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    Evening all, It's been a while, but this week I've added three new additions to the flock. A hatch of 6 eggs resulted in 1 healthy chick on Monday (sadly, 3 others were DIS, the other 2 eggs were infertile, always a risk with eBay eggs) and today 2 White Leghorn POL hens became available. The chick is a Blue or Black Araucana (again, eBay, who knows!). The chick struggled to exit the shell independently (very strong shell and inner membrane) and after 12hrs I assisted it (not something I'd usually do, but it was clearly struggling by that point). Glad I did, as it's a healthy chick and is thriving so far (now 4 days old, hatch day in the pictures).
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    Exciting stuff. I remember, many years ago (before 9/11) I hired a 4 seater plane and flew myself around the shuttle landing strip in Cape Canaveral. I first landed at the Space Centre Executive airport and we had lunch (OH & I). Took off, called NASA Tower on the radio (as you do!) , asked to be allowed to do 'Space shuttle tour'. To my amazement, (who would let a pilot with a non-American accent anywhere near the facility???) they said yes - with instructions "join the circuit pattern in a certain way and overfly the landing strip but not below 500feet "- so I did - could see a Space Shuttle over near one of the hangers. Amazing! H
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    According to someone on a chicken keepers page on Facebook, live yoghurt is far better to treat worms than flubenvet. I did point out that chickens are lactose intolerant and it won't kill worms and they will just get a mucky bottom.
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