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    What are they going to juggle with now?
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    My daughter’s blanket. Finally got a photo of it looking clean and tidy. It has been a bit too well loved of late but I managed to sneak it away to wash
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    Finally finished the crocodile stitch on my blanket. It has taken forever and two whole balls of wool. Hoping that slight puckering will stretch out as the blanket progresses
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    We have a neighbour a few doors down who is in her nineties and we are also friends but we're not what you would call close. She's very independent but will ask for help if she gets worried. Just before Christmas she more or less disappeared. We didn't know where she was and when we saw moving vans we assumed that she had died. We were a bit sad that nobody knew to tell us about her funeral and then today I got a letter. She has actually moved into an assisted apartment. It was good to hear from her and we must visit because I think she's missing her old life. Just wanted to share my happy news really.
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    Margot my Araucana bantam (on the left)
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    I hosted a charity bake sale for WVS (who I went to India with) yesterday on World Spay Day. Céline was an angel and gave everyone cuddles, even shared her dog biscuits with visiting friends
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    You made it to Harry Potter world? We tried to book but they were solid until Easter! We went to The Cotswold Wild Life Park instead and had to go back to the sloth's enclosure 4 times during the day as YS wanted to see if they had moved - doh! They hadn't - personally I think they were stuffed!
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    My garden is finally catching up with some of your after being knocked back by the snow. Spring flowers appearing. Some big established clumps of bluebells and day lilies appearing too. Last year I sent my then 9 year old out with spring bulbs and told her to plant them nicely spaced groups of at least 3. The flowers bed has little clumps of mixed tulip and daft bulbs. Did one up as the emerging leaves are very close together. She’d Stacked the bulbs on top of each other. Job for later in the spring 😂
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    Hello Happy Person 😃 It's been beautiful here too after a damp and foggy start; walking the dogs this afternoon was a joy, we sat on the grass in the sun for a while. Yes, those are beehives along the headland of a field in the 3rd photo
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    Well, this was very short lived as an idea as Rich has just told me that, under no circumstances, will I be allowed to have anything like finches... but I am allowed ducks! So any tips on keeping hens and ducks together? lol
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    Thanks for the good wishes. Sorry seem to have written a lot of gibberish over the past few days. They have now decided it isn’t Bells but part of the ongoing neuro/autoimmune stuff I have going on. Face is OK after a high dose of steroids but paralysed again a few hours later. Health issues may explains the word blindness/gibberish although the asphia is usually only auditory. Think it is the stress of recent events causing a relapse - will ease in time. To decode the mess I wrote. There will an 8ft mesh side and mesh vents’ in the other sides by Easter. We can add more if needed later. The auto-opening roof windows will remain. I have basic paint on shading to add to the glass at first and better stuff to use when the run is moved to be visible from the house. We have dense shade cloth to use as needed too (family retired from growing orchids so it’s high quality stuff) The rat has given up and moved on 👏 I have wedged some sections of an old wire feeder into the greenhouse supports and wedged the grubs onto those for now but will look at connecting mesh to the old seed tray stand that is supporting perches as a long-term solution. One day I will get galvanised feed hoppers but not until finances are better
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    Thanks for the help folks, much appreciated. The Dogmother - I’ll put some pics up (when I work out how to do that on this forum!!) guess I can stick some large stones or heavy planters at the back to avoid the tray being pulled out but any longer term solutions/suggestions would be great. UPDATE - so I contacted Omlet and they’re sending me a new clip and attaching screw free of charge.
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    We had this problem with two new young hens with a single oldie; they were bullied off the feeder and drank instead. It became a habit which only stopped when the oldie died recently. Another possibility is they have a crop impaction which is going sour, so check their crops are completely empty in the morning. Could be worms as well. Perhaps just get a bigger drinker as Summer is on the way and running out of water must be avoided. In Summer we give ours washing bowls for water as well. Perhaps you could double up on the feeders?
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    I hate the ones that pretend to have a question etc and then turn out to be a spammer. Just post your ***** straight away, so we can get you blocked...
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    I have finished my Kaffe Fassett cabbage! Will post pics when I can find the lead for connecting the camera to the computer and got ES out of his foetid pit long enough to transfer!
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    So much sky Valkyrie !!! Of that, I am very envious.
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    Bantams are just small chickens, Silkies come in bantam and large fowl size (though even those aren't very big!). Pekins and Wyandottes are good bantam choices. It may be easier to find your local stockist and see which breeds they have to make the decision easier
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    I don’t really know anything about silkies, but generally speaking the Pekin bantams have been the friendliest chickens I’ve had. I think whether or not they’ll integrate with the rest of your flock probably depends on the individuals - I know some people have mixed flocks where the bantams are the boss.
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    Lovely to see your flower photos, it is great seeing plants growing again in the garden. Today I finally got my cut flower bed created and Dahlias planted so hopefully they will grow and give plenty of flowers. Also got some seeds in the propagator just started sprouting. I have a small pot of wild garlic, not really enough to eat but I love the smell 😀 I like the sound of your edible hedge @Valkyrie, be good to hear how you get on with it.
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    My comfrey is beginning to shoot out now - still in pots, they were on the window ledge in the kitchen. Thought I'd lost a few, but I repotted them all and now the worst to suffer is now putting out a leaf point. I'm keeping them in the greenhouse because the pheasants and bunnies would make short work of them. Although there is a mini variety out by our front gate and it's soooo pretty. For a minute I thought it might have been pulmonaria, closer glance and it is definitely comfrey. I wonder if those leaves would be good too? A little reluctant to test as the comfrey I bought is non invasive and only propagates by root cuttings - and I'll be doing more of that when they become established! The fence man cometh in 2 weeks to rabbit proof the veggie patch. I have some edible hedging arriving today from Wiggly Wigglers but not all will be in the veg patch, but nearer the boundary - it has to act as a wind break too. Sowing seeds in the greenhouse, those mini kale/sprouts I love and thought I'd try - packet was empty! The foil wrapper nicely sealed but not one seed inside! Came in and emailed straight away while I was in indignant mode!
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    Definitely! And still am! Or might already be home, who knows! 😉 Love the picture PL!
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    Ooooo, have just seen that my wild garlic is coming up; I doubt that I'll have enough for cooking or salads yet this year, but it has survived and seems to like it there. Most importantly, the chickens haven't eaten it!
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    Lol ajm - seems to be a pekin thing. Skye loved nothing more than climbing up. If you didn't have your wits about you she'd be on your head! I think they like to see around from up high. On your arm they have a better view than cuddled close. Although I have lovely memories of sitting on the swing chair with her and she'd snooze on my chest. Then when she woke up and I'd be smiling she'd try and peck my teeth! Ewww!
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    What’s a calming jar AndyRoo? I like the sound of that!
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