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    My tomatoes were hit by blight. Lost the lot overnight. Made lots of green tomato chutney though. Fig harvest was excellent. Lots of fresh ones and made fig chutney with the overflow. Beans good and potatoes. Only one butternut squash though and a rogue pumpkin I didn’t sow! Got two artichoke plants in the spring but they are struggling. Grape harvest is planned for 4th October. So watching the weather carefully. Last year we got 40kg. Not sure this year, as they were late and some damaged by a late frost. That 40kg contributed to our Collective’s harvest in 2019 of 500kg and my share was turned to 24 bottles of a lovely Rose, Chiltern Blush! That was definitely our best crop last year!
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    One of my colleagues moved into his shed to shield his little boy during lockdown, and he made one of those videos every week for the rest of us. It was hilarious 😂
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    Oooh that looks like a nice sturdy cover - just what they need to keep them dry and sheltered from anything nasty autumn and winter might throw at them.
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    I am happy to give it a whirl.........I'm not very skilled but can certainly rustle up something home/handmade!
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