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    I think the freedom to evaluate available evidence and come to one's own conclusions - even when they differ from others' interpretations of the evidence - is priceless. I think the freedom to put forward arguments to express those conclusions and give others the chance to test one's theories is also priceless. However, those freedoms come with a responsibility, and that is to listen and be open to admitting you're wrong; winning in a debate isn't your view prevailing, but the truth becoming clearer to everyone. And that responsibility cannot be discharged unless people do listen. Not hear, but really listen. Coming back to my original points in the thread, it seems to me too few people are living up to their responsibilities. We can't blame the local council, the borough council, the county council, the government, the establishment, the church, the World Health Organisation, the Chinese, mobile phone companies or even little green men from Mars for any failures in managing the Covid-19 pandemic until we accept that what each of us does individually adds up to a big collective difference. Political issues and allegiances aside, democracy is based on freedom of debate leading to a consensus of opinion, and action following the path of that consensus. In short, we collectively do what the majority of us feel is right, and we find out what the majority feel by discussing. It's fine to continue challenging that majority view whilst the action is being taken, and if the majority view changes then so does the action. Where it all falls apart, though, is when the minority fail to accept the consensus and follow a different path of action. That's not democracy, that's anarchy. And that's what we see every time someone chooses to ignore social distancing rules "just this once because I'm in a hurry". The real crunch, though, is that we form a society for some form of collective benefit and protection. If others are choosing not to help with that, there's no give and take for me. At what point do we decide everyone's in it for themselves and that society as we know it has broken down? 'Cos I'm seeing an awful lot of take compared with the admittedly shining examples of give.
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    Yes! That’s the one. Great ideas on here. By the way, one thing that REALLY irritated me when I was on chemo, was constantly being asked ‘How ARE you?’usually said with a pitying tone. I don’t think any of you would do that but many people do. Or cross the road, or disappear - in case it’s catching. Frankly, I never wanted to go into a long discussion of my woes. What I wanted was to be treated as normal, hear about current news, not pussy footed around or pitied. The problem I found, and to some extent still find, even though I’ve been in remission for 5 years, is that you become defined by your cancer. You’re still the same person. So, once you’ve given that gift, forget the cancer, and just go back to normal interactions. Please.
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    Might it be coming as a seperate item? If not then do contact them and query and ask if they would refund a proportion of payment or throw in something (like MH's covers).
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    I read the header and immediately pictured a large tray of those little foil wrapped chocolate balls except they were eggs, not chocolate. Oh dear...it's all getting a bit too much! Sounds as though Omlet are trying to enroll users to act as advisors - could just point them to The Forum!
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    Both broodies have done their time now and thankfully they both seem to be over it (for now)! It’s nice to see all three little ones out and about again so thanks for the help guys ☺️
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    So true; we are seeing pockets where society, and mankind's natural need to belong to a clan are breaking down. While this will always happen - we are individuals after all and mavericks will always be there and their opinions and beliefs need to be welcomed and listened to. The tough call, or calls, are what right does any of us have to decide which is the best path to take.... is it a moral judgement, sensible one or just taken on an over all view? It is hard not to judge too, when one can see other folks not toeing the line, or acting sensibly and putting others at risk. A prudent person or 'body' will listen at all times, re-evaluate the business plan and re-plot if that is necessary. An example: my neighbour is 90 and very frail, his son lives with him and they have carers in several times a day. This son's lady friend has been to-ing and fro-ing from Lincolnshire where she lives, to north Oxon all through lockdown.... for 'a break and to see my man'. This blatant pig-headedness and 'doesn't apply to me' attitude makes me mad - she is putting this man's life at risk, and all for her own selfish gain. It seems that someone in the street - no, it wasn't me, but we have a tight and helpful community - must have reported her, and I got a certain amount of joy from seeing the police speaking to her. There's been an element all through this situation of 'how can we get round this and not be detected', and while I laud their inventiveness, there's a reason for these restrictions and they are not on a whim, but to save lives and keep us all safe. We are not being locked down for punishment, but to save our lives, those of others, and to help the NHS to save lives. Nuff said
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    Patricia W, that is very good to know. I didn't want to avoid the subject but equally I thought that maybe with someone she's not especially close to like me for example, it would be nice to talk about other normal things. We had a good text convo about Downton Abbey yesterday which was good fun. I think that's the way forward for me.
