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    If he’s injured you could try and catch him and ring a wildlife rescue. A towel or something like it might help to catch him. They are so small and quick! Hope the little guy makes it!
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    Make plans for it to go on until April, then you won’t be disappointed. The local Councils are tasked with ensuring compliance. It is Trading Standards who usually lead. In my experience, they take a helpful rather than punitive approach first so contact them if you need too.
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    So difficult to know what to do. If he survives tonight try him with more mealworms and water nearby. They also need berries, blueberries are a favourite and finely chopped apples. I wish you and Robin the best. Xxx
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    Thanks @soapdragon It is really hard. He looks so pitiful. When I got a closer look at him on Sunday, his leg was stuck out at an angle and his foot was curled. He did actually manage to fly high up on to the top of the fence and into next doors garden but he must have come back on the Monday and has been in my garden ever since. I wish I'd looked harder for him today, but when there are leaves in the garden, which are the same colour as him, he is sometimes very hard to spot, if you can spot him at all. Have to hope that it is not too cold tonight and that the food I've put out doesn't get eaten overnight by unwanted visitors.
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    Yay - common sense has been restored - can guess what your hubs will be up to this weekend! Just hope that singles tennis is next then ES will be happy too!
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    Moss, weeds, grass, earth, money .... they make it all disappear!
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    Think of it in terms that they might be getting any moss out for you
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    Thank goodness for that - the government has U turned and allowed fishing
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    Hi Flopsy How are you getting on with your lone hen? Did you get anymore to keep her company? I'm interested to hear as I have a similar dilemma with one lonely hen.
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