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    Funny how some animals don’t think they are suffering from anything! Hope she stays well.
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    Thanks. I just gave Cordelia some more nutri-drops and more water which seem to perk her up. I'd placed her in the run with the other two and they were all happily pecking away at some corn. Suddenly a very high wind blew up - my other five bantams started to freak out in their WIR. The newbies seemed to take it in their stride (I think the cover is protecting them well enough) from the wind. Now it is snowing quite heavily!!!!! Would you believe it. I went to shut them in for the night thinking they'd have gone to bed, but no! They spend all day in the eglu then when it is snowing, they decide now is the time to come out and peck around. Hopefully having dinner before roosting for the night. I'm beginning to believe Cordelia might recover, though she does feel rather thin. Fingers crossed
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    Thank you for replying - I found a lilac one in great condition with 4m run on fleabay less than an hour away from me so I couldn’t resist. It’s all built, ready and waiting for our hens to arrive on Friday. I’m sure you’ll have no problem selling yours, they hold their value so well.
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    Sounds like mycoplasma. Not sure what kesium tablets are and do, but mycoplasma is not something you can cure yourself and I would advice you to go back to your vet for another treatment.
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    It sounds as though you have already taken very sensible precautions. Maybe it's worth asking a pest control expert to come and have a look round and see if they can recommend anything extra that you could try (sometimes they can place traps in places that would not be accessible to other wildlife).? Equally, you could approach your neighbours (if you feel able) and explain the situation (so that they know that you have done all that you can) and ask if they put bird food out or have accessible compost bins. Do you know where the nest may be? If so, there might be someone with a ratting terrier who could clear it out (you sound quite rural). Otherwise keep shooting as many times a week as you can!
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    Gosh, it sounds like you've done everything you can. Rats will stay around if they have a food source, and their numbers will adjust accordingly. More food, more rats. You have obviously removed food sources from your property. Do your neighbours have compost heaps, bird feeders etc? Is there anywhere else the rats could be feeding? Shooting with an air rifle sounds quite theraputic. My Data used to shoot crows (I think). They grew to recognise whether or not he had his air rifle and would hang around mocking him when he came out without it, but fly away fast if they saw it in his hands.
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    If you are interested in the chemistry of eggs, here you go! https://www.compoundchem.com/2016/03/26/eggs/?fbclid=IwAR2UNPTq4FvNh3cM1CzTLDRG6BQsffJ1dyuC-Y73HX_8SiljV46FxbHK1Ak
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    My 8 and a half year old Wyandotte bantam Penny who has just come back into lay and seems otherwise the picture of health has a prolapse. I just happened to notice that her back end didn’t look right this evening - no change in behaviour at all - still bullying everyone else for corn / sunbathing / digging and went to bed as normal and was sleeping with her head under her wing as she always is when I went to get her. It’s just a little smaller than a walnut. I’ve cleaned it with clean water and then thanks to advice from Lewis a dilute solution of hibiscrub. I’ve put some honey on it. I’ve tried 4 times to gently push it back in but even though I did eventually get it to stay while I was holding it, as soon as Pen wriggled and moved it came back out. She’s now quietly ensconced in a cosy cat box in a spare room downstairs. She had a drink before she settled down. I’ll take her to the vet in the morning if it hasn’t gone back in during the night but I’m not very hopeful. She and her sister Amy are the only ones of my original flock left.
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