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    Ok, after a lot of consideration, I'm thinking it might be a better idea to postpone the Easter swap and change it to a summery swap. There are probably only likely to be 4 of us for the Easter swap compared to at least 7 if we do it later. This will give @Jen346, @EllieG and @ellasflock more time to post and will have been members for longer What do you think ? @Cat tails, @HarrisonFamily and @Patricia W are you happy to postpone and make something for later ? You can still make something Easter like if you want, or just something bright and cheerful
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    Or it's head is on upside down! I'd blame the Design and Technology faculty!
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    Aww, I'm really sorry that your eggs didn't hatch xx I'm sure you will have learnt a lot from your experience though. I have a lovely book called Chick Days by Jenna Woginrich - a fab little book, although it's American.
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    That is fine by me - gives me more time to improve 😁
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    And maybe @soapdragon and others might want to consider a summer swap?
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    Hopefully, all of the previous posts that @Cat tails has put on has helped stir your creative juices. It is not meant to cost too much but is really up to you what you use to make something - some people spend more, some less. I or Mr Luvachicken will PM you an address and let you know who your swap person is nearer the time. If you need to know anything else, just ask 😊
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    I’m up for anything!
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    Yes definitely. I am currently reading a book about hatching and breeding chicks. So hopefully the next batch are successful.
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    Count me in! I can’t wait ☺️ Sounds super fun and I can use my creative side to make a lovely gift. @Luvachickenshall I DM you soon with my address?
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    Thanks, Cat Tails! Ellasflock, basically anything goes. I’d say concentrate on something light which can be easily posted this year. Send your address by DM to Luvachicken, who waves a magic wand and matches us up. We then beaver away to make something and send it to our recipient by the given date. We then take s photograph of the wonderful present when we receive it, and post it on here. Do join in!
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    I would love to see new faces and crafts in the swap. Just always hope people plan to stick around for a bit. Have a look at these topics for ideas, inspiration and a guide on what to expect:
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    I mostly just listen to Monty. It was his America trip, which I’ve seen the first time round. But also this pattern is so easy, you don’t really need to pay attention and because the yarn is so big, you can do most on feel. It’s all trebbles and nothing else. Just turn at the end and go back again.
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    Very pretty Ursula! Horribly cold wind today! It was only -3 but it felt like -10 at least! Didn’t keep people from ice skating though.
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    This beauty was in front of the school today!
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    Hi Everyone. So I have just undergone an eggtopsy. It was probably the most disgusting thing I have ever done but I think I know what went wrong. Out of the two eggs one wasn’t even a fully formed chick, it was a very small embryo which I think died around day 8/9. The second one was a fully formed chick although it’s sac wasn’t fully absorbed and looked almost ruptured because lots of brown gunk was coming from it, it’s skull was also soft so I think this little guy died day 16. I don’t know why it would have died, maybe from humidity changes or delayed growth because of my incubator swap at the start. Unfortunately I don’t have photos because I just thought it wasn’t a sight I ought to remember. I am due to order a batch of chicks on March 1st. I also noticed that the chick wasn’t in the right position for hatch. It’s beak hadn’t broken through the membrane, and it was curled under the head.
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    Hi Luvachicken, sorry but I’ve decided not to take part this time. However I’m looking forward to participating in the Christmas swap.
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