posts and can't see which Omlet housing you have - can you enlighten me? A run extension or 2 might be the answer. Omlet is notorious for over-recommending on the number of birds able to fit in any of their runs. I got quite grumpy about it with them once when we had loads of newbies on here with over-stocked runs. I'm afraid that black hybrids are inclined to be grumpier and more pecky than others - no idea why, but this has always been my experience. I would bumpa bit all of them, in the absence of an obvious pecker - that way all of them will be safe. Extend the run if possible Add an extra each of food and water stations, pop some Vit Boost poultry tonic in their water - it contains B vits which are good for calming birds down and treating stress. I am sure that the small boy with the glorious hair would enjoy watching the girls and shooting a water pistol/super soaker and any which pecks. Do it immediately and they soon catch on - the chicken that is, not the boy. The cats won't be a problem - all the felines in our neighbourhood keep well clear of my bantams, including my hunting cat.
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    Thanks everyone for the tips! As mentioned they can't be fully free range here - too many dangers including my lurcher and foxes. I appreciate the suggestions on smaller hens, but given that I've already got the girls I've got, that's what I'm having to work with 😕 Maybe the next generation can be bantams! I've put chicken peepers on Dotty (have ordered bumper bits but needed something for the short term until they are delivered and that's all I could get locally). She was cross for a min or two but now seems totally relaxed and the pecking has stopped. Thanks for the offer of help Dogmother! Unfortunately we're over near Cambridge. Today we've fenced off a large area around the run with temporary garden fencing - not fox resistant but they seem happier and we will just have to try to manage the risks as best we can until we can afford a more permanent solution 😬 my neighbours cats are hunters too but I've no clue if a cat would go for my girls? They are quite stout ladies so I hope they will not be seen as cat-prey... 🤞 For now it's nice to have the situation vaguely in hand, chilled girls, and to be able to walk among them 💓 we really love these fluffy monsters so I'm hoping we can make it work... PS excuse Blue's violet rump - she is a multi coloured lady at the min for her own good!
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    probably because I reported the spam post.
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