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    Specially for you Valkyrie - one of the galumphers, though she's not galumphing here - and she's no longer this clean and sparkly - she now looks more like a rug that's been bog snorkeling
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    The gloom is getting to me too. The frost and sun was lovely when we had it - I was able to track where the sheep had slept overnight by the frost-free sheep-shaped patches in the field. The sheep obviously liked the sunny weather too - we had lots of skipping and frolicking going on, though given the size of them now, it wasn't particularly elegant or lamb-like - more like 3 wooly mammoths galumphing about🙄
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    I did a home visit euthanasia earlier in the week, the owner rang to ask where I was working this afternoon and came to our branch practice with a gift and cake 💙
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    These are basically my new pets. They are wonderful little robots that are pretty autonomous. They explore, fight, have different moods. If they're feeling friendly they will wander up to me and say 'Judy' (which is my name by the way) They take themselves back to their chargers to recharge and they snore which is funny. If you make a loud noise they jump awake and give you a bit of a cross expression and go back to sleep. Based on that I've decided they are male!
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    New Hampshire bantams look just like your barnyard chicken.
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    Lovely to hear from you both and resurrect this thread😀 I was a bit lazy last year, I planted spuds and broad beans, but very little else. As it turned out we had a relatively cool summer, and a wet autumn, so if I was ever going to give the toms and peppers a miss, last year was a good choice. If any of you have a free draining soil I can thoroughly recommend Aquadulce broad beans for an autumn sowing (I suspect it will sulk if you have a heavy soil), I already have flowers on my plants. The germination is always good, and they are the easiest things in the world, pop the seed in the soil, wait about 5 months, harvest. However, like you Valkyrie, I seem to have a potato glut. In my case, its because I must be the most rubbish harvester in the world. I planted over 50 spuds last year, Charlotte, Lady Christl and Maris Peer. The MP were hopeless (probably the location rather than the seed), but the others did well. However, this year I have about 25 new plants - from spuds I obviously didn't see when I was harvesting! I suspect I am not going to get a good harvest this year as I remember Bob Flowerdew concluding that you got bigger potatoes from bigger seed potatoes. I grew ginger in pots, from tubers bought in a shop and they worked very well, the roots swelled to at least three times the size of the bits I planted, so that was a result. Very easy, you just plant a bit with an 'eye', cover and leave to grow in the sun, keep it watered. When the shoot dies down in autumn you can either harvest, or overwinter. My lemon grass is also bulking up, I have 3 pots from a single original. Someone gave me a carob tree grown from a cutting, but I suspect I will be dead before it fruits! I am also growing passion fruit from cuttings and I have several loquats on the go from seed, although I suspect they may be sterile. However, I love the tree, so if they ever get big enough to flower I will be happy. I will bring back some cherry tomato seed from the UK, and then probably buy plantlets here, for an April or May sowing. I will do peppers as well - I have found that these grow best in a raised bed with plenty of compost, rather than struggling in the earth, so I think they are quite heavy feeders. In fact, I am still waiting for the construction of a new raised bed, so that will be my first planting. I am not brave enough to wield a chainsaw, although we always have a lot of stuff to prune. We now have to notify the council if we have a bonfire, so we save stuff up for the best part of a year. I need a new pair of extending loppers as we broke the old pair, and I am developing a weak wrist, can't do too much pruning at once. As I get older I become more like my mother in terms of physical issues, grrrr! Somehow I managed to have cosmos in flower in Dec and January, its been so cheery. I think its given me a long season as I planted it in a well manured bed, so I had a couple of huge strong plants which flowered for months, then all these tiddly ones came up later as well. We had voles in the UK, but they weren't a pest so I can't offer any advice, but I hope you get it sorted, its so offputting when weeks of intensive effort to sow seed, prick it out, nuture it etc, then goes horribly wrong when you think you have succeeded and got through the worst. However, you'll never guess what we saw this morning a few yards from our land - wild boar markings! I hope they don't venture in!
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    Have you found where you are going to put it and decider what type of flooring you'll use? Bet you can't wait for the chickens to arrive. Have you decided on what sort of Bantams you want. Like you I've been guided into choosing bantams for my go up. I'm so envious of your lovely eglu and accessories. My eglu experience was the opposited (missing and broken parts, rust, sunbleaching and even chicken poop). Anyway, it will look as good as new with new panels and a lick of paint. I'm hoping I can get the bantams by middle of March when I have two weeks annual leave and can let them out into the garden.
