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    So, I finally got my fish tank up and running again! Yay!
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    Both of your tanks look amazing! I have a 60l tank we set up about a month ago with a few Platies and Mollies in, I love watching them and wish I had room for a massive tank. I want to get some yellow shrimp in a few weeks
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    We have 14 discus of varying sizes and so far so good. It was very confusing at first as the advise we was getting was very conflicting.....especially about the water. Some said it had to be soften water and others disagreed. We settled on tap water👍. We haven’t had any problems so far (touching some wood🤪). lin
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    Beautiful fish 😊 Could watch them all day !!
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    Thank you mullethunter for your reply and best wishes 🤗 I have ordered some Beryls Friendly Bacteria to give to our sick hen, it will also be handy to give our bantams a dose as well - one has had a slight touch of intermittent diarrhea the last day or so. I have seen Beryls advertised before whilst browsing through chicken lotions and potions but I was put off by the postage costs on top, not cheap 😱 but we'll try anything at this point 🤞🏻
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    Wow they’re lovely 👍. I keep fish too but tropical. Have a tank with discus. lin
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    From the state of potatoes I occasionally find at the back of the cupboard I’d say you can grow potatoes from supermarket ones - in fact I’m sure the Dogmother does that. In a rare day on Thursday I dug over half veg beds and emptied the 2yr old compost from one of my bins onto them. I knew I hadn’t done very well at harvesting my maincrop red potatoes (lost interest because they boiled into the water so badly and we weren’t massively keen on the flavour) but I didn’t know there were this many left!! I’ve left them out in the rain this weekend to wash so we will try to eat them! I’m not growing maincrops this year. Also here’s the last veg standing from last years growing.
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    Hi, yeah, I have considered the low rise but it’s very expensive for something that’s still not an ideal solution. If it was perfect I wouldn’t mind spending the money, and if it was cheaper, I’d be happier to compromise, but it’s a little bit bigger than I want and pretty low. Something half way between the low rise and high rise height wise would be better! And I’d rather have something a bit smaller also, I really didn’t want so much of the garden taken over by run space.
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    Have you considered the lo rise WIR?
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