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    Just made some grape jelly from the remnants of our grape harvest, Easy as all I did was strip the grapes from the bunch ( ignoring the odd bit of stalk) then cook as usual ( nomadded water), blend with a stick blender, then sieve out the bits. It’s a lovely colour. Lovely with yogurt or ice cream, The rest of the grapes are a the winery near Birmingham being turned into Rose. Last year’s was lovely.
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    I was also thinking about women with small children who use the loo with the door slightly propped open so they can see their children. I was in ladies at Hong Kong airport and a man wandered in and my word did he get yelled at and harried out but last week I was in ladies here and two men wandered in and none of us said anything. Mind you, some poor ladies having a bad time do leave loos looking like a scene from psycho. I think that will put most men off taking the mickey.
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