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    Cool 😎 recent behaviour in politics have taught me that we all have a right to think what we want and we must speak out for our own views and we should guard that freedom and not get offended if other people don't agree with us. It all gets a bit 1984 otherwise. It's good to question though isn't it. I'm Tory through and through but I don't totally support everything they have done which is good I think.
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    This Site has lots of ideas https://www.notanotherbunchofflowers.com/collections/chemotherapy-get-well-gifts
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    For myself I’m not really frightened of getting the virus. Not because I think I invincible - I’m statistically low risk but I know that doesn’t really matter and that if your body reacts in an unexpected manner it can kill anyone - just because I seem to be pre-programmed to not worry about things like that. However, there are lots of people who are frightened, and anyone who says that’s silly is just completely ignoring the facts of how many people this virus has killed. For this reason it makes me so angry that so many people just don’t care enough about others to take even the smallest actions to reduce the risk. It really doesn’t take much to follow some simple rules to keep socially distanced. Yes it may make some of your tasks take longer but it’s only a bit of time!! It’s better than being dead!! In Asda this week I very politely pointed out to a man, when I met him for the third time, that people were supposed to follow the one way arrows. He did turn around but said to me ‘Well nobody else is’ - which wasn’t even true!!! In the whole shop maybe 3 or 4 people weren’t - everybody else was doing as they were asked. I also can’t understand the people who seem to treat the lockdown and subsequent social distancing guidance etc as if it’s some sort of punishment or the government being mean to them. I hate this Tory government as much as the next centre leftie (!) but I genuinely think that despite lots of mistakes in detail and timing they have generally done the things that they had no choice but to do. How can you think things wouldn’t have been worse without lockdown and social distancing? When I read the original post in this thread I was going to just ‘like’ as I agreed with every sentiment in the majors post - but I seem to have ended up having a rant myself! PL - I’m aware you might find this offensive and I am sorry, and I also really respect that you have respected other views even though you don’t share them. But I feel that there are some opinions that should be challenged.
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    That is so funny. Just what we need on a grey day in these strange times.
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    A moth goes into a podiatrist’s office. The doctor asks the moth, “What seems to be the problem?” The moth says, “Doc, I don’t know where to start. I feel like my whole life has been a waste of time. I’ve been at the same job for twenty years and I don’t just hate it, I’m revolted by it. I can barely summon the strength to drag myself in every day but I have no choice because I’m in debt up to my compound eyes. The idea of doing this job for years more just makes me sick." "I’ve grown apart from my wife. She’s no longer the woman I loved, and I can barely stand to be around her but I feel guilty for feeling that way about her. Doc, it just eats me up inside." "My daughter’s shacked up at eighteen with a guy I can’t stand who’s terrible for her and she dropped out of school, but she won’t listen to reason and it breaks my heart. And my son… Doc, I just don’t know if I love my own son, because he reminds me of everything I hate about myself. I look into his eyes and see the same digusting, snivelling cowardice I know everyone sees in mine. I can’t even work up the courage to pull out my gun and blow my own brains out. I feel like my entire life is nothing more than a fragile web of lies just barely holding me back from the screaming abyss." The podiatrist says to the moth, “You do seem to have a lot of problems, and it's clear you need professional help. But I’m just a podiatrist; you need to see a therapist, a psychiatrist even. Why did you come to me?" “The light was on." Badoom, tsh. I'll get my coat.
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    Husbands? Children? Travel Agents? Dogs/Cats? Electricians? The bloke behind the deli counter in Waitrose? Goodness, I'd love to know 😏! What a teaser!!!!!!!! I have been putting out a box of books on our front wall as the charity shops have been shut and out bedroom is right above; we have had the window open in the hot weather. I have been in hysterics at some of the comments overheard. One chap was out with the dog and clearly decided to 'phone his wife as he trawled through the box and updated her on what was available.........'No nothing sexy but there is a Jilly Cooper..oh and a few Dick Francis. That sounds a bit sexy....shall I grab one? There's one on natural cleaning. OK, not your thing then. It's a very eclectic selection, they must be a funny bunch'. I really wasn't sure how to take that!!!!!!!!!!
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    Brilliant service from the Royal Mail
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    Some pretty photo’s of my girls today
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    Did a good long walk around Windsor Great Park today including the Long Walk.
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