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    Update- after a few days of pacing her run watching the chicks (and even synchronising going to bed at 6.30 when they did!)- Alice seemed to have calmed down so she was given a few chances to reunite with them. First few meetings were aggressive towards bullied chick and other mum but this got less and less each time and today she seemed to accept that chick back and be accepted back into their little family with no further signs of aggression. They all went to bed together together. Hurrah! She has been bumped down to second mum though! the kids have named the chicks (10 days old) Merry and Pipin - Lord of the Rings fans! We are guessing that one is a cockerel and one a hen. Here are some photos! They are dad- cream legbar and mum- black copper Maran.
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    I’ve had a VERY poorly chick come back from the brink after being treated with coxoid so have hope!
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    Busy afternoon! I would give her a few hours then try her again, they can dehydrate fairly quickly and it would be good to get more Coxoid on board Fingers crossed!
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    Hi all, I've had one hell of an afternoon. I phoned round all the vets that were still open in this area and got told to try and get an apt at a 24hour vets. Most didn't deal with chickens so that made it quite hard so I ended up booking a virtual vet apt- however they said they didn't have the coxoid available. I then phoned round various poultry stockists (thank you Lewis!) who also didn't have any until I found one an hour and a half away that had an out of date one (my husband is a chemist so looked at the active ingredient and said it would still be active) - so drove there and then at the back of the shelf I found one in date one! The lady said she thinks there is a countrywide shortage as she has no restocking date from suppliers which is unusual and 6 customers on the waiting list. So I've just treated the water and she drank a very little (maybe 3 sips of it) and then went to bed with the others (still very lethargic and chirping a bit more continuously than when I left her 3 hours ago). I plan to pull her out from under mum in a few hours to have more of it (should I do this or leave her be?). Thank you everyone who answered and offered advice. Really hoping I don't wake up to a dead chick in the morning. We would find that devastating. Fingers crossed.
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    Really hope you managed to get some meds for her - please keep us updated! x
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    Very cute I had African pygmy frogs at uni but they were completely aquatic
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    Agree with above I would be treating for Coccidiosis. You're probably best to try a local poultry stockist to get Coxid unless you have an avian vet nearby as most small animal vets won't carry meds as standard so won't have them until Monday/Tuesday
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    I think it might be coccidiosis; the most risky age is under 6 weeks and that hunched stance is typical (we've had a chick with it). Damp is an important factor as that increases the risk considerably. Unfortunately it may be too late, but a vet will tell you? Has their chick crumb got ACS in it? Our chick survived after the vet wrote her off. I tried something totally daft and syringed her crop full of probiotic yoghurt. Why that worked I don't know and no-one has been able to tell me? I'm not suggesting that as a first stage though; get to a vet.
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    It sounds very much as though she has coccidiosis. She needs a cocci medication asap. Try Coxoid. She will need to be kept warm, and her environment should be kept clean and the bedding dry, be meticulous. There is a recent thread on cocci on here and probably a sticky, but you should also get hold of a good disinfectant, something like ViratecP or VirkonS to do a deep clean. Cocci is very virulent, there are many strains, some are treatable, others less so I'm afraid, but move quickly to give her the best chance.
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    I'm so pleased for you that things have worked out in the end. Such lovely photos and your daughter looks a natural with her chicks.
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    Very sweet. Do they make a noise ? How do you know which is which ?
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    They are gorgeous! There are some similar at The Living Rainforest near Newbury and I always make a beeline for them. How big will they grow, Andyroo?
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    I am lucky they went to a good home today. i cried saying goodbye.
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    If I now get blocked, it’s your fault! 😂
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    Yes, I think you can do this. You will need to support the join with the roof struts from the original run though I would think. However, before you go ahead, there is an issue I, and others have found with the Omlet WIR which you need to consider. My run is neither rodent or small bird proof especially in the top half. This is important for disease control, especially if, as expected we have more Avian Flu outbreaks. I have had to cover my run with weld mesh which was expensive. I love all my Omlet kit apart from the WIR. I wish I’d gone for a conventional one.
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