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    Wouldn't go for that. Unless you have very dry hard clay, the woodchips will start to mix with the earth and will turn into a big clumpy mess. Best to keep wood chips on paving slabs and a covered run is always a good idea.
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    After the winter my chickens were looking rather scruffy so I decided to worm them I asked about worming pellets at 4 farm shops in my area and non could provide them only powder which is messy to mix and not good for your breathing. I would like to thank (The Dogmother) for helping me with information were to get pellets. I had only 4 chickens to worm, but the size of bag I had to purchase was more than I wanted so I wormed them twice with 3 weeks apart. I got them from "Farm and Pet Place" 10kg Layer pellets with flubenvet £8.49 + £3.99 pp.
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    In home situations you are supposed not to invite more than 3 people once a day right now. But I think they keep to the 30 indoors to keep theaters, cinemas etc going. And of course schools! Btw: we are still exempt from the 30 rule. I can have 32 students in a classroom and the 800+ students in the lunch hall is no problem either. But if the students are caught outside in groups of more than 4, they could be fined... We finally got a thermometer thingy too. And it boils down to everything closed in the end, but not schools. It says nothing about distancing students either. I know there are lots of people much more affected than me right now. Lots of people losing their jobs etc and healthcare staff are up for it again. But I really don't understand this lack of measures in schools.
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