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    Exactly! Never had that happen before! And their scuffles were so loud that it woke me up. Never had much of a bond with Pickwick anyway and completely healed from ever owning a gold partridge of anything. As this was technically Pickwick2 as I traded her for her look-a-like Pickwick.
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    Had to buy toilet roll yesterday because we had actually run out and felt embarrassed to buy it thinking people would think I was joining in - even though I only bought one pack. Did have to buy expensive stuff though because all the normal was gone! (Random man in the photo is nothing to do with me!)
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    I think that the media is being totally irresponsible with regard to the hyping up of the corona virus; it certainly wasn't like this with bird flu or SARS! That said, I am insisting that the boys wash their hands as soon as they come home but that's really just an excuse to get them into better hygiene habits 😉
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    I've had wrinkly eggs before but it was a long time ago. Sadly, I've had so few eggs for such a long time that I've forgotten what they are I've also forgotten if wrinkly eggs are a problem or not. You could give them some tonic, that always helps in egg production.
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    Still teaching myself how to needle felt. Thought I'd make a chameleon. I made quite a lot of mistakes but I'm learning along the way. I've discovered that using pipe cleaners to form the basic shape feels bad when the needle scrapes on it so I'll avoid doing that and that you can buy little leather finger gauntlets so you don't puncture yourself. I wanted an excuse to use bright colours so I thought a chameleon would be good.
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    Aren't they fab I wonder how many are yours or who made them. You can own up now 😍😍
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