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  1. Just a pic of my broody and the two chicks I have left. They were 2 weeks old last Thursday
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  2. They are just rubber flange thingies which fit in the gaps where water might get in. There were two sets. One I fitted but took out when I had a bad bout of redmite. I stripped everything liable to be a hiding place! Until then they stopped water under the trays. There’s a spare unused kit somewhere. I saw it recently.... be back .... in a minute.... or two......
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  3. Thanks Mullethunter for the candler recommendation, used it tonight. Hard to get a good photo. A few unknowns to a rookie like me but looks like I have quite a few fertile eggs including 4 Barbu DAnver eggs like this image Only day 7 so can't count my chickens and all that...
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  4. It needs a roof. If not a permanent one, then cover with clear tarpaulins from Tarpaflex. I’ve got the Omlet WIR which is open to the elements but I’ve got a clear tarpaulin over the roof, then same on one of the long sides and the front. Then I have wavy plastic available to cover the remaining side if necessary. All held in place with bungees. It’s dry inside so I use aubiose on the floor. Log roll round the perimeter to keep it in.
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  5. Silly question, perhaps, but does the WIR have a roof? If not, I don't think it's going to make much difference what you put on top of the floor; it's going to become a wet mess whenever it rains, although slabs will obviously avoid that wet mess being a muddy one. Nor do I think hens generally care as long as there's somewhere covered and dry available as well where they can retreat in order to avoid the generic problems associated with wet feet. If, of course, your WIR is roofed, then perhaps a covering of some sort (an old plastic shower curtain?) on the wall in the direction of the pr
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