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    Ohhh, Anzac biscuits! Yes, we make those quite often........but, as you say, 'porridge oats' rather than oatmeal. I like the coconut too! I haven't been in baking mode for ages but, now that the boys are back at school, need to get a wiggle on as they take a home made comestible of some description for mid morning snack (they don't break for lunch until 1.20pm). I have, however, made Welsh cakes quite a lot over summer as they are griddle cooked so no hot oven steaming the place up. They are far, far better eaten very fresh though so don't really get to establish residency in the cake box 😉. Hugh Fearlessly Eatsitall has a fab recipe for a sort of flapjack that has lemon zest in it, which really lifts the sweetness. It's also jam packed with loads of seeds (you can use what you like but I mix flax seeds, Pumpkin, sesame, sunflower) which is great for those ladies amongst us of a certain age 🥵. However, to paraphrase that 'old bloke' from the Fast Show (Jesse's Diet??) this month we have mostly been eating blackberries!
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    Mine moved outside at 6 weeks and were absolutely fine. I’d say yours will be too as they’re pretty well feathered and will snuggle together at night. Having said that it was August when mine moved out rather than late September. Just keep an eye on night time temperatures and bring them in if it gets really cold. Have they been out during the day already?
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