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    Cat tails is really my wing man, well, woman. Anything to do with computers - or crochet - and she is there
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    Personally I think we all have to live the lives that we choose whilst being considerate to those around us. Realistically those of us who love their peace and quiet (and I am def one of those!) cannot relocate to a remote Highland croft (I wish!) but, equally, those who choose (for example, maybe not a good one) to leave their dog in their garden to bark all day long (as opposed to the odd bark at the postie etc) must accept that their behaviour is inconsiderate and may cause distress to others. There is, as always, a balance to be struck and we all have to rub along together.
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    Everyone should have a Cat Tails!
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    Wouldn't go for that. Unless you have very dry hard clay, the woodchips will start to mix with the earth and will turn into a big clumpy mess. Best to keep wood chips on paving slabs and a covered run is always a good idea.
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    Mine have done this when they’ve had a touch of scaly leg. I’ve successfully treated it with a combination of spot on ivermectin (not licenced for use in chickens) and scaly leg liquid brushed on their legs with a soft toothbrush.
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    I do worry about Father Christmas - in spite of my son's opinions. After all he is an elderly, overweight (if not obese) male and so surely in the vulnerable category. I do appreciate that he is probably currently in a bubble with Mrs Christmas and the elves but that won't be possible when delivering presents. Equally, does the 'rule of 6' apply to reindeer? If so then the whole process will be much slower this year. It's all very bothersome.
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    I don’t think many of us on here use them. You might find more on the Omlet Charlie clenched Keeping Community FB page
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    You need to cover the run first. Use clear tarpaulins on the top and sides, leaving some uncovered for ventilation. Look at Tarpaflex for heavy duty clear covers. Hold in place with bungees. If you’re on a limited budget get clear shower curtains. Theyll only last a season but are about £9 last time I looked. Then put log roll or similar round the perimeter. That keeps run covering in when they scratch around, If it’s very soggy now, I’d put hardwood woodchip down first, then aubiose on top. If you’ve got time, and the resources you could slab the run. Then you could just put aubiose down. Don’t panic. Many of us have been there too!
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    A quick update on Gladys and Hilda... I put a light at the back of the coop for 2 nights, and they shuffled a bit further inside each night. Tonight, they’re both safely tucked up all the way inside, with no light on at all. Success! Thanks for the advice!
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    I’m with Andy on this one. If you only want to hear your own sounds, you need to move to a place without neighbours. Not saying that an aviary full of birds isn’t a nuisance, but the nuisance is in the ear of the beholder so to speak. Same goes for people that love to hear playing kids, but I personally would never want to live next to a playground. I suffer from a form of tinnitus, and the ear doctor literally said I have to learn to live with it. It’s something I can never shut up. Meaning accept it, embrace it. Otherwise I’ll go nuts
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    Love your chicken shed 😊
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    This one? https://www.google.nl/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-8774649/amp/Jo-Browns-sumptuously-illustrated-journal-Devon-wood-tipped-autumns-publishing-hit.html
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    Thanks again Cat Tails. I had forgotten that the PM part is not at the bottom of the avatar. Used to be so much easier in the old days
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    It’s this one: @HarrisonFamily For those new to the forum. Click on Luvachicken her name, it will direct you to her “page”. There you can see a little envelope. If you click on it, you can send a message directly to her.
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    Lovely photos! The brickwork looks especially interesting. Yes, the food must be kept dry, and it is good practice to give the birds somewhere dry to shelter as well. Think about the prevailing wind when you site it.
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    Totally agree; I have a 16 yr old hoodie for most tech issues but he can't crochet!
