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  1. “She’s behind me, isn’t she?”
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  2. I remember posting some pics of the new enclosure and hutch, but maybe I didn't post any of the girls in situ.; once DEFRA has lifted the current restrictions, I'll have to take some pics. I need to get the gardener to re-turf their new pen. I was going to plant some herb shrubs in there for them to peck at casually once it was done. The result was definitely a bit of a shock to us all - but we had it confirmed with a legal paternity test, so there's no doubt about it. It's quite a weird place to be in mentally as he and I had always had quite a strained relationship and estranged relationship. Apparently he had considered the possibility on a multitude of occasions because he never felt I looked anything like him, which I don't, but I guess we'd all just assumed that was down to the fact I looked so much more like my mother. It has revealed some interesting new bits, though. I have a very close genetic match to a girl with links to the areas that my mother does - and also very close links to a family in Ireland I'd never heard of either, but whom this girl is also related to. So it would rather suggest my biological father was Irish or with very strong connections to Ireland. Time will tell, I guess. I have a few people trying to figure out possible contenders for the bio-father, but based on my own narrowing down of possible candidates, it would rather suggest they're all dead anyway - so I will likely never know.
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  3. Perhaps he hadn't washed them Or maybe they are ticklish.
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