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    I made my Vector robots this new home today as well. It's a gardeners /builders mixing tray and I added LED lights and stickers and a couple of tin robots. The Vectors were picking up too much dust running on the carpet and I was worried about them clogging up and overheating. I can keep this area nice and clean.
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    In the summer when the doors are open the chicken walks into the extension and calls to be walked to bed. She runs away unless we've been to the garage fridge to collect a snack then she'll walk or demand to be carried to bed. This evening however I found her standing by the garage fridge waiting. I honestly had no idea that chickens are so thinky. 🐔 🤔
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    Ummm - this is my mask In my defence it is fully machine washable and was only £3
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    That's supper sorted then! The sweetest Chantenay carrots, Red Veined Sorrel, Rocket and baby leafed Spinach. Delicious!
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    We're in the process of making a Japanese Tea Garden. I want a large area of it to be covered by moss. I don't think it's appropriate for the area I want to cover which is sunny and dry but I did see you can buy sedum rolls much like turf. Apparently it is OK on dry poor soil and is drought proof. It sounds like a lovely substitute. I was wondering if anyone else has used it for ground cover. It seems like it's usually used for green roofs. The base for my tea house is all ready, just waiting for it to be made and delivered. Another idea I've had is for this side of it to have a simple wooden bench, a bamboo and an Australian canvas bucket shower. So a sort of crazy little onsen.
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    Pop them in vinegar - just like capers... my plot has gone mad....squash plants are reaching for the heavens as most have been tied to get them to go up...sweetcorn is 3‘ high and doing well. Even the parsnips i planted in March 🙄 Are finally a few inches tall. however, I am so chuffed with my cauliflowers....1st time growing them -
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    Fudge won't go to bed unless she has some hanky panky - which is basically me giving her a back rub and a pat on the floof. She shakes herself and off she goes to bed! She's broody at the moment. Persistently so, now 3 weeks in the sin bin - what is wrong with that bird!!!!! But I don't get let off lightly - Fizz has started doing it too, so it was double hanky panky until recently. When I was away, Fudge demanded my OH do the back rub bit and he said it was sooo embarrassing! I said nobody saw and she went to bed a happy little birdie! Although I think she might be getting fed up with these last 2 days of not as hot as it was weather!
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    Awesome they are soooo cool! So I took the advice and made some eldefflower cordial as well as the champagne for the wife... it is amazing!
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    I made these rainbow sombreros. They're supposed to be rainbow rolls but I was a bit over ambitious. They're OK to eat, a bit like bread sticks. I've seen the idea all over the Internet, I think it's for Pride. I made them as an odd little remembrance to the three guys murdered in Reading.
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    If that’s your feeling, it would be kindest to bring her to a vet, rather than letting her suffer.
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    Thank you for elaborating. I'm still trying to work out the pecking order of my girls and your description is very helpful. I didn't know chickens could growl!
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    Yes, I agree. I thought there would be civil disobedience at the end of lockdown but I didn't think it would be to this extent. That was horrible in Glasgow.
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    I have a Playmobil face mask! You can was in the dishwasher and it has a filter compartment where you put the paper filter in. Haven’t worn it yet, as we only have to wear them in the public transport and I luckily can get everywhere by motorcycle or bicycle.
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    For only the second time in my toothy history I get an abscess. Right now, when things are difficult. Something weird happened this morning when I brushed my teeth and the dentist thought that maybe the abscess burst. It did get a lot less painful after that. Anyway I've got some amoxycillin just in case there's an infection but he can't do any surgery right now. Hopefully it will settle down nicely. However it meant I had to give in and wear a mask. This is mine. I like the idea of a mask parade. Let's see your masks! 🎭
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    I never see Gemma peck Molly. Molly often growls at Gemma, doesn't always share treats and kind of pushes Gemma out of the way. Interestingly, Gemma was always at the top of the pecking order of her little gang, but when the younger ones came along they took over and the older ones were demoted. Even then, Gemma still managed to peck everyone's neck feathers and I still never saw her do it. She was the only one with her feathers intact. Both of them do lay although Molly seems to lay a lot of soft shelled eggs. Gemma still lays a good egg when she is not feeling broody.
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    I'm having a wonderfully amusing morning envisaging a set of circumstances that could result in that youth colliding with a traffic sign in such a way as to bite off a strip of skin from his hairy backside in karmic payback.
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    If you ever have bolted radishes, don’t snip those flowers! Radish pods are maybe even better than the radishes themselves. Lovely and peppery. Never tried rocket pods, but might be similar?
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