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    I have always had cluster headaches - a sort of migraine, and not called 'suicide headaches' for nothing. I say 'always' but really for the last 15 years I guess. I am not sure that they are hormonally driven though - I had a hysterectomy 10 years ago, and had them before that. I am on HRT patches, which are good, but don't help with the headaches. What does help is de-stressing and visiting the osteopath regularly for cranial work. I do sometimes get silent migraines though - a debiltating tiredness with a detached feeling but no pain. Just occasionally, I get visual disturbances, like tinsel, again without pain and they tend to go after about 20 minutes, so if I am driving I need to pull over. I hope that you can get them sorted Jude.
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    I used to have migraines, but only an hearing aura. Incredibly annoying when trying to teach, as I could only her the cars rumbling on the road, but couldn’t hear a word of the kids in front of me. Not a menopause thing yet, but just “normal” hormonal. Solution: get back on the pill. I don’t even do stop weeks anymore, as those were giving me the most problems! Just keep taking my little happy pill and no more headaches.
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    I suffer from migraines brought on by menopause, and have been having them for 7 years now. I am beginning to wonder if I will ever be free of them. However, I don't get problems with my eyes, are you seeing stars or an aura or something? I suffered in silence for a couple of years, not realising what it was, but eventually I started being physically sick and the odd faint, so I had to see the doc who quickly confirmed it was hormonal. Now I take very strong tablets, and they do work, but its still not pleasant as I feel slightly peculiar and have to take to my bed for a few hours, waking up as a new person. I think I would see your doctor to check it out to see exactly what it is, because you might save yourself unnecessary angst and/or pain.
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    Blooming thing affects each of us differently I think. I was lucky with the transition, but I do get prickly heat and tend to overheat very quickly. We now have swapped over in the house - OH feels the cold so constantly has the heat up while I have to throw my jumpers off and wearing t-shirts! Then he lights the fire while I'm fanning myself! Headaches not so much, thankfully. Everything else is falling apart though!
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