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  1. I think we've all had unusual years - but yours is so much more successful than mine, MT! I am about to pull up one bed of toms, it hasn't done anything, possibly because I didn't put enough goodness back into the raised bed, its a shame as these were my big beefheart type. The cherry toms are also pathetic in volume compared to last year, but they taste good, almost like a roast tomato! I expect yours have succeeded because they mature earlier, perhaps before you got seriously hit by the sun. My 3rd bed of toms is being grown only for passata/sauce - a prolific variety but not too much flavour. Some of my branches are going brown, I can see that some of my watering is too vigorous. If I use a hose the feeder roots can get exposed - I obviously didn't plant them deep enough. All round, not the best year for tomatoes. I may have to rest them a year. I have some espelette peppers grown from seed, with fruit on (I think they are chilis really, rather than peppers, very small and quite spicy) and some herbs (parsley seems remarkably heat tolerant) and that's it on the success front, although I am trying to keep the strawbs alive through this heat, as they have a great taste. I can see little flowers where I water so I hope for a second crop. Plums = everyone had very small crops, apricots = early, then fell and birds/wasps got them, peaches - tasty but small crops. The olives are practically non existent, both at home and at the land, and the grapes are already turning so we should get some sort of crop, but I am guessing it will be small. In a way it has been easy to abandon crops because the conditions are so bad. I did water the mature plum trees before they cropped, and I am watering the apple on the basis it is bearing some fruit and its tasty so its worth it. My friends and I have an elementary grey water system - they unload washing up bowls etc into buckets to water in the evening, and I have a series of watering cans/5l water containers in all rooms with taps! I think rigging up something from the washing machine/shower is beyond us, although I do collect the water as it heats up. I am pinning my faith on green leafy veg in autumn/winter - your tip about cavalo nero is useful, I find Nero di T to be useless as well, though it may be my conditions. I can't grow sweetcorn (too hot, too much irrigation required), so if they don't succeed for you that may be part of the reason. You still have time for them to do their thing, they are normally ready in Sept, and squashes are deffo late. I saw my first black (cultivated) blackberry today!
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