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    Eglu Cube Mk1 for sale, orange in colour. Used for 2-3 years, some sun fading and small amount of rust as a result of outdoor use. Comes with original accessories of feeders (1 glug and 1 grub) and 1 all weather shade for roof. In addition there is the 3-pack of shades for the sides and 2 grub feeders. Dismantled ready for collection. £425.
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    I think the original post referred to the flare-up of the inoculation viruses caused by a temporary collapse of the immune system as a result of stress; in this case moving home. The symptoms disappear when they settle down, so after a few days. In your case it may be different, but you haven't given enough detail. The other possibility is a respiratory infection, or the onset of one. In my experience this is the result of exposure to fungal spores and they can arise from wet bedding, wet run surfaces, or in our case condensation on the underside of roof of the coop which caused mould growth. Check the underside of the roof and the other options and clean as necessary. If the symptoms don't subside in two days she needs a vet for antibiotics and you need to find the cause.
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