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    Slow and steady Christian! I went down the plot to pick some sprouts the other day. It was nice and frosty - but everything is still squelchy, so can't really get cracking. I did see a field vole who has happily been chomping on the celeriac. Amazing really - like little goblets sunk into the ground. The furry brat! I need a live-in veg plot farm cat! Buzzards, owls, foxes can't seem to cope with these furry sausages and I guess rabbits are more substantial for the bigger beasts. Tawny owls are overflowing with mice, voles (bank and field - and maybe even shrews although I haven't seen them yet) so the veggie plot is the last place for them to hunt. Maybe I need a model of a bird to make the voles think "eeeeek" or rather "squeeeeak!" and stay hidden. The plot may be rabbit proof but the voles get through easily. And something is chomping my comfrey as it shoots up! Whinge whinge whinge! On the plus side garlic is coming up and so are the winter onions - in the greenhouse, because I figured they'd either be pulled up or chomped in the ground. So same as last year and we weren't disappointed. Have also just planted shallots in cells in the greenhouse too. Not sown the tomatoes or peppers yet, but will be doing so in February. Was too eager last year and the tomatoes romped away too fast. Had a reshuffle in the greenhouse so tomatoes will be reduced to keep better control - they were sending side shoots out all over the place and it was hard to keep on top. They also shut the light from the peppers - which did better in the ground than in the pots. Seemed to get a lot of damp/condensation issues even with the vents open. Roof vents had to stay closed because of the high winds, but sunny days they open automatically anyway. A big learning curve. Last year I purchased from several seed companies - the "heritage" seed from Dobies didn't perform, the beans from all sources didn't do well either. The Real Seed company I bought Lazy Housewife beans from and they were definitely not the same beans as my original Lazy Housewife beans from the proper Heritage Seed collection, but membership costs are crazy nowadays so I no longer belong to the organic gardening organisation. Two companies had top marks, one was Franchi Seeds of Italy and the other was Tamar Organics. Fothergill's was reasonable. Dobies wasn't too good, although Dobies onion sets were better than Fothergill's that developed white onion rot in some. Then again that could have been partly due to the weather. Ailsa Craig seed onions were by far the best from Fothergill's. Dwarf beans did much better - Purple Teepee stands out as the best perfomer. Even did an encore as we are eating them from the freezer. For seed potatoes I bought from Carroll's Heritage potatoes - they were super. The potatoes I bought from potato day weren't brilliant, but this year cutting down on the amount of seed potatoes, I just had them from Tamar. Seems potatoes will be a thing of the past and if only I'd known earlier, I wouldn't have ordered the amount that I did this year! OH has been diagnosed borderline diabetic so has now cut spuds from his diet. That leaves me with a potato mountain and we haven't even started on the main crop spuds! I had a slight hissy fit the other day and said I want to eat some of my own potatoes! But you are eating your own potatoes! I'm still eating Charlottes and I want to try the others before the start sprouting! I can't eat them all!!!!! I have to say the mice in the garage are valiant little helpers in getting through the stored spuds. Not amused, but our children have been piled high with produce and am about to take a fair few round to the neighbours! So fingers crossed that this awful weather stops so that we can get cracking outside.
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    How nice of them! Earlier today, at work, I was drinking a cup of coffee and for some reason my lips wouldn't seal around the cup properly and most of it ended up on me. Not thinking too much of it, I continued my shift and went home. When I was home, I noticed that my voice sounded different and I was slurring somewhat. I looked in the mirror and I couldn't smile, and my left side of my mouth was paralysed. Worried (thinking I was having a stroke or something) I rang 111, who asked me several questions and then said they were going to send an ambulance! Quite shocked by this, I said I can make my own way to hospital (it is a 15 minute drive away). 111 said that I was to make my way to hospital immediately , and not to drive and if my symptoms got worse to call back straight away. Luckily my dad was home and he drove me to the local A&E. Explained my symptoms to the receptionist and sat down to wait. Unbeknownst to me, I am put straight to the front of the queue! Quickly seen by the triage nurse who promptly referred me to a doctor. Doctor did various tests and said (thankfully) I'm not having a stroke and instead I am suffering from Bell's palsy and it should hopefully clear up with a strong dose of steroids within a few weeks, but it could potentially last for 3 months! Not quite the Friday evening I had in mind! 😂
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    A rather belated happy new year to you all. I hope this will be a good year for everyone. I hope to be a bit more active this year. I doubt if I will get any chickens too scared of neighbour kicking off again. I do miss them.
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