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    This cheeky chap has moved into the shrub next to the chicken run and is helping himself to the worm-like bits in the chicken food. He pops in every 10 mins or so
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    Yes, it's off! The speaker button with the '?' now does nothing, so can't be used to turn Audio Description on again. Presumably the setting on the menu over-rides it.
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    Our three Light Sussex bantams were Korma, Kiev and Casserole. We also had an adorable, tiny dwarf Russian hamster called Fang and two Chinese hamsters called Wun Tun and Hoi Sin. I am desperate to call our next hamster Richard Hammond!
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    My friend got a Sphinx cat (the naked kind) and I really thought she should call it Lord Peaches Nakedbottom. She went for Monty instead... She would had more fun going to the vet with Lord Peaches Nakedbottom!
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    Never underestimate a dinosaur!
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    Yes, well, I used an indefinite article instead of a noun, making the sentence ambiguous. Schoolgirl error. I have written a lot of reports in my professional life, and edited a lot of other people's work, so when I notice a mistake I can't let it go, although predictive text often makes a mockery of what I intended to write, as does texting, as I routinely hit the wrong key without noticing! Added to which, I am fascinated by grammar, far more than the washing up!
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    OH, so NEVER let your children name animals We had 2 rabbits called Hunny Bunny and Cupcake - taking them to the vet was a bundle of laughs We currently have a cat called Biscuit (he is biscuit coloured) but is more often known as Fat Boy. He isn't fat, just an enormous cat. For a similar reason, we had a cat called Bath Mat - it originally had a normal name, but used to like lying on the bath mat when you showered; he got stepped on a few times. In a life filled with lurchers, I have only had a couple with daft names: Goose, because he was an absolute eejit - the dumbest dog ever. Brian - a very norty foster dog I had; called him that because 'he's not the Messiah, he's a very norty boy' to paraphrase Monty Python, Life of Brian (you have to be over 50 to get that one!
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    I stopped watching the news or reading the news - I tend to voice my opinions to nobody and found it was such a waste of time and energy when I could be talking to myself nicely instead. Koojieland is the land of fluffy clouds and sugar mice and sunshine in abundance. Hmmm, sounds a bit like the Tellytubbies place. Oh well.
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    Thanks Patsylabrador and Ajm200. Our handset must be quite old but I've now found the speaker button with '?' next to it which presumably turns it off on a daily basis. Now I know that it's called 'Audio Description' I turned it off on the main menu, so perhaps it will be off permanently tonight? Can't believe it was that simple, having put up with the irritation for months, last night was the final straw. Pity about the film; sure it will be repeated though.
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    Thankyou all. His new owners posted a photo of him and one of their children in with all their hens today - they said he’s settling in well and it does look like that’s the case 😊
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    I wanted to call one of our cats Chairman Meow, but Rich (partner) wouldn't let me.
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    She does get misspelled very often and is actually registered at the vets as: I-poes (as in I-phone) Yes... that last bit is in the computer at the vets too... Here is the card I get to remind me to get her vaccinations.
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    I do try and check in every day and add my bit, where relevant! I find the forum a great place for well balanced, considered advice and opinions and have really valued my time on here so far! I love looking at your blog, Lewis, and following you on your exciting journey! Hopefully Cinnamon will be posting again soon if the weather is not good enough for her and hubs to continue with their building over the winter (tho' I'd guess they are into interiors by now!) Its much easier to post pics with the new format (its ONE good point, I must admit) so it's nice to see everyones photographic contributions! Thank goodness we have CT to provide us techie dinosaurs with support too. The forum will only keel over if we let it.........!!!!
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    Well, Purplebotty, some of us rude'uns still pop in! Now let's see who's modding tonight!!! Happy new year to you too. It certainly is different here - my main whinge was the amalgamation of the groups, I think so much lost by that and some things are hard to find. I still keep in contact with a lot of peeps by phone (poor things!) they are very patient with my ramblings! I think a lot of people have moved on from chickens for various reasons, others have moved on to different media. Sadly some have passed on with their wings and harps and haloes - Docsquid last year and Poet some time ago. Sometimes I pop in and sometimes it's a while - although now that the notifications work it's much easier to keep in contact. Apart from Plum nagging me to do a secret Santa! Not sure about posting on Instagram - I opened an account to follow some quilty peeps but I have had a few people that I don't know actually following me - looking at nothing then! They must be so bored waiting! I lost all my old flock late last year, having had to dispatch my grumpy old Squirt - who became a little darling in the end. But am starting over (after losing two babes to keep Squirt company and costing a fortune at the vets) so now I'm back up to 8 birdies that Chicknboomum had a hand in 5 of those! Apart from worrying about Mistress Vixen, it's so lovely to have crazy young chickens (one not so sure about her age) and at long last a rooster! I missed having big birdies and chatty, naggy pekins! Now moved to Devon and attempting to be Tom and Barbara with a bit of land to play with! As you can see I still love smileys - er, excessive use ahem!
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    Patsylabrador, thank you for starting this thread, this is exactly why I continue to log in and look around the forum. Nowhere else could you get a rational and measured conversation about washing up! Personally, I wash up with a half full bowl and rinse as I go with a dribble of hot water, the bowl never gets over full by the time the greasiest dishes are done. I have also noticed big holes on some washing up bottles, it certainly seems a ploy to get you to use more as it reminds me of the possible urban myth of the words "and repeat" on shampoo which allegedly doubled profits.
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    Thanks everyone. I wouldn’t have bothered either as varying fruit and veg treats and free ranging always worked for my other girls. He’s bird mad and very excited. Has budgies, is saving to get a parrot in 10 years for his 21st. The ball seemed very expensive for what it is. I will try to find the cat toy and persuade him to return the yellow one. The cat treat ball looks sturdier and is cheaper. If he insists on keeping a treat balll, I’ll see if he can exchange the one he bought
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    Daphne, you now have me examining the size of the holes in the nozzles of washing up liquid bottles in the supermarket! The power of Omlet strikes in most unexpected ways...... !
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    I don't actually have that group of friends anymore. In fact, my friends on here are more my friends these days 😊
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    Looks like Loxi took it hostage!
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    I'm so glad you got inspiration from this and had a lovely evening. Memories are made this way, and traditions! x x My update is that I had an enforced rest, snuggled up under a blanket at home, after spending the morning in A&E! An asthma attack, I got steroids and antibiotics. I did phone my GP, who told me to go to hospital. My peak flow test was very poor though. Made it through Christmas day, didn't have to do much as OH does most of the cooking. I've been to bed, but got up again as still coughing a lot.
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    One more day till Christmas!!!
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