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    Absolutley not....I am still a grumpy old bag! Possibly even more so as not sleeping in this heat and still cannot lie on my operated hip (I suspect bursitis but cannot get diagnosis or treatment until I can face to face with a physio!) I could very easily grump for England and may yet consider doing so.
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    Same here! Normally take all my frustrations out on the traffic! Or students.... 🤭 Now I just take it out on delivery companies, the central heating repair people and anyone else who crosses my path! 😅
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    Ah, I'm so glad you all have "stuff" on your patios Our new patio is going to be slightly bigger, in that it comes out about another foot into the garden - that means more space for more pots Hopefully it will be done in about 6 weeks time, if we can get the man booked in time.
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    I doubt that it is in pain. There's often a slight smear of blood when a chick or duckling hatches, the important thing is not to help it out; they need to make their own way. Keep the shell slightly moist (especially is the atmosphere is so dry right now) so help it get out. Hatching can take some time, which is agony when you're mad keen to see the babies. You do realise that we will expect photos of them when they're out........
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    A piece of a dinosaur! 😀 One of our old cats used to bring in newts from the neighbour's pond (long since filled in) and Rosie would call to me "Mum, Millie's brought in a dinosaur", s I had to rescue it and pop it back in next door's pond.
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    Here's a new one on me. We all know cats bring in things which aren't dead. I have just been doing the hoovering (its not often I can say that) and I came across a bit of something, about 2 inches long. Then it moved. Cue a bit of a shriek. It turned out to be a bit of the tail from a lizard - which you may know is how they escape a predator, they can live without it. It must have just happened, as it moved for a minute or so, then stopped. It was just a reflex action, but even knowing what was going on, it still brought me up short! I haven't watched that GW yet, not sure I want to!
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    Thank you everyone for your replies, it's good to hear that. I'm also glad in a way that it doesnt sound like Mareks, perhaps one less infectious disease that could affect the others. We certainly don't rely on VermX for protection against worms - we use twice yearly Flubenvet treatments for that. we also have Ivermectin as an anti-mite/louse where needed. VermX liquid just seems like a blend of potent vegetables/spices and I just think it gives them some variety and cant be a bad thing. They do really gulp the water down, even when it's in low concentrations so they must like the taste! Beyond that though, I can't see it really having much medicinal or protective value. I use the (probably overpriced!) VermX pellets because they seem to be good quality and have a full nutritional/trace vitamin report - many farm suppliers foods etc only have the basics.
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    Beaches in Cornwall and Devon have been rammed today. Traffic completely clogging up roads with people parked illegally all over the place where car parks are closed or full. At least as bad as the weekend before the government introduced lockdown after people couldn’t behave sensibly.
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