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    Hi I am new too. I am not new to chickens, but still very much learning. I had three ex-battery girls, Blossom, Annie and Millicent in August 2008. Sadly Blossom died in September 2009 whilst we were on holiday. My neighbour was looking after them, but obviously not well enough for Blossom Then last Tuesday Annie died of peritonitis. I delayed taking her to the vets, as I can be a bit paranoid and rush them there for no reason. So as I only thought she had a bad leg, as no other signs except difficulty walking I held off. She had antibiotics but it was too late. She died peacefully though, lying in the sun and enjoyed her last breakfast of honey, rolled oats and natural yoghurt. So that just left Millicent. She decided to become human and spend all her time with us. She refused to go back in her run and stood with her head through the gate gazing mournfully at us. As it isn't possible to allow your chicken to go to work with you, we decided to get her a friend. The next ex-batt release isn't until June, so today we bought her Marigold. Marigold is a Suffolk Noir. She is 25 weeks old and already tame. She allows us to pick her up and stroke her and tonight we were stepping over her as she had a dust bath, daft chicken. Millicent is dominating her and we are seeing a bit of feather pulling and pecking, but Marigold just puts her head down and freezes, then wanders off, so she seems to be playing by the rules. I look forward to getting to know people on here and it is great to know there are so many people to come to with my chicken problems. Thanks to Lou for putting me onto this site Shell xx
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    Hi Henfriends! I cared for my son’s chickens a few years ago so when my holiday was cancelled in April I decided to get my own chickens with the refund. Now, I have an Eglu go-up,with two extensions, a large enclosure (which takes up half the ‘lawn’) and three girls. They are great fun and are completely daft, but quite friendly. I have a black Maran, an Oxford Brown . both laying well now, and an Emerald , who so far only seems to lay soft shell or even shell- less eggs. So I’m patiently waiting for a blue egg!
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    Children's garden tools are the perfect size for that kind of thing 😊
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    I don’t climb in, how would you fit back there?? My backside is definitely too big. I would get a long small rake etc to do the job for you.
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    @Peter This is what Luvachicken already answered you.
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    Are they hybrids or pure breeds? Both will slow down their laying over time. But hybrids aren’t bred for longevity, but for egg production, so they burn out faster. Pure breeds will stop laying over winter, so don’t expect too many eggs till about March. When did you last worm them and what other food are they getting? Too many treats will make fat hens and fat hens don’t lay eggs either.
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    Thanks all. I'm going to put it into a different pot and try and move it to a sunnier windowsill.
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    Same here. And after months we finally got the government to agree to give teachers and healthcare workers a quicker appointment and result. But somehow that resulted in people having to drive 2,5 hours single trip to get tested... I got poked and prodded today at a privet lab as I want to go to Germany next week. And you have to have a negative test to be able to go to Germany now. test was fine, just the prize made my eyes water...
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    I have already started on my gift .....so can't wait .....
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    Yes, I had noticed that some of us haven't appeared yet. Maybe they might notice once I put up the new post. Anything you make will be much appreciated. I have limited skills and I am quite slow but one of the things I do make I can do quite quickly, although I haven't made any for a while.
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    In home situations you are supposed not to invite more than 3 people once a day right now. But I think they keep to the 30 indoors to keep theaters, cinemas etc going. And of course schools! Btw: we are still exempt from the 30 rule. I can have 32 students in a classroom and the 800+ students in the lunch hall is no problem either. But if the students are caught outside in groups of more than 4, they could be fined... We finally got a thermometer thingy too. And it boils down to everything closed in the end, but not schools. It says nothing about distancing students either. I know there are lots of people much more affected than me right now. Lots of people losing their jobs etc and healthcare staff are up for it again. But I really don't understand this lack of measures in schools.
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    Couldn’t put it any better... 😅
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    Gosh new poster resurrecting a thread on knickers that is over 4 years old with 6 posts, that's odd er keen 😬
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    Nope, not too late at all 😊 I have a paper list for now but I think I will do a new post with our names on like we normally have.
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    That's a new one on me MamaCoop! Chickens are 3D space aware and know where they want to be. We have seen them confused by a coop moving position by more than a few metres and also trying to get into the nest box (broody) from all directions when the pop-hole has been shut to keep them out. They shouldn't be confused by coming out of the wrong door just once? However that's something I can't remember ever doing, because of the way our enclosures are set up. I have taken a bantam out of someone else's coop because she jumped in whilst I was cleaning it and she never went back. I can see the treats idea not working; all they are thinking about is food and not directions. All I can suggest is leave them to it and put them to bed or to lay through the run and to the pop-hole door if necessary. Sure they will sort themselves out in the end.
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    It does get easier the more times you do it. I’ve only dismantled and rebuilt my WIR once, but I’ve done my Go run lots of times and it now doesn’t take me very long at all. The only thing I would say is that you’ll probably have to buy new run clips fairly often as the repeated clipping and unclipping will fatigue the plastic so they’ll break.
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    Take it very very slow I guess. It’s a situation we all hope to avoid, but you were clearly very unlucky. What type of rescue hen is it? And is there a way to get her a replacement friend? Although she might reject that hen too. Don’t think there is much more option than to take it slow and do a gentle introduction.
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    Sadly the truth is that we seem to be a smaller group then hitherto and so we know each other's skills. Therefore it's not too hard to second guess! However, it's all done with care and love and much skill and ingenuity and still a lovely surprise. Personally I receive my swaps with great delight and feel so grateful that someone has put so much work into the gift. Long may it continue and big thanks to Luvvie and Mr Luvvie for their efforts in organising - very much appreciated ...must be a bit like herding cats!
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    Noooo I know it's irrational but I have a real problem with 🐍 didn't realise before being on social media, so many people post random snake pics and gifs (shudder)
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    Contact the Environmental Health Dept at your local Council.........make a noise complaint. They will send you a noise log to keep with details of volume, times etc and they will also write to the neighbour to make them aware that a complaint has been lodged and that the situation is being monitored. Sometimes this is all it takes to resolve the matter however, you can then submit the noise log after 2 weeks and the Council will then consider whether further correspondance with the neighbour is appropriate. It's always better to follow the proper channels and take action than to sit and seethe.
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    I must have the best neighbours in the world as they have never complained and are always happy to see me - I have 6 hens - 2 budgies - inherited when my Mum died they are 12 years old and only live that long as they are outside - 1 dog who barks occasionally at cats and I look after children so have lots of children in the garden playing - my daughter also used to play the drums in the outside cabin !!!
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    I really don’t get the whole “leave your hens in a dark and confined space for 24 hours”. It will only increase stress levels in already stressed hens. Just put them in the coop for an hour or so after getting them home, and then open the coop. It gives them some time to adjust from traveling. Don’t let them free range for the first 2 to 3 weeks, and be ready to put them to bed at night the first time, as they might not realise the Go is bed.
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    I appreciate noise frustrates some people, but the way I see it is that it would be quite antisocial of me to expect all of my neighbours to adapt their lives to what I was comfortable with; I feel like that's quite an entitled position to take. The neighbour's dog yaps away a lot and I hear it and it's distracting, but I get on with it. The other neighbour's kids are screaming a lot, and it's distracting and irritating, but I get on with it. And 3 doors down, I can hear their aviary birds all the time and sometimes it's distracting and annoying, but I get on with it. Sometimes you just have to put up with the irritation of others. It's not my place to wander down the street systemically saying to everyone "Can you shut your kids up?" "Can you shut the dogs up?" "Can you shut the birds up?" because I don't like it - to me that's just another form of antisocial behaviour from an opposing perspective. The main reason I have told my neighbours to metaphorically "Shoo!" when they asked about my hens is because my hens are basically silent all day, save for when they lay an egg. My neighbours' dogs, kids, and aviary, however, is constant. If I had a cockerel or peacock screaming its head off at all hours of the day, I'd have more empathy for their position, and would consider getting rid of it. But I don't, and so I have to tolerate some of their noise, and they have to tolerate some of mine. But that's my 2 pence.
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    I'd like to join in again, would be very happy to receive home made soap 😉
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    Agree with Cat Tails. You can do anything with cable ties. I think officially it’s not possible but try it.
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    Here I come with my (in)famous corrugated plastic sheets again . (£12 from B&Q ) My garden's too windy for shower curtains . I take the roof off if the weather's dry (it's not been off much so far this year ).
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    Hi, can any one tell me more about the Christmas swap please. Peter
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    @soapdragon @Patricia W Putting an @ in front of the name might help. That way they get a message they are mentioned.
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    Just seen a Christmas advert. 7th October. Just saying.
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