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  1. I have had one hatch with a little ‘belly button’ like that. It sorted itself out after a few days. So glad so many have hatched - that’s a great result, well done!
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  2. It’s currently 4:22am and I’ve had one of the worst nights! We currently have 1 egg half unzipped, 2 just starting and 1 that I didn’t even see the pip and it’s out! Came out so quickly too!! However this night started off bumpy. Last checked the eggs at 11pm then went to bed. Woke up at 12:30 to find we’d had a power cut at 11:30 so for the last hour the incubator hadn’t been receiving any heat! Amazing how I woke up at all really!! Quickly got it all back on, temp had dropped to 27 and humidity had gone from 75% to 86%. I was in a major panic put I think everything’s okay. Somehow
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  3. Jeeeeeeeh!!!! I’m really good at making a mess! Does that count? 😅
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