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    We're in the north in Scotland and the hens are about 18-20 weeks so wanted to be sure they were comfortable. Got them back after driving on horrendous wind, snow and rain. They are settled in the coop and i saw them fluffing the hay bedding but they decided not to venture out the coop. They are shut in for rhe night and I'll let them out early as I'll be up early for the boxing.
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    Haha, can't see that working in my street - parking is tight enough as it is, without a charging bay taking up space. I'm lucky to be able to park int he same street if I get back after 7pm, let alone the same postcode. Having said that, I love this road - the divers population and friendliness.
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    Looks lovely! Just a tip for you, I would keep the food and water to the front of the run, so you don’t have to crawl in to get to it. Also, temperature jackets are nog really needed, unless you are far north and well below freezing.
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    Leaving to pick up our girls in an hour. Just finished the run and coup
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    Sorry I have taken so long to reply, yes my ISA ladies area doing great, I have not purchased the new hen to go with them yet, I have been thinking you are correct I will get them when I can introduce two at the same time. They have freerang over a large lawn area. Peter
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    Best put them in the garage, in their carriers, where it is nice and quiet so they can settle from the drive home. Accepting that they will have been a few hours in carriers before you get there, plus you have to load, drive back, unload and assemble everything, it is still not sufficient time to worry about feed and drink, as long as they go out whilst it is still light and can eat and drink before bedtime.
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