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  1. I was just reading European traditions around the world and wondered if they still occur or have been over taken by something else - I know my OMLET friends are all over the place so what traditions happen in your country or family ?? Here in Kent advent all seems to be about the naughty elf - which I hate and told the children I look after he doesn't come here as Cody my dog would eat him along with the tooth fairy -mince pies and carrots are still left for Santa - my children used to love attending the local church for Christmas Eve where all the children who attended got involved with acting out the nativity - it was lovely as it really didn't matter if you had 10 Mary and Josephs and 1 Shepherd- but COVID has shut that down this year again. When my 2 were younger I would only let them open 1 present an hour - they would then play with that one and guess the next as they are now teenagers I am not even sure they will get out of bed !!! My brother whose wife is Czech always has fish and the presents on Christmas eve but his wife buys now, her family still have it swimming in the bath tub ready to eat Christmas eve. Of course the OMLET craft swap is becoming a lovely tradition ....
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  2. Well Sinterklaas has changed quite a bit over the years. When I was a kid, they did tell you you would go in the sack back to Spain if you didn’t behave, but don’t think my generation took it very seriously. His helper, Piet, used to have a bunch of sticks that he threatened to hit you with, but also not anymore in my time. And the story has gotten much milder over the past few years. As Sinterklaas is a much bigger thing here with kids, Santa isn’t a figure much believed in by kids. Families tend to either celebrate Sinterklaas or Christmas. Presents are mostly opened on Christmas day I think and as we have first Christmas day and a second Christmas day, we can visit more family… Christmas dinner is a big thing though and table grills are VERY popular. My mom and me spend Christmas day doing a puzzle and then have a nice dinner. Although this Christmas we first have to get my moms booster! 😂
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  3. I'm sure that @Cat tailscan scare you with the tails of Sinterklauss and his helper, who was used to terrify children who didn't behave. We eat late. most Europeans have eaten the day before. Ducklette (sold as that) this year, so a young duck, obviously as any older and they will have the texture of leather.
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  4. YS has tested positive on lateral flow. Awaiing PCR result. OH and I negative on lateral flow - triple vaxxed. Time will tell, Had to tell elderly aunt not safe to bring her down. Hes got headache and feels washed out - has taste and smell so far. Oh well I suppose after over a year in NHS in height of pandemic I should expect to get it sometime - just wish it wasnt now - but many worse off. Stay safe all. xx
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