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    Scaffolding pipes and a large tarpaulin! Works a treat!
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    Yep - definitely a cockerel I’m afraid.
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    I’m not often this certain about it, but this is definitely a cockerel.
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    Boy, all boy, I'm afraid. And not fully grown. When he finds his voice he will be noisy, and yes, there is a very good chance they will fight. You might get away with it over the winter/until he matures, but the Spring will be unpleasant unless you are very lucky.
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    Wyandotte cockerel. Lovely legs and feet. There are a lot of different colours to this breed and he may be a cross of two or more. The chest feathering is the best guide.
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    It's so unusual. The feathers on the rump remind me a bit of a black orpington - but the build looks more like a light breed; the neck is a bit like a Faverolles, the body is a bit like an Appenzeller. He's a lovely rooster!
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    Yup - I wouldn't tangle with this one! Beautiful colouring on his back though.
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    Mixed breed. Definitely not silver laced. Looks as if it’s got character though!
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