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    Not yoghurt as they can’t digest it. I’d stick to softened pellets If I were you.
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    I agree, H. It's disappointing that it costs so much more! Some supermarkets do have their own 'wonky' range (one is 'Perfectly Imperfect', that may be Tesco!?) Whichever supermarket I am in I do try and find the wonky stuff, if only to send the message to 'the management' that people do want to buy it and am happy to pay the same price as perfect but certainly not more!
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    I know round our way there are a couple of farm shops that offer delivery (at a cost, obviously) which is home grown stuff. Maybe if you do a search, there might be somewhere that is still in your catchment area as opposed to a national one? That's the only other thing I can think of trying maybe.
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    Is this my mum? I’ve just had exactly this conversation with her!,
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    Ivermectin will do the job on the hens. A good clean of the coop probably will be smart to prevent them getting them again